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TISAS Regent BR9 Pistol #501

[SFX] Well Hello folks this is Yamil Sued for Gun Stock Reviews and today we are here at C2 tactical in Scottsdale Arizona and we
have the Tesis Regent BR9 what is it it is actually a faithful reproduction of
the old browning hi-power made in Turkey it is a really good pistol really well
made I got this from our Friends at Brownells they loan me the pistol so we
can do some tests and evaluation on it but let me show you the features that it
does have it has a dovetail front sight with a white dot a low mount style rear
sight that is being caught into it and with white dots to comes with wood grips
that I will change because you know me I don’t like wood grips but there’s
nothing wrong with these they’re feel really comfortable it has a nice
commander style hammer and everything else like the high power one thing if
you ask me a detail that I would say that I would change immediately on it it
would be the front and rear sights take the white dot out I just don’t like the
white dots on them and of course the wood grips but compare this for the
price that Brownell sells these retail with something like a browning hi-power
a real one done by Novak’s this pistol is around three to four thousand dollars
this one will set you back around six to seven hundred dollars more or less
depending on sales or whatever so this one of course is a custom pistol this
one it’s not but there’s nothing wrong with this pistol as it is but you know
me I can leave things well enough alone and I will eventually customize it a
little bit so one thing it comes with instead of the 13 round magazines that
the old high powers used to come with comes with 15 round mag our magazines
megar of course is the OEM manufacturer for most gun makers in the world
so basically when you’re buying Sig or Smith & Wesson Ruger CZ you’re getting
Megar magazines with the gun so they don’t tell you that but it’s true that’s
the way it goes so let’s go ahead and shoot I’m shooting for this shoot here
for this test the CCI blazer brass ammunition thanks to
the guys of federal ammunition they sent me some of these rounds to test their
really good range ammo is a 115 Full Metal Jacket bullet on a really good
brass case blazer makes both aluminum and brass this one it’s the brass case a
you can actually reload so this was some shooting [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] well tell you what for being
the first time I fired this pistol it’s really fun it’s really fairly accurate I
mean for the distance here we’re about 7 to 10 yards away with a federal
ammunition Full Metal Jacket is fairly accurate so I just like to shoot it a
little more get to get used to it a little more adjust the sights the way I
want them clean up the front and rear sights and remove those white dots
there’s nothing wrong with us as personal preference of mine it’s not
putting the pistol down at all it’s just a couple of little changes I want to do
to it and if I wanted to upgrade this pistol to being the ultimate high-power
here are the changes I would do to it change cylinder and slide parts the
trigger thumb safety sear and hammer those come in a kit the sear hammer and
springs come in a kit from cylinder and slide the thumb safeties are additional
and the trigger is additional one thing I sort of don’t like about the design of
the high-power is the magazine safety what is that it’s like you can’t fire
the pistol without a magazine on so if you drop your magazine your piece pistol
becomes disabled so you put your magazine in
and you can fire it so can fire it no magazine nothing happens so that’s
easily fixed this is a part that you remove but if I’m removing the trick the
trigger to install the cylinder a slight trigger not a big deal
so let’s keep shooting it this is really fun pistol to shoot I love the high
power and I’m glad to have a new solution for the high power given that
Browning no longer makes the high power so stay tuned for more on the teasers
high power clone thank you for watching gun stock reviews
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