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Thru-Axle Vs Quick Release – Is This The Future For Road Bikes?

100 thoughts on “Thru-Axle Vs Quick Release – Is This The Future For Road Bikes?

  1. When you tighten a quick release, the tension is on the skewer and it in turn transfers this to the bearings by pulling the frame together, with the wheel's axle resisting against this "squeezing" force. Recall that the skewer goes right through the axle, which may even break or bend under such forces. With a thru axle the threads at each end of the frame mean that each side of the frame tightens against the edge of the wheel's end cap, pulling the frame "outwards". Does this mean that there is no chance of extra load on the bearings?

    Also I wonder whether another advantage of thru axles is that with a more solid interface at the wheel axle, perhaps it will be possible to make the fork more compliant, because there will not have to be so much stiffness engineered into the fork itself, as a result of the axle threading through the fork.

  2. I have these on my gravel bike and love them. My only beef is how difficult it is to find the correct replacement left it on the bumper when I was invited to an after party that was to far to ride. It took me two weeks and two tries with the help of my local bike shop to get the right one.

  3. Hi, I just have a query. I have just had new Shimano RS wheels fitted to my bike and the "Shimano & Open" wording on the rear skewer is upside down when in the closed position. On my MTB I have XT wheels and the writing on the skewer is the right way up. Is this the norm?

  4. if you cross-thread it, or get some grit in it, you'll have to source a new drop-out , as well as a thru axel bolt.. nowt wrong with QR on any bike i've had – you need to duck up pretty badly to make a QR fail… smells like bike company profiteering to me.. #justsaying

  5. I did have an experience on my QR mtb.
    As I was in the middle of a climb the tension from the chain pulled the wheel out its seat and I had an extremely painful moment as I slid back down the climb. I don't worry about this ever happening on my newer thru-axle mtb.

  6. seems like this is just the next form of planned obsolescence. eventually, they will come out with something different and convince everyone they need to upgrade their through-axles

  7. “Quick release misuse” is fake news. I’ve never heard or seen one case of QR misuse in over 50 years or club racing and group rides.

  8. You will find it struggling to remove and put back your rear wheel if your bike is using the brake caliper under the bottom bracket. My Merida Reacto is one of these bikes.

  9. 100g? Didnt GCN say at a point that pro bikes have to receive extra weight in a form of lead weights? If everyone will us through axle, that'll mean everyone will be with the same swap time; unless someone decides to use a drill with an adapter or maybe a Bayonet through axle?

  10. I actually have a Diamondback Century 1 alloy bike, it comes with a Shimano thru-axle quick release combo, I don't know if you've seen any one of those, but it is a thru-axle that has quick release lever on the end

  11. Changing the thru-axle on my mountain bike is a nightmare. Just doing one wheel takes about 5 minutes and a couple of tools. I dread ever having to do it out on the trail on a ride.
    Also, thru-axle is a misnomer, it should be called a "lawyer-axle" because they invented it……..

  12. Hi! First, very good video. Thanks.
    But I still have a question. I bought a bike last year with carbon fiber frame and disc brakes. The frame has been design for Thru-Axle but the bike (I won't say the brand yet) was delivered with Quick Release in the rear wheel.
    Do you think this is a problem or can be dangerous?
    Thanks in advanced.

  13. Alignment issues with QR? But all they do is push the chain stays to the hub locking nut, which is a constant 135mm on my bike so that's never an issue.

    Also to get them spot on you tighten them just enough for the lever part to leave a little indentation on your palm.

  14. Why limit them to just road bikes? I would want something like that on any bike I use, the simple home biker. Great video.

  15. surely its the wheel hub that fits into the frame and the QR just stops it falling out right ?? so whats all this bollocks about "flex" and safety , i'd love to see a vid on how much more flexible a thru axel is compared to a QR mounted wheel , also if you cant take your wheel out and put it back in then you shouldn't be riding a bike 🙂

  16. If they wanted a stronger version for releasing wheels that was equally as quick why didn't they just increase the diameter of the QR skewer? People who failed using QR skewers will just cross thread maxles, axles and kabolts.

  17. id like to have a thru axle on my road bikes. I live in the mountains of NC some of these descents can be long and steep. at higher speeds if I'm not careful my front wheels shake.

  18. There's no way in hell a through axle adds 100gr of weight! Although I haven't measured it, I don't believe that.
    The DTR Swiss through axles on my mountainbike don't even weigh 100gr total!

  19. Thru-Axle can also loose their thread on the bike frame, then what ? And you cannot adjust the direction of the handle, personally I prefer to keep my handles facing the back of the bike because like this they won't catch any wires or stuff.

  20. rotflmao.. total gimmick… hard to replace, threads can rust and or strip and it's not foolproof at all (search google)… what has the bike industry become in the last 15 years ? this is terrible !

  21. There's also a perfectly good system where you have a hex nut at each end of the axle and use a spanner. It adds the weight of a spanner to your bike, but as fewer thieves carry spanners, it reduces the risk of a wheel being stolen, and also means you can sometimes get away with a shorter lighter lock.

  22. With what power I should tight them up? I could not find any precise information about it. In DT SWISS guidebook it is written at least 15 nm of the power… Does it mean that I can use even 30 nm and nothing will happen to my carbon fork?

  23. Definitely thru axle is better than qr when when combined with discs. Don’t get a bike with discs and qr’s honestly just don’t.

  24. I don't understand how a through axle hub is heavier. Is that only comparing it to the weight of a skewer? If so then that's a false comparison due to the fact that a QR hub also needs a separate axle while the through axle does the function of both skewer and axle together. If I am missing something then I would be interested to know. As for the front wheel it allows for the possibility of an oversize axle which due to it's extra rigidity can have a thinner wall thickness. However this might be offset by other factors.

  25. you missed the biggest issue. we already have qr sets of wheels. yet anouther NEW quasi standard. STOP WITH THE PLANNED OBSELESENCE ALREADY!


  26. please finish your sentences with at least 1/10th the volume of your normal voice.. very hard to hear the end of your sentences, thanks

  27. Manufacturers should sell me what I want, not tell me what I should want to improve their bottom line. I recently tried out a last years model road bike with Ultegra rim brakes. They were very impressive, easily good enough for my needs, with easily replaced quick releases. However, bike companies seem determined here in the USA to promote disks and thru axles, which I neither want nor need. By the way, I have never heard of anyone having a quick release based accident. Have you?

  28. Until some half an hour ago, I used to think, there were 3 standards – the old 9mm standard, and the new 12mm and 15mm ones. Turns out, there's also the 20mm standard for downhill bikes. That one isn't relevant for most of us, but what confounds me – is that apparently the old standard isn't 9mm, but 5mm! Sure, the quick releases on all of my bikes to date look to thin to have a diameter of 9mm, but I thought it was the circumference, rather than the diameter. Apparently, I was mistaken. So, does that mean that the old standard is 5mm (which is never mentioned), rather than 9mm (referred to everywhere online)? If the 5mm was the standard for so long, how come references to the diameter of this ubiquitous standard for well over half a century are so few and far between, while the rather rare (and I assume, relatively new) 9mm standard is all you hear about, beside the apparently yet newer 12mm and 15mm standards? Very confusing… 🤔

  29. Thumbs down, you speak so quietly on some words then destroy my eardrums the next. I'd like to not lose my hearing thx

  30. Thankyou on the advice for my 12 through axle.they are awsome.on my hardtail I had front QR20.SO TO FIND A BOLT AXLE WACKED IN I HAD TO SAVE THIS IDRIVE.GT RUCKUS..GOT THE AXLE AND NEW DERAILER HANGER.ALLS IN LINE.just the spacers now and I'm praying with a big set of bearings there will be no crap but joy…I've got a new hub just in case..can't mess around much more winters coming and snowmen calling..

  31. Heavier than quick release yes. But if bigger, there is les material in the center or the wheel. So, to me, it is about the same thing

  32. Thru-Axles originate with motorcycles, not mtbs. There is older simple solution without Thru-Axle … That is just … Nuts

  33. I don't ride a crazy amount of KMs, but in my 15 year career on MTB and road, I made the scary discovery of an open quick release spanner while riding twice. Once while going over a potholed asphalt rode at 50 km/h. Anyone else that shares the experience (and is still here to tell us)?

  34. My BMX uses quite primitive technology with one rim brake and it outperforms all these 22 sp mtbs and road bikes with disc brakes and this thru axle smishel.

  35. The difference in stiffness is negligible. QR is as secured. This is all bs really because companies need to shorten product life cycles to make money.

  36. There are carbon axles,so the weight problem is not a problem. Also, if you are not so bad at it, you can change the weel just as fast as with a Qr

  37. Track bikes have been bolt on since day one, external bolts use the same surface area and clamping force of QR skewers and I don't imagine they've been complaining their bikes aren't stiff enough.

  38. My choise is ceramic and electrochemical coated rim with caliper brakes(Please rim producers need study tribologie. Disc brakes for cx(optional) and mtb. If want less friction on brakes/without cable friction, maybe producible hydro caliper rim brakes. Wheelset, offset, axle, aerodynamics, weight…etc had more happends. Unfortunately, we have to live like stupid people(Industry standarts…etc) :(. Disc brakes are not good innovation for road bike. Solution is simple: High quality rims and ultralight hydro rim brakes.

  39. this same basic concept applies to the shimano Hollowtech bottom brackets; that tech is FAR superior to the old skinny BB axles. the ridigity of the hollowtech type is unbelievable

  40. those bitchling everythings "a gimmick": computer design ,new manufac tech and materials make forsome light yr innovations. some of my bike i went BACK to rim brakes because the pads are so good now. hollow crank axles made me convert forward to those. these axles look nice and after 15years the price will comedown and be a used market….i can see theri advantage for rigidity

  41. I have NEVER removed a rear wheel as quickly as you did. And reinstalling one? I usually take far longer to reinstall my quick release rear wheel than you did the through axle. I'm not saying through axles are bad (I've never used them). I'm saying my wheel removal and replacement takes a lot longer than you showed. Removing a front quick release also means unscrewing the skewer far enough to clear the lawyer tabs on the fork… just like a through axle.

  42. For the Racing champ bros, the best quick release should be ideal, for a Relexing champ bro (like me), through axle should be ideal 😉

  43. I don't know if this has happened to anyone else but I was changing a flat on the side of the road once with a bike that had a QR and like an idiot, I loosened it too far to where the end cap fell off into the tall grass. I grew concerned as I looked and wasn't having any luck. I thought that I was going to have to call for a ride. Luckily, I finally ended up finding it. The benefit to a thru-axle is that it's one piece and a little bit harder to lose if you drop it.

  44. quick releases have been around over 80 years?? Im 30 and all my bikes growing up and those crappy 12mm axels or whatever D: I got my first road bike in 2018 and it has a quick release and itt feels like alien tech to me.

  45. 0:04 was just watching another GCN video that stated that in fact, the quick release was NOT invented by Campagnolo…

  46. 100 grams isn't even a QP.

    What do you do when the little spring on the other side of your quick release isn't cooperating when trying to get the back wheel back on?
    The spring should be on the outside, right?

  47. Kind of just seems like a marketing gimmick. Go ahead tell me off in the comment section. I'm just saying.

  48. So you're saying that this rubbing discs against the pads due to flexibility of the whole "system" on the rear wheel is completely normal? So you're buying a new bike and it makes scratching noises? I adjusted my brakes properly and in stationary position they're quiet but with some pressure during a drive they are making noises.

  49. In the video the bikes in the background have some interesting mudguards. Who is the manufacturer and what are your opinions of them?

  50. When thru axle becomes universal friendly THEN we will talk about becoming the future of road bikes!

  51. Quick release was quick when the "nubs" were not there. The skewer lever can be properly and safely tucked very close to the fork or left rear chain stay.

    I don't see how to do this on through axles. Glad to hear you say that disk brakes are noisey, people that I ride the road with, have disks that make loud noises when wet, a problem.

  52. Really, you are comparing a rim brake change out with a disc brake – most of the extra time was inserting the brake disc. I'm very happy with my thru axles!

  53. The thing that worries me is not only finding a replacement, but specifically a replacement with a security head on it.

  54. Interesting report and since I’m never ever going to get the lightest bike ever or find myself racing to change my tire, probably thru-axels will suit me well. Thanks Si!

  55. My gravel bike has Thru-Axle with Disc brake. And I totally understand that Thru-Axle is much thicker, stronger , and stable than Quick Release skewers for riding rough road. But Quick Release skewers is strong enough for road bike with rim brake. And no matter what kind of bicycle, if brake is Disc brake, it should with Thru-Axle. Because disc brake is very close with disc and disc brake pad than rim brake. So it must need much strong stability.

  56. A thru axle setup also look cleaner and nicer. I don't get how it is heavier tho, since a qr hu also has the steel hollow axle that acually holds the weight, right? And the thru axle IS the axe on thru axle hub..

  57. As much as I like how Thru-Axle works, I have to pass.

    Imagine being in the middle of nowhere, and you lose the axle or even worse, the thread on the frame fail and strips. What are you gonna do?

    You can carry an extra thru-axle, but you can't carry an extra frame or fork, or a metal threading kit.

    I carry an extra QR for each wheel every ride, so I have one less issue to worry about.

  58. So through axles are heavier, but create more stiffness. That sounds like an opportunity to cut weight in the frame and fork. So maybe after they become the norm there won’t be any weight difference overall.

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