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Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle | Disassembly Guide | Airsoft GBB Pistol

Who isn’t envious of a… One over 10 and a half inches long And with enough… To fill even the biggest of hands! I’ve got literally no idea where I’m going with this but a friend did give me this Desert Eagle by Tokyo Marui to have a little look at… so… … lets strip it down. Right, so here’s the Desert Eagle my mate dropped off, he’s just wanting a… sort of service on it, a sort of look over it really, I don’t think it actually needs much – he just bought it second hand and wants it checked over before he
starts gaming with it. But… it’s a Tokyo Marui… not much else needs said… …and to start the strip down
you need to press this pin here… … which pops that pin up on the other side, hinge it down… …rack the slide, push it forward. That gets the slide off which is what we are interested in just now… …then we need to get these recoil springs out, that just pops off… or should do… …and he’s got a circlip missing there, need to see if I can find a spare… …then, to get the barrel out – if you can see down in there, there is a sort of recessed area here and here… you need to get the lugs of the barrel into there and sort of twist it out… …flexing the frame just a little bit. Barrel – we’ll come back to that Then, the next part is to get the safety catches off, simply unscrew those… …thats the detent plunger for the location on the safety – make sure you don’t lose that. To pull out the safety tumbler here, we need to get this screw out the back… pull the power cylinder right forward,
and it should just push through… yep… there we go… We’ll take this pin off here Now the last bit is to get the metal
subframe out from the slide, it’s a little bit awkward, you’ve got to slightly
splay these, and push it up here and here …screwdrive to lever it [gently!] …there we go – thats just the
plastic shell for the slide… …safety mechanism and the site on the back – we won’t need to touch that just now… …o-ring looks okay… what you need to
remember with these is the o-rings aren’t meant to be a tight fit – sort of counterintuitive if you’re used to air weapons and stuff like that but you don’t want them too tight, because the slightest bit of stiction if they are too tight, is enough to stop the gun cycling. …and… to get the plastic power chamber out, there’s a spring here… …just hooked over – don’t know if you can see it there… …push it through… as it comes through it catches on
everything… else… …there we go – and the spring just falls out, watch you don’t lose that… …that’s that stripped down as it can really get… …apart from the poppet valve in there,
which I’m not going to disturb… …that’s the metal subframe for the slide… and thats about as stripped down as you’ll need to get the slide. Nice and easy.
There’s the slide disassembled and all it’s parts. Next step let’s get the barrel and the hop up out and have a look at that. Right, here’s the barrel assembly, it’s
got a plastic shroud on outside and a metal inner… so this little cover here for the hop up just pops off… …under here there’s a single
screw… then to get the plastic shroud off it’s
a matter of popping it out slightly… …to dislocate from these two lugs… just
gentle pry… here… …and here… …should just pop apart… …there we go. The hop unit has two retaining screws
screws here and here… …that should allow the barrel to just push through… …there we go… …hop adjustment ring, hop up arm, the hop up itself and just this big lump of metal which actually is quite heavy and adds a
fair bit of weight to the front end of the gun… …can see the hop-up functioning here… if it will focus… …now to dismantle the hop-up… just slide out the arm here – and watch
because there’ll be a hop-up nubbin – there it is – very easy to get lost… not the end of the world but… better not to lose it… …and then to get the actual plastic hop
body off, and the rubber out… …well that’s a wee bit trickier, the
plastic catches on the barrel, there, so it sort of needs pried apart… …so just twist the barrel slightly and push it through… …now this gun does use a specific
bucking… I don’t know if they’re quite hard to find… …but this one looks in pretty good condition so I’ll give it a clean in some hot soapy water… …I’ll do the same with the inside of the barrel… …because this one’s older, second hand, it’ll have built up a lot of rubbish inside – even new guns from the factory can benefit from a barrel clean… but yep, that’s the barrel done. And, there we go there’s the full barrel assembly stripped down. So, there you go, a nice easy strip down on the Marui Desert Eagle and it’s clones. You know, it’s not a rare gun by any means, but it’s good to see one because, you know, most people sort of follow the crowd and go with Glocks and stuff… …but yeah, not a lot of problems with this one, one the circlips missing from the recoil spring guide I’ll get a new one of those coming… the
spring had been kinked a little bit… straightened that out no problem and I
think that was about it. Very good condition, just get it back together, get it lubricated nice and on that front you know, with airsoft guns, especially pistols, don’t over-lube them – they operate better dry rather than having loads of grease in there, you know, If it’s metal to metal parts, use a little
bit of light machine oil, if it’s plastic to metal or plastic to plastic use a
silicone oil… but yeah, very straight forward. Now, the reassembly is the complete
opposite of what I’ve done here just a quick tip… there’s not a lot of things you
need to look out for but the spring that holds the power chamber into
the metal subframe, use a small piece of wire to pull that through, hook it
back over, it can be quite fiddly… But overall a good simple gun. Now I hope this has been useful… I hope it will serve as a good reference, if you have a big black weapon like mine… or a silver one… or a gold one… I’m talkin’ s**t again… Oh! I didn’t strip the frame down, I didn’t see much need, it’s all working fine –
there was a slight issue with the trigger not resetting between shots and that was
just down to the part in here binding on the metal, but I just loosened that
often and a bit of oil and that’s fine. So, I’ll leave it there and if you’ve found this useful, if you could like, maybe even subscribe that’d be great – I’ve got more stuff
coming on the MP7 series, that seems to have been dragging out… I need to
build some MOSFETs, I’ll show you how to do that for pennies… get that fitted…
I’ve got some more battery testing and I’ll try and get it all up as quick as I can.
But anyway, thanks for watching and I’ll catch you in the next one!

13 thoughts on “Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle | Disassembly Guide | Airsoft GBB Pistol

  1. I don't always like learning. But you are the one person that makes learning fun and hilarious. I now know what is the best big black weapon to get lol. I also got a truck.
    If you shoot AT the stars you can do anything you dream.

  2. well done buddy nice to c u getting down to stripping when we going to c sum sniper work all
    the best pal

  3. It just occured to me that perhaps some folks might want to see a stripdown of the frame assembly and trigger group – it is a TM and doesn't really need upgraded as such (shooting 310-320 fps even though an old gun!) but if you were upgrading hammer springs and such, you'd maybe want to see. Anyway, if so, let me know on here and I'll get the gun back off my buddy in the near future and do a part 2, showing that 🙂

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