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This Toy SHOTGUN Will Surprise You!

Good day you groovy geeks! And welcome to another episode of Gizmos and Gags! I’m your host, KipKay Every week, we look at a gizmo, and a gag! This week, we have something little, and something big. (Theme Music) I hope you’re enjoying this new series: Gizmos and Gags Because, I know I am And, for the past 10 years on YouTube, all that I’ve really done is project videos. DIY – How-To – type stuff, and I always wanted to, kind of, expand and do some other things for fun That’s why I started this Gizmos and Gags series, which you can see every Wednesday. Now, in addition to this series, I’m doing something that a lot of people have wanted me to do for a long time, and that’s electronic tutorials And I’m doing those on Sundays – KipKay Tips! All kinds of different tutorials to help you be a better Maker. And in addition to these two series, I’m still doing my project videos So THREE videos a week from me to you I’m having a lot of fun and I hope you are too. So let’s get to today’s Gizmos and Gags with our first gizmo It’s right under here This is the Zep Baseball – or Softball – swing analyzer Now, as a former baseball player, and a current fast-pitch softball player I have been using Zep for a while. It is a really cool device Here’s how it works:Tou got your bat and then you’ve got your Zep. Now the Zep goes in this little holder here this goes on the knob of your bat kind of a little bit difficult to get on which is good because that means it’s going to be secure when you’re using this bat for batting practice you might not want to use the Zep during a game, just because this pro-protruding holder for the Zep but once that-once that is on like that then you stick the Zep tracker right inside there and then – Woah – you take your swings – Don’t the wall, hit the ball. So I’ve used it a little bit, I’ve shot some video so here’s a little bit more about Zep if you are a baseball or softball player. I set up power net in my garage every now and then to go out and take some swings – the perfect place to play with this Zep 3D analyzer. Once you calibrate the Zep, it’s time to take some swings. Then you can go back and take a look at your swing in 3D. It shows you the bat path and also the bat plane and you can move yourself around and take a look at your swing from different angles It provides you with all kinds of stats like bat speed, hand speed, time to impact, vertical angle, and attack angle and you can even get training from pros like Jennie Finch, who shows you her great swing and Mike Trout who has all kinds of tutorials on better hitting. they have a feed where you can share your results with other Zep users, and you can set up personal goals as well as shoot video. This Zep app for baseball-softball does a lot. so as you can see this Zep 3D swing analyzer is pretty cool. It does a lot of stuff. Now, they also make it for golf, they make a tracking device for soccer, and they also make it for tennis. So for a wide variety of sports you get this little guy and it will do some tracking and hopefully it will help to improve your game. Now it comes with this little USB charger where you stick this Zep in here like that and then just plug it in the wall that charges. It’s about a hundred and fifty bucks so a little bit pricey. The one for baseball and softball is 150 bucks so maybe a little bit pricey but for the long term if you use it for a number of years it really pays off you can kind of see your swing and kind of get a feel for you know how well you’re doing improving your swing in a lot of different sports. So that’s today’s gizmo. It’s the Zep analyzer. By the way none of these products are sponsoring gizmos and gags. I wish they would, but they’re not. These are things that I’ve used or I’ve purchase to bring on the show to show you. So get that little “housekeeping” out of the way. All right now it’s time for everybody’s favorite: the gag! Right under here this my friends is the bug-a-salt (assault) now the company sent this to me of a couple of years ago and I just really never did anything with it you’re probably wondering what it does well have you got a problem with flies or bugs? this shoot them down using table salt that’s right that’s why they call it Bug-A-Salt now I’ve only played with it a little bit I’ve never loaded salt into it and tried it so let’s do that right now got some ordinary table salt right here and you pour it right this little spot put some salt in there like that I mean, whoever thought of shooting flies with salt now it also apparently only shoots a pinch of salt so you’re not going to make a mess around the house unless you have a lot of flies which case we got bigger problems. Close our thing there and then you cock it just like a shotgun and then it has a safety that you click in place oh yeah it fires. It fires salt I’ll have to vacuum in a little while let’s try this again what? Safety. So yeah, this is the easy way to kill flies. It – for some reason I think just going like this (Cocks Gun) is going to make the fly fly away. Maybe not, but this is the bug-a-salt. I always forget the safety. I guess that’s a good thing. And it shoots a pinch of salt, and kills flies. Amazing! I might have to hack this to shoot something else. What do you think? I’m not sure what else we can shoot with it… Another pretty interesting feature is that when you cock it this little indicator comes up to tell you that it’s armed and ready to go. How about one more? Alright that’s our gag for this week, the bug-a-salt the original salt gun. Oh, and by the way, do not shoot in face or eyes. Alright so that’s today’s gag, and you know what i think i might as well give this away to somebody. Why not? I’ve got the original box here somewhere. The original box that came in, and i’ll send it to one lucky fan. i’ll do a little contest, there’s a comment pinned in the comments down below this, from me. You just click that link, you do a couple of things and you’re entered the win this and in a few days i’ll give this bug assault to one lucky fan and what do you say? alright thanks for watching this week’s gizmos and gags see you next time

80 thoughts on “This Toy SHOTGUN Will Surprise You!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS to James Ransom the random winner of the Bug-A-Salt Shotgun! An email has been sent out to you to claim your prize! Thanks to all who entered! More giveaways every week! Don't miss any, follow me on Instagram and be sure to RING THE BELL on YouTube or Facebook

  2. Who else thought that if you had the bugasalt gun and someone broke into your house u could just shoot them in the face and blind them lol

  3. Could have been good vid and would have subscribed if you had not added distracting music which makes it difficult to hear what you are saying

  4. If you shoot someone with that will you get charged with "a salt"? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yeah, ok, that wasn't funny.

  5. I once loaded salt in shotgun shells and you can imagine how it looked like when someone tryied to steal my stuff

  6. Use bug a salt for home defence against intruders. Load it up with caustic soda crystals and well you can guess what happens next πŸ˜‰

  7. That indicator also serves as a rear sight. I love all three of my Bug-A-Salt guns. I have the original, the 2.0, and the Lawn and Garden. I reviewed tham about a year ago.

  8. hey KipKay, i've been a fan for a long time, even before i've owned a youtube account, almost since 2008 if my memory serves me right, I saw the bug a-salt gun in the thumbnail, and i had to come back to say, MOD THAT GUN! it can one hit KO flies and stuff, but here in Texas, wasps are my main concern, and the gun takes around 3-5 shots to down one, even more for kills, if you can somehow mod it so it's even MORE powerful, and can one shot stronger bugs like wasps or other stinging insects, i would deeply appreciate it.

  9. That salt rifle is a joke, it has no range! Just getting close enough to use it will spook the fly! I use airsoft to shoot flies I can't swat.

  10. Not a toy dummy 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  11. If anyone is like me and likes to modify things (surely no one is ) DON'T SUBSTITUTE SALT WITH SAND !!!! It will jam in three or four shots. I had to take it apart and clean it. Was challenging but I got it back to its normal condition. This gun is an awesome fly killer at $52.00.

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