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Thunderlord Exotic Review (Fully Upgraded) | Destiny Xur Heavy Machine Gun!

Hey friends. Xur is rumored to sell the Thunderlord
this week for the first time and it will be your first time with the Thunderlord for many
of you. So I’ll go over this weapon in detail, give you tips in using it, and analyze whether
it is worth using exotic slot on this or not. First, let’s go over the notable stats and
perks. The stats on this thing is just excellent all-round. It’s got balanced RoF (66) and
relatively high Impact (53), great range (32), good stability (41), good reload speed (46).
Moreover, the aim assist on this thing is really high, at 90. That makes using this
weapon very easy. Its recoil direction score is pretty high to, at 70, which means that
this is going to kick mostly upwards. The first perk is Feeding Frenzy, which is
really nice for a machine gun. This dramatically increases reload speed after kill and can
definitely get you out of sticky situations. The exotic perk, lightning round, increases
fire rate the longer you hold it down. This doesn’t sound that useful until you bind
it with Field scout and start melting bosses with it. This is the gjallarhorn of machine
guns. Also, there’s a hidden perk in Lightning Rounds – there’s about 10% chance that
enemies you kill will explode, so kinda like Firefly, but it doesn’t trigger too frequently.
However, the 10% adds up when you’re shooting at a LOT of enemies, so pretty much all Hive
encounters. You shoot at a bunch of thralls, and at least one of them are guaranteed to
blow up and kill others around him. For ballistics, I recommend linear compensator
mainly for the more predictable recoil. That is going to be handy when you’re shooting
at 600 RPM. For 2nd tree of perks, while you can increase reload speed with Flared Magwell,
the inclusion of Feeding Frenzy pretty much eliminates any reason to use Flared Magwell
over Perfect balance or Field Scout, especially since Feeding Frenzy doesn’t work well with
Flared Magwell. So for this tree, I usually recommend Field Scout because it will allow
you to take advantage of the exotic perk more. If you need more stability, I recommend you
to use Field Scout when you pick up heavy ammo, and THEN switch to perfect balance.
So, what is this gun? Why is this an exotic and what’s its purpose? Well, without Lightning
Rounds, it’s just a legendary machine gun with pretty good stats. But the fact that
you can fire lightning fast (ha) means you can output crazy DPS, and that’s why you
would use Thunderlord over legendary machine guns. But why would I use this over gjallarhorn
if I’m going to use an exotic heavy? Well, I’ll go over that in a minute when I cover
the PvE section. Let’s talk about this weapon in PvP. It
does 64 crit and 51 body shot, which means you will 4-shot people no matter where you
hit them! This is a blessing and a curse, but mostly blessing – with fast fire rate
and short TTK of 0.5 seconds, and remember that this is 0.5 seconds while bodyshotting,
this gun can kill very fast, is very easy to use, and will automatically win gunfights
if your enemy misses even one crit. Now, here’s the caveat: while the Thunderlord is VERY
nice to use in PvP due to its handling and stats, you’re not really gonna use the exotic
perk, which really defeats a purpose of using an exotic. The increased fire rate while holding
down trigger and the occasionally firefly explosions aren’t really helpful in PvP.
So I would use Thunderlord in PvP only if you like the extra high stability or if you
don’t have other good exotic primary or secondary. If you want to save a slot, I recommend
picking up a Deviant Gravity-A legendary machine gun, which has same archetype and very similar
stats. Now, let’s talk about this gun in Pve. Like
I said before, the purpose of this gun is extreme Dps, and this actually comes into
play in PvE, especially when going against majors and ultras. The fire rate starts at
360 RPM and goes all the way up to 600 RPM. That’s 67% increase in Dps! Alright, it
does great DPS, but if I wanted high DPS, why wouldn’t I use a rocket launcher, especially
if I have something like Gjallarhorn? That’s a great point. The Thunderlord has a bit of
identity crisis – while machine guns’ purpose are to not waste as much damage as
rocket launchers and to sustain damage over time, Thunderlord wants to do maximum burst
DPS, which is what rocket launchers are for. However, I would say the reason you would
use Thunderlord over rocket launchers is the total damage. While rockets definitely do
higher burst DPS, Thunderlord makes up the relatively lower DPS with Lightning Rounds
and allows you to deliver more total damage to the target. With Field Scout, it does 4~5x
more total damage than your average rocket launcher, and ~2x than Gjallarhorn. So if
you’ve ever tried mashing a strike boss with rocket launchers but only took away 1/4th
of the health, now you know what the Thunderlord is for and what it can do. It delivers massive
amounts of total damage in DPS that challenges rocket launchers. That’s why it’s an exotic
and that’s why you would use this over rocket launchers.
Now, the gun is amazing, but it is important to know how to use the gun effectively. First
and foremost, if you’re taking advantage of Lightning Rounds, you’re gonna have to
learn how to tame the 600 RPM beast. Most people are thrown off by the seemingly high
recoil, but here’s where the Linear Compensator kicks in: since most of Thunderlord’s recoil
is actually just visual kick and the gun itself actually doesn’t kick too much, all you
have to do is to trust the gun and pull the thumbstick down slightly as it kicks mostly
up. If you do that, you will notice that you’ll have an easier time constantly landing crits,
whereas if you tried to manually correct for the visual recoil, you would’ve missed a
lot of your shots. Also, it is a good idea to get closer to the enemy the faster you
fire. And if you’ve heard people advising you
to use it like a scout rifle, please don’t. If you want to use this like a scout rifle,
take out an actual scout rifle. The whole purpose of this gun is that it fires lightning
fast, and limiting its potential is not something you should do.
One last tip; if you want to conserve your ammo over many rounds of strikes, or if you
want FREE ammo, that’s right, FREE ammo, keep this trick in mind: if you have some
rounds left, switch to perfect balance before you orbit. Then, before you land on your next
destination, switch to Field Scout to get free ammo! This is a nice way to conserve
ammo between vanguard strikes. As to why this glitch works, I’ll leave it to you viewers
to figure out yourselves. So, Thunderlord. An exotic machine gun that
fires ridiculously fast and deal crazy DPS – you should definitely buy this from Xur.
A good rule of thumb is to buy whatever gear you don’t have whether you think you’d
want it or not because you never know when you’re gonna regret it…
So, hopefully I convinced you to pick up this gun, upgrade it and use it frequently. Hopefully
I also cleared up the nature of this gun and what it is for. Thanks for watching and I’ll
see you on the next review!

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