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Three 6.5 Creedmoor Rifles at 1 Mile – Savage 12FV Mile Rifle Pt 16

Howdy, guys and gals! Welcome to The
Social Regressive. I’m Kyle Broderick. My name is Kyle Tate.
Kedrick. Alright we’re gonna be testing not just one rifle at a mile but we’re
doing three so this is the one that at least I’ve been waiting for for a long
time this is the savage 12 FV this entire rig scope bipod everything comes
out to be less than $1000 and we’re gonna see if it’s up to the challenge we
actually just got done firing all three of these rifles at about 900 yards
just a couple of yards short of that and everything is it looks like it’s tuned
in pretty good we’re gonna get some solid hits I’ll roll in some of the
footage here so you can see it but yeah today I’m going to be firing let me
just tell you a little bit about what’s on this rig this is an SWFA fixed power
12x scope so this is one of the inexpensive ones 300 bucks
inexpensive rifle I think it cost me like 220 the stock costs about $200
bipod costs probably about 20 bucks somewhere in there and all of this Oh and
accurate mag bottom metal make sure you check out the whole playlist because
we’re talking about 15 videos to get this rifle to where it is right now it
took not so much money but it did take a good bit of work and some of the other
rifles that we have going on here once it’s all about yours
well this is the CMMG Endeavor and the level 300 we’ve got the HDMR II this is a
3.5-21 power we took it oh it’s got the Warne 20 MOA
mount yeah that’s nice and that’s Ultradyne Apollo up top which is an insane
muzzle brake it’s it has all these these fins they point backwards so actually
the guy next to you gets a pretty good wash of hot air
yeah and it’s it’s probably the most efficient and effective brake on the
market I haven’t heard of anything else quite as effective and then that bipod
that’s the two-piece utg recon flex which is a highly recommended bipod for
this kind of testing it’s it’s very rigid not going to move around very very
stable and wide this one right here is a little bit
narrower but it is still pretty solid and now this rifle right here
savage stealth evolution in 6.5 Creedmoor this is the same one that you
saw me test out last year and this has a Blackhawk bipod up front and then this
is this is really what’s going on right here this is the Bushnell x RS – this is
one of the best rifle scopes I have ever touched before it has just crystal clear
image all the way top to bottom no matter how you dial this thing when you
get to the edge you get the same pretty image and this sucker goes up – is it
thirty years yeah four and a half – thirty so really huge zoom range and
some of the best glass that you can get out there this is a beautiful scope now
the the ammo that we’ll be working with today I’m firing 147-grain ELD-Ms
these two are going to be firing 140 grain boat tail hollow points and we are
going for that full mile we have measured this out and we’re going to be
at 17 60 yards let’s get to it yeah I won’t be able to see trace though so
good luck to us all compensating did not see that’s clean yeah I’m thinking a
five mile an hour wind about one and a half targets left and a full target low yeah wind is low five miles an hour max
it looks like it’s actually about three right now you are one milliradian under the target
bring it up one full milliradian and you are on directly below it come up a half mil I saw that what you see you crowd dust
big dust well shy of the target alright here we go I’m holding two milliradians
left no hit it top left okay bring it down half target bring it to the right
half target gotcha I’m gonna take one more shot and then
somebody else can get on it one more shot maybe a little high we’re not sure yeah all right date yep the hit metal again okay that last one I
felt was a tad low just a little bit that sounded different whoa that’s Maxie I’ll send some more
just like that you use the same recipe recipe I gave it 5 mils for wind and 29
for elevation I’m out I’m out of ammo that’s it okay
that sounded pretty good it’s truck in front of the target hey you hit just to the right of the bold
guy whatever you did do it again now that was a hit under the target all right I think I’m
good okay do you still need to fire with that other scope right okay let’s
do that and then pack up we’re freakin hot yeah it’s getting pretty rough we
have three rounds on target with the SW FA and now it’s time for the Nikon FX1000 4-16x50mm scope this is one that I’ve also zeroed for this rifle
and got it all torqued down this has been just a great scope in some of the
other tests that I’ve done it tracks perfectly well I’ll do a full review on
this but for now we’re gonna get on target at a mile I clean some of the mud
off your dingo okay I’m gonna aim top edge of target oh I saw that that was way low
he saw it just below the target I saw that this scope rocks dude okay I think I’m pretty much right on it
though tell you what to make this a little easier I’m going to dial my wind okay four shots to get this right okay eleven o’clock yeah okay
all right that was an extra two and a half up guys this scope is awesome I am
dialed pretty much to the edge right here and I can still see the bull’s eye
on the target out there yeah it’s looking just great through here so yeah
I’m totally bottomed out on the turret and then I’m using the reticle inside
here to get that it’s an extra two and a half mil radians or so Wow yeah we got a reason that puppy all
right are you ready here comes okay all right I’ll dial back
just a little bit then the wind is dying out here all right this is my last shot yeah all right
Kyle’s recommendation by the scope I’d say that there’s only one thing to watch
out for on this scope and that is the the parallax adjustment here on the side
on the outside you have a dial for the it’s a rheostat for the illumination in
the reticle but then there’s one on the inside of that for parallax adjust and
well it’s very precise it’s also very difficult to turn you really have to
crank it at least it’s gonna stay put once you get in place there you have it
folks hits on steel and this rifle has turned
out exactly the way that I wanted it to it just it just plain works all the way
around the the pillar bending and the epoxy bedding came out just
picture-perfect in those previous videos all the parts have come together really
well totally free floated barrel all the work that we put into it has paid off
including the the magazine pick up right here as long as I didn’t short chuck it
which I did a couple times then it picked up around every time very smooth
to feed this rifle I highly recommend it if you want to spec out a rifle for
hitting longer distances I mean maybe the mile is silly but today and I didn’t
actually mention this earlier but the SWFA scope that we started out with this
is a Nikon but the SWFA – that $300 scope I hadn’t actually zeroed it before we
started firing what I did is I had this scope which one is perfectly zeroed
and I locked the the rifle down in a vise figured out where this was pointing
took it off put the SWF a on Titan to back down and we made we made hips in a
mile with it come on I mean that right there is a great testament to that scope
that’s that’s pretty amazing now you tell me oh yes I’ll tell you about that
earlier oh so yeah this rig worked out really
well what did you guys think of your rifles today oh love it as ever
um did you find any of your brass yeah yeah all in the pile all right right
there together okay and then I left it there still in the grass I’ll go back
and get it that’s the thing about an ar-10 I’ve actually brought a brass
catcher no I left it at home you did not bring a brass catcher now which is why
we didn’t use it so how did yours run today evolution was awesome
yeah the glass on the scopes just insane I mean being able to see the details of
the pins and things at a mile is just pretty wild yeah yeah this this right
here is the scope of today that one is it’s a freak because you were dialed all
the way to the extreme but you realize I had to back the magnification off
because of my compensation okay yeah yeah so you had to hold over I had to do
the same thing with the actually with the the SWF a I didn’t have to hold over
I had enough dialed on there it’s it’s 30 milliradians up and down and all I
had to do is just dial and I was on with that one this one I did have to dial and
then hold over and you definitely had to dial and hold over yeah
today when we made hits in a mile with the CMG we were at 29 mill radians of
elevation so I maxed out at 21 Miller ad ins in the in the the turrets and then I
used the reticle for the remaining eight yeah and I ended up at about twenty four
point two after I did all the math so yeah you can definitely see the
difference between the bullets like you guys are both using the bthp match
140s these are the ELD M’s and they do seem to be a lot cleaner through the air
they just they seem to go supersonic or subsonic much further out so somebody
let me show you some of the impacts here I think what was it the the ones up here
these were the first two this one in this one okay
all right yeah and let’s see that was that was Tate right there and that was
you Kendrick and I can’t remember which or which we’ll go back in the footage so
which one is which but yeah once it did to do take a little while to actually
get on target but once we got there it seemed like we’re at least close or
peppering around the target if not hitting it so yeah that worked out well
let me just show you some of the other equipment out here for you guys I just
want to stick around and see some of the ancillary things I’m gonna grab the
camera alright we have a long distance to deal with way way way down there
1,760 yards as measured by this Nikon Monarch 3000 rangefinder this is the one
that I tested a while back it has a gyro inside it so you can basically stand and
get whatever distances you need now it couldn’t get this distance we couldn’t
get enough bounce off any of the objects that we have here to be able to tell so
we had to do it in two shots we kind of went to a midway point where we had that
nine hundred yard target and we we figured out the distance between the two
and that’s how we arrived at this and this is really the same as our last
setup but when it comes to actually seeing some of our impacts this is what
we use today the bullseye camera system is Emmy and this is just a camera in a
box it attaches to an antenna right back there and that is actually sending a
Wi-Fi this is a Wi-Fi router and it’s sending its signal way down there to us
we have a base station where we can pick up the that signal and maybe boost it if
we need to way down there but actually so far all we’ve needed is that it is
extremely powerful and here in this on this farmland at least it seems to get
enough projection that we don’t even need the base station we could probably
get out past 2000 yards easily with all of it together and be able to still pick
up the signal but yeah just it goes to the app that they have on there you can
put on your mobile device you can see your impacts mark which one’s your shots
were which we weren’t that good about today I’ll talk more about this system
at some point but yeah Oh mark which ones were which who shot what shots
and yeah it worked out but the one thing that this can’t do is show where the
misses are and it takes about a picture every second and sends it back rather
than kind of showing live video so you can’t really you know see if you’ve hit
the dirt or anything like that for that we definitely needed the spotting scope
and we were having a lot of trouble today like we thought we would but yeah
we do have a GoPro set up right here that’s been recording the whole time and
we’ll be able to see some of the close misses that we had kind of see where we
were working around the target all right well thank you very much you guys for
thanks for watching thank you to everybody that made these videos
possible bought parts for the rifle thank you patrons of the destructive
arts for actually buying the rifle itself and a bunch of the things that
went on it thank you to Nikon for hooking us up with a scope to play with
SWFA as well Boyd’s set to stock you know we’re
playing with some of our parts some of theirs and it really did all come out
really well so yeah thank you patrons of the destructive arts if anybody else
wants to chip in a buck or two a month I’ll put a link to patreon and we’ll
have more projects coming up in the future including a test of 458 SOCOM and
350 legend hopefully actually on live game and that’s gonna be a lot of fun
it’s gonna be a real blast big booms I’d like to thank the patrons of the
destructive Arts at the 338 Lapua Magnum level at Sportsman’s guide and Stan and
Mary and thank you to Peter at the 300 Win Mag level and thanks to everybody
else every little bit has helped to keep the
ammo coming and all the consumables that we go through and to be able to come out
here and you know spend the gas and all that thanks a lot you guys and I’ll see
you in the next video this project is over thanks for watching if you like
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16 thoughts on “Three 6.5 Creedmoor Rifles at 1 Mile – Savage 12FV Mile Rifle Pt 16

  1. Hey Kyle, I'm a south african living in Paris and enjoying your vids dude. This most recent one in the 12fv playlist doesn't automatically come up as a new video. I'm a subscriber so should come up. Just thought I'd give you a heads up👍🏻

  2. Fantastic job Kyle! I really enjoy watching people see the fruits of their labors when building budget rifles. Great job on that rifle sir.

  3. … nice to see honest footage of getting on target at a mile. … great super informative series. FFP spotting and rifle scopes really help with spotter and shooter teamwork. Could you see the trace in either scope without a break?

  4. There's one of the differences between shooting in the UK and the US – we'd never ever consider shooting at a target just below a blind crest.

  5. Ditto: what's one the other side of the hill?

    It's irresponsible to take those shots without assuring the safety of whatever is on the other side of that hill. You make all shooters appear as careless as you are.

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