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This Tarantula’s Curly Hair is a Weapon In Disguise

– [Narrator] With a head of
hair that can literally stun, this is the curly hair tarantula. (gentle music) The unusual hairs on the
curly hair tarantula are both its most distinguishing
feature and its best weapon. When threatened, it will
kick hairs off its abdomen that blind looming predators. Found throughout Central
America, this burrowing species is found in scrubland. Nocturnal by nature, the
curly hair tarantula is an opportunistic hunter, ready
to eat whatever passes by. This spider has extremely
poor eyesight, but at the end of its legs are receptors
that are sensitive to smell, taste and vibration. Once the tarantula detects
its prey, it injects paralyzing venom through
two hollowed fangs. Despite their popularity
in the insect pet trade, wild curly hair tarantulas
are at risk due to habitat loss in Central America. This is the curly hair tarantula. (gentle music)

98 thoughts on “This Tarantula’s Curly Hair is a Weapon In Disguise

  1. The animals themselves as a species are not endangered, more like the habitat and wild population are. These are so common in the pet trade mostly due to breeding they can go for little as $5

  2. Fudge knuckles this is going to kill me my arachnophobia is going to be the death of me

  3. thats nice and all but keep it 382827364840201837433839383736179104505826173040382649403816495048271675058364647829275648910161546505068362571940376944926263948455205 kilometers away from me

  4. so youre not going to mention that they are the most docile kind next to many others in their genus? of course, you want views. i have one in my room right now, hes never ever ever threat postured or kicked hairs, EVER.

  5. Cool thats why i dont mess with spiders, they come behind u make u bend over the STRIKE right in the hole. It hurts

  6. Never have I been more grateful for my size 13 feet……It means I have big shoes perfect for spiders such as these.

  7. "The spider is an opportunistic feeder eatting what ever passes by"

    Me: where is Donald Trump got him to walk past this thing

  8. Spiders never did anything against me but i don't know why i'm afraid of them or at lsast don't like them.

  9. I have a female her name is Cheryl. One time she got scared and kicked hairs, didn’t bother my hands but man oh man I forgot to clean my hands. Yo no lie my dumb self rubbed the skin around my eyes. Bro for like 2-3 days it was irritating the skin around my eyes. It really itched. Now she doesn’t get scared and I still love my girl. She is very docile compared to more defensive tarantulas.

  10. Why talk specifically about this hair-kicking tarantula? It's one of the most docile tarantulas ever and yes it's hair is itchy but not as itchy as a Nhandu's hair or a Theraphosa's hair. Those 2 would have been better candidates :b

  11. why am i enjoying this
    i am REALLY afraid of spiders and i am enjoying this
    what is wrong with me…

  12. Paralyzing venom to insects and small mammals. Don't just say paralyzing venom, because you are scaring the unfamiliar people from this species.

  13. One of the calmest and docile species of all, do your reaserch before making these videos. Most of new world species can flick hairs.

  14. I have one of those are absolute sweetest I hold him all the time they or one of the cutest kindest tarantula out there!

  15. I have a rose hair tarantula so I'm used to it cause I've actually loved spiders/tarantulas since I was like 1 or 2 and I've been studying them for years so yah I LOVE THEM

  16. Curly hair can cover many species of tarantula so it's best to use it's latin name, that way people in the know will know what tarantula you're taking about. This is a Brachypelma Albopilosum. Sorry for being direct but just trying to help.

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