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Titan Operator Range Day – Atlas Gunworks – Duty Gun

– Hey everybody Adam from
Atlas Gunworks here showing a Titan operator in operation. Full five inch gun, aluminum
grip, nine millimeter, super easy to shoot, we’re
probably about ten or twelve meters from this target, I’m
going to let a couple of quick ones go and then I’ll do
a mag dump into the berm, just to see, you know, what
it does when you’re really getting on it. That’s when these guns shine,
these modular framed designs shine a lot when you’re really
having to shoot a lot of rounds fast and trying to keep them in a tight group on target. (shots fired) So nice and tight group,
just stacking bullets (shots fired) Easy to shoot, and then if we- (shots fired in quick succession) So that’s me doing this, it’s
nineteen degrees fahrenheit out and it’s cold, I’m
just running the smooth grip-no-grip tape, put grip
tape on there and that gun will move in your hand
even less and it’ll be even easier to shoot, but I got
two nice little double stack so the first two, top
two are together and the second two are together,
that’s just me putting on the target, pulling the trigger
twice and getting a nice return from the gun so there’s
a Titan operator for you, we hope to see you guys on the range soon.

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