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Timney Triggers’ Two-Stage AR Triggers: Guns & Gear|S7

– You can’t shoot your
gun without a trigger, so why not have a
really good trigger and John, Timney
Triggers, you guys have been making good
triggers for a long time now. – Since 1946, Tom. – 1946. You have any idea
how many triggers you have? – Oh lord, (Tom
laughs) north of 180. – Holy cow
– Yeah – Pretty much anybody
who says “Would you “make a trigger for me?”
you’ll at least listen to them. – Absolutely. – Mmkay, so that’s how you
ended up with this thing. – People send us emails
all the time saying, “Hey, would you make a
trigger for blah blah blah?” and a lot of them were
two stage AR15 triggers. – Yeah, but you didn’t
want to do that. – I said no, I’m a single
stage trigger kind of a guy and that’s how we’ve been making triggers for more than 60 years. – Well, for a long time, in
fact you even made single stage triggers to replace
military two stage triggers. – Tons and tons, all the time. – Okay, so now you’re making a two stage trigger,
what’s up with that? – People want them, we
listen to our customers and they said “Hey, we
want a two stage trigger, “something we can use for,
say a tactical situation, “I’m shooting an AR15,
I’m 300 yards out, “and I don’t want
that three pound pull. “I want to be able to pull
that trigger just a little bit, “settle in on the
target, and put another “two pounds on it
and let it go.” – Okay, so what do we have
for the pull weight on this? – Pull weight on this
is five pounds total. Three pounds is in
the first stage, you pull that three pounds – You can feel some movement. – Yeah you feel, maybe a
quarter-inch of movement, then it comes to a
definite stop, a wall and then at that point
you put two more pounds of pressure against
it, bam, it goes off. So it’s much more precise
for long-distance stuff. For running and gunning
you really still want a single stage trigger that you
can go bap-bap-bap-bap-bap with, but for the tactical
long-range precision work, that would be two stage.
– And of course the nice part about AR is you could take
out your single stage, put in your two
stage, you can go back and forth if you want to. – With this trigger you
can, it’s totally modular so you just put it in, drop
a new one in, that’s that. But with most AR15 triggers
there a bag full of parts. You wouldn’t want to do that.
– Ah, there you go, Timney Triggers, giving
you what you want again. (Dramatic music) (Gun clicks) – Let’s talk about
two stage triggers. Well first of all,
let’s just establish, most AR triggers
are not very good. They’re just stock
triggers, well, and that’s why the Timney
Triggers are so popular. But a two stage trigger
is all about accuracy, but it’s important to know how to run it so let’s
talk about that. A two stage trigger
means simply that first stage you put your
finger on the trigger, and then you’re going
to take up the slack, see that, taking up the slack, and then you kind of meet
with what they call the wall. And you can feel it,
and now you press it, and you’re going to get a nice
crisp break of the trigger. So that’s something you
can practice at home and get used to running,
a two stage trigger. So let’s just
shoot a little bit, and I’ll kind of show
you what this looks like. All right, same deal,
take up the slack and meet the wall
and press the shot. (Gun fires) Reset, take up the slack. (Gun fires) Break the shot. You can
even hear that reset. If you practice with
a two stage trigger, you can be very, very
accurate with your AR.

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