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Timney Triggers for Ruger American Rifles: Guns & Gear|S7

(whooshing sound) – You get a new rifle, and
it comes with a trigger. So the question is, why would
you put a new trigger in it? John, you make triggers
for brand new rifles. Why would somebody
swap that out? – Because the trigger is
everything for accuracy, Tom. – [Tom] Okay. – The idea behind it is, yeah, the trigger is gonna
make your gun go off. That’s fine, but it’s
gonna make your gun go off if you pull it awhile, if
you pull a heavy weight. We give you the ability to
adjust everything about it. From the amount of
pull, weight you’ve got, to the amount of movement that
you pull the trigger with. In a simple word, it’s
accuracy, it’s all accuracy. (gun shot) – In essence, what
you’re really saying is you give people
the ability to make the gun go off exactly when
they want the gun to go off. – Not a moment later. – Yeah because otherwise
you’re starting to pull, and ’cause we know the
barrel’s always movin’. It’s always wobblin’
a little bit. – Always. – Okay, and that’s okay
– Mine is. – But, what you want is
to have the least amount of time between brain
and gun going off. So, what do you have? – We’ve got a Ruger
American Trigger. – Okay brand new kind of rifle. Been out just a few years,
they’re great rifles. – But their trigger is,
well it’s a good trigger. It’s a different
sort of trigger. There’s a blade in the
middle of that trigger, and when you pull that
blade, you’ve got one stage. If you pull it again, then
you’ve got the rifle goes off. And it’s kind of mushy. – Okay, so what you got? – [John] We’ve got a
crisp, clean trigger, that goes off exactly when
you tell it to go off. – [Tom] Okay, single stage? – Single stage, adjustable
from two pounds, to a pound and a
half to four pounds, and it’ll make you
a better shooter. – What’s involved in
swappin’ that out? – Two pins. – Really? – Yeah. – So even somebody
like me could do that. – I don’t think you could, but I could do it for ya
– Well you’re probably right about that, you know,
but I’ll call you and you’ve got tech guys
who can talk me through it. – [John] We do, we’ve
got smart people. Much smarter than I am
that know how to do it. – There you go, alright. The new Timney Trigger, for
the Ruger American Rifle, just makes it a better shooter. (rock music) (gun shot) (gun cocking) – Whew, that’s a nice trigger. Let’s talk about triggers
and then a little tip for ya. A trigger is basically a lever, think of it as a lever, and
so you can actually adjust, depending on where you put
your finger on the trigger, you can adjust how strong, how easy it is to
pull that trigger. So, if you put your finger
way down here at the end, you have more
leverage on the lever, and you can just,
bing, real easy. And if you’re gonna
be way up high, that’s gonna be a
different trigger pull, it’s gonna be a different feel. The key is being
consistent with it. Figure out where you
like the feel of it. Where you like to place
your finger on the trigger, and be consistent, because
if you’re way up here or way down there, it’s gonna
be a different feel for you. It can make the difference
between a hit or a miss. So practice where you put
your finger on the trigger, and be consistent. (gun shot)

8 thoughts on “Timney Triggers for Ruger American Rifles: Guns & Gear|S7

  1. I just purchased the Timney 641C Trigger for my Ruger American Predator rifle and the installation ..literally took 2 minutes.   The creep and dead release of the stock Ruger trigger is gone and the Timney trigger releases with a clean, crisp clack. The difference is amazing, much better then I ever imagined and I can't wait to get to the range.

  2. What sucks is Timney and others are going to go the way of companies like "Premier Reticle". The manufacturers are finding ways to make triggers that the consumer can modify to work like a match trigger, AND THEY CAN PROVE THEY HAVE BEEN MODIFIED. This allows those who are NOT PARASITIC LAWYERS AND BLOOD SUCKING LEECHES to enjoy and benefit from our choices. Now there is a noticeable difference in a custom trigger….again…but most dont really notice it unless you have tons of trigger time. I feel bad for companies like Timney, but I am happy I can now still modify a stock trigger to work almost just as well.

  3. I stopped buying rifles off the shelf a while ago. You can buy the action, match barrel finished chambered (ramage or savage), trigger, stock, and mag system for almost the same price of a stock rifle you are going to dump several hundred bucks into. I like your triggers though

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