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Tiger Shark Nose Art Panel P-40 WW2 with Real Bullet Holes! how to faux rust and fuax rivets

I made this WW2 era nose art panel *those are real bullet holes* I found the metal for this piece, I think it use to be a shelf. I clamped a piece of angle iron down as a straight edge snap I sanded it down just to knock the gloss down, so the new paint would stick better. ultra flat military green holes for future faux rivets I could have just free handed this on the metal I dont remember why I made a pounce pattern… probably because I’m not confident in my abilities… … there I said it… hope you’re happy now… don’t sit there and act like you don’t have flaws… I’m also not very good at speling I’m trying my best Oh wait! here comes the gun shots… *bang *bang That was a 9mm hand gun ok back inside now. using some metallic silver I hit some areas I wanted to make look like the military green was chipping away Kosher salt makes a great random masking element painting the military green back on over the salt, then vacuuming the salt away these upholstery tacks had a nice domed head that reminded me of rivets remember those holes we drilled earlier? they were for those upholstery tacks here’s a clip I could have left out… using watered down acrylic paints I created a rust color and put it in all the areas that might have rust… I used a vinyl stick stencil to paint theses bombs wire brush patina More rust… but I hear you saying, ” but Mr. Iron Gordon, how does aluminum rust?” well it doesn’t… but maybe over time air borne metals, and the tools that where used to build the plane left some metal residues… (?) whats with all the questions… geez get off my back! sorry I yelled… I’m glad you’re here Please subscribe and let me know in the comments if you read these closed captions. not many people know I put them on here… it’ll be our secret I’ll try better next time.

25 thoughts on “Tiger Shark Nose Art Panel P-40 WW2 with Real Bullet Holes! how to faux rust and fuax rivets

  1. Absolutely fantastic handcraft and the real bullet holes was such a fun detail! I'll be amazed if your videos won't get recognized by a bigger audience. Keep it up!!

  2. Came over from random videos here to add my support BUS sixty. I took me awhile,wasn't too concern about Busses prior to the new requirements But have been working about 7 hrs a day for about 2 weeks. I do not know of any short cuts. All I can say is to stay with it find other channels just as this to get additional tips/methods. Be sure to respond & View & Bus back. I have a couple of recent videos on this topic. When you get a moment could you show your BUS over my way.

  3. I've always loved the Flying Tigers nose art…..Got basically the same thing on the bow of my boat but without the bullet holes!!! 😨

  4. Been watching a bunch of your videos now, and projects like this speak to me on a lot of levels – found materials being "upcycled" (hate that word), WWII nose art, different techniques (tacks as rivets like you might see a prop maker use), weathering techniques. There's a lot going on here that makes for a visually-appealing mix. I'm curious now – what is your background? Art school? Sign maker? Day job? Anyway – I'm really enjoying your videos and really digging your creative approach.

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