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Titanfall 2 Smart Pistol News – Boost Slot Only!

What’s up pilots, welcome to TitanTime,
and finally we have some new information on how the smart pistol will be utilised in Titanfall
2. If you’re not aware already, the smart pistol
was a weapon in Titanfall 1 that didn’t require aiming, the gun would automatically
lock on to nearby grunts and spectres, and would require 3 lockons to kill a pilot. Now this gun quickly started to irritate a
lot of players and quickly became the troll weapon of choice. So to combat this, here are the new changes
Respawn have made to the weapon for Titanfall 2. Now this information comes from a post on
Reddit by Scriptacus, who is a developer at Respawn entertainment, and was posted late
last night, so let’s get right into the changes. first of all, the smart pistol is no longer
a load out choice, you cannot select the smart pistol as your primary weapon and start using
it at the beginning of a game, it’s a boost. So what is a boost? Well in Titanfall 2 you now have a boost slot
where you can pick which boost you want to activate. In the upcoming tech test there will be an
‘amped weapon’ boost and the ‘tick’ boost, which deploys a moving spider turret
that seeks our enemies and shoots them, as well as exploding near enemy pilots. So the smart pistol will be unlocked in the
full game to go into your boost slot. So to get access to the smart pistol you will
have to build up your percentage meter to around the 60-70% mark, effectively making
the smart pistol a kill streak. Once you do this your secondary weapon will
be replaced by the smart pistol, meaning you still have the option to switch back to your
primary weapon if the situation calls for it. Now the smart pistol will also have limited
ammo, the amount of which hasn’t been confirmed, but most likely you’ll only be able to use
it for 1 or 2 encounters. Now we all knew this was going to happen,
as the community have been calling out for this for a long time, but it’s now official
that you will receive a directional locking indictor when an enemy smart pistol user is
nearby. This is a great addition as smart pistol users
will no longer be able to pick you off by simply being behind you, giving you chance
to react accordingly. So the question is, will this be the go to
boost card for players in Titanfall 2. and in my opinion the answer is no. Respawn have effectively nerfed this weapon
into oblivion for Titanfall 2, and the ‘amped weapon’ boost will most likely be the go
to boost for pilots for most game modes. By making the smart pistol a secondary weapon
when activated, I think players will still naturally be drawn to their primary weapon
in combat. The fact that you have to stay alive to keep
the smart pistol boost active means players will have to be much more cautious when using
it, sticking to hiding places instead of running wildly and jumping around like we saw in Titanfall
1. The limited ammo adds another nerf, having
to pick when exactly to use the weapon before it runs out of ammo, meaning your either going
to use it for one pilot encounter, or to quickly clear an area of minions. Then the lock indicator for pilots means the
gun can’t be used to simply locate enemy pilots with ease, it’d be easier to get
the drop on an enemy by using your primary weapon, not highlighting your presence to
the other team or giving them chance to react. By the looks of it the smart pistol is simply
there as a bit of nostalgia for Titanfall veterans, a gentle reminder of all those ‘shout
at the screen’ moments you had playing attrition against 6 smart pistol users on the other
team. And you know what? I think I’m happy with that.

38 thoughts on “Titanfall 2 Smart Pistol News – Boost Slot Only!

  1. Dan, I was hoping at least YOU wouldn't be biased against the SP!  What do you mean it doesn't require aiming?!  If you're facing the wrong way, it doesn't do anything at all.

  2. Great, love these changes. Maybe now I will be able to use SP without shaming myself. And I don't count boosts as killstreaks. They can be used only once per Titanfall and they disappear after death. It is rich get richer smh mentality tho and it would be a lot better if using a boost reduced your Titanfall meter. I hope they don't get too far with this, it can turn to killstreaks anytime…

  3. @ 2:40 they just killed SSSniperwolf! not really a good reason to comment, but i didn't expect that name to pop up! xD

  4. smart pistol. op to total shit. just the lock on indicator would have been enough, but all of the other nerfs are just insane.

  5. Two things, smart pistol + cloak=op and I don't agree with it replacing the secondary weapon and that it should replace the primary.

  6. why even keep it then if you make it useless ? It takes time to lock on and you can't do shit while you wait but jump around. With the notification You will die before you can even use it ? So… why is it there in the first place ?

  7. I wish the smart pistol was nerfed by not killing players after 1 lock on, but it should still be a secondary

  8. I hope that the smart pistol is its good old original self in the campaign, where titanfall players would appreciate that much more.

  9. Smart Pistol still coming back to titanfall2?
    I'm boycotting this game. There are still BF1, Quake champions, COD and Doom2016, which are way more successful and has bigger player base.

  10. The gun required 5 locks for a kill, played titanfall 1 recently? Gosh… It was finally balanced and now it's nerfed even more for petty players who also bitch about camping snipers.As a sp ranged attacks out of my range put me at a massive disadvantage, and if they saw me first it also put me at a disadvantage, bitching, bitching, bitching, more bitching, even more bitch, because the more I bitch about it means everyone should be at a disadvantage for my sake as a SP which is totally fair because I don't like other weapons or other players, we should take multiplayer titans out as well because vs a play it is sooooo unbalanced if I didn't bring good ordinance.this is how you sound, complaining because various weapons are good at certain things rather than what you all want which is CoD were is doesn't matter what gun you have the only thing that matters is the dps as everyone just hops around corners anyway. Oh or like Destiny and shot guns, god if you are one of those players you don't even have room to talk because despite the play style it's all about how it is used. Sorry if you walk into a trap, should I use rubber bullets to make it fair for you? ** off. No, no, instead my c4 should be glowing bright pink and show up on your radar so you don't step on it. Seriously apply these rules to any other gun and it will sound really stupid.

  11. the smart pistol was a love hate relationship. it was great for dicking people but at the same time I've lost my mind raging when a coont would mop me up more than twice with it.

  12. Couldn't they have reduced the time to lock on an enemy? Or at least just nerf the damage? I feel they did way too much to this, now the pistol is practically useless.

  13. Why do they keep this shitty noob pistol in the game even if it is only a boost now, the only reason why i started to hate the first game more than the new Call of Duty games was because of this fucktard noob gun, thank you Respawn Entertainment, thank you for not doing it better than Call of Duty you little shits.

  14. If all this is true then I can be at peace with the smart pistol making a comeback. In TF1 the sp is just overused. I get the arguement that for new players it helps them get some kills, and helps them get more used to the gameplay, but it has become a huge pain in the ass when people focus on being cloak + silenced sp jerks at g3 and up.
    I would also be fine if only gen1 pilots up to level 25 are able to use the sp, after which it would be removed from the player's inventory as you should by then be adept enough to take your training wheels off without falling over.
    However, the boost / killstreak approach with limited ammo (I expect 2-3 clips) and the fact that it's a boost should effectively eliminate the addons you could put on the pistol in part 1, so no enhanced targeting, and possibly no silencer either. How it locks on remains to be seen.
    I just wish you could select a filter that would let you choose if you want to play with / against smart pistol users or not, and when you choose not to, the item will be "greyed out" from all player inventories and unusable.

  15. Welp, the smart pistol was literally the deciding point for me getting the game. I have a ps4 and the smart pistol in Titanfall 1 looked so fun, but it is not going to be fun as essentially a kill streak. Save my money for something else

  16. I really liked the SP as an equalizer. If someone can stand behind me for three full seconds while he locks on He also could have killed me via headshot. It gave people who are really bad at aiming a chance to be in the game. If you are good at aiming a smart pistol was a bad choice. However if you are bad at gaming the SP was your way to have a chance. It is a noob weapon and I think a game who wants to include casual players has to have some kind of noob weapon. Its limited range and long lock on limited it's power but it was a powerful equalizer for new or casual gamers.

    However it wasn't perfect. I think they should have reduced the high damage during Titan rides. The indicator is indeed a nice and necessary thing though I would've kept the original long lock on to pilots and given a notification on every full lock on of the three necessary ones. It also was too good in killing grunts. And I would've removed the manual aiming. Right mouse should start aiming, instead of auto-start if something is on your screen. Maybe the range could've also be reduced at least for anti-player use, though I am not sure about that.

  17. reasporn have officially runind titanfall 2 for me in titanfall it was the best gun in the game
    i might as well buy titanfall 1 again

  18. One of the main reasons i got Titanfall 2 was to try out the smart pistol. Watched a lot of titanfall gameplay and it looked like a fun gun, but never bothered to buy the game. Oh well, still a badass looking game regardless x)

  19. The smart pistol never was a good weapon
    It's Just an excuse for noobs to say that keep being killed by them
    U can easily avoid the smart pistol

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