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This Smart Gun Could Save Lives

I was speaking to a law enforcement officer. He came home from a bad day at work, and left
his gun on the kitchen table. And when he was in the other room, he fell
asleep, and his kid found the gun. His wife was able to intervene and take the
firearm away from his kid, and so nothing happened. But let’s say his wife hadn’t been home. That could have been a very very bad situation. If that had been a smart gun, it would have
been different. With a smart gun, the kid finds the gun, it’s
gonna be locked. We want change! We want change! Americans have never been more politically engaged
on the issue of gun violence. And yet, attempts at widespread gun control
laws keep hitting a brick wall. As the gun debate rages on, some are considering
a different kind of solution – one that could have a huge impact on certain kinds
of gun violence. A smart gun is a gun that can
only be used by the owner, either because of biometrics, that is, fingerprint, or some
other technology. Smart guns could prevent thousands of suicides,
let’s start there. If a teenager wants to kill himself and the
easiest means is their father or mother’s gun, they’re unable to do that. It wouldn’t stop all mass shootings, but
it would stop some of them, because so often in mass shootings, the young man is using
a gun that isn’t actually theirs. So smart guns could have a profound effect
in terms of gun safety in America. My name is Kai Kloepfer. I’m the founder
of Biofire Technologies, an early-stage startup based here in Boston. Basically what we’re doing is incorporating fingerprint sensors or other authentication methods into firearms. Our prototype, as far as I know it’s the
first fingerprint smartgun in the world. So we’ve got our live-fire prototype here. What this is is we’ve taken an off-the-shelf
firearm and incorporated all of our technology into it. So uh, this is my teammate Luke. We’ve got this here, it’s programmed to me. And so if I hand it to you here, um got it? And you put your finger on the sensor here,
it’s just gonna flash white. So no matter how much he pulls on the trigger,
it’s just gonna be completely locked. But if I take it, and do the exact same thing,
it’s gonna go red. And what that means is if I close the slide
here, it’s gonna fire. I’ve been involved in the smart gun
space for about 6 years now. I originally got into it as a sophomore in
high school. I thought, well of course smart guns are gonna work. Like, I understand the technology, and I’ve
shot guns, I’ve used guns in the past. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t
be able to combine these, right? It turns out that, at the time, if I’d talked
to pretty much anybody, most people would have probably told me that was impossible. There is no smart gun available in the
United States today, because 2nd amendment absolutists are vehemently
opposed to smart guns. A safe gun is one that fires
when you pull the trigger every single time. If tech companies can’t make
electronics that are 100% reliable, how are firearms companies supposed to do it? When you need a firearm, there is zero time to be
messing with rebooting your gun. The government could turn these
things off. They could be like, well, there’s a natural
disaster in Florida, let’s turn all the guns off for a while, for their own protection. I swear, if one more liberal tells me how I
have to live my life, my head’s gonna explode! As if this basic level of mistrust weren’t
enough, one state’s attempt to mandate smart gun technology has made things even worse. There’s a law that was passed in New
Jersey, it’s called the Childproof Handgun Act, that says that in New Jersey, once a
smart gun is available anywhere in the United States, all guns sold in New Jersey after
a certain time period have to be smart guns. So if you try to sell a firearm in, say, Texas
– a smart gun – that is going to trigger the New Jersey law. What that did was, anytime someone has thought
about selling a smart gun anywhere in the United States, there’s been some pushback. There are several instances in recent
years where a store had decided they were going to carry a smart gun from Europe. And because of New Jersey, the store owner
received so many threats of violence against him that he decided not to carry the smart gun. So basically mob violence has kept smart guns
off the market. New Jersey, everybody involved, including
the state senators that initially introduced the bill, have realized that it
didn’t quite work the way they intended. So that law is in the final stages of being
repealed; that is on its way out the door. This technology can only have impact if people
are choosing to buy it instead of traditional firearms. We would much rather have the opportunity
to get this out there and prove to people that it’s a superior product that people
want to buy. All right, well we’re about to do a
live fire demo here. You can see if I put my finger on it, it’s
gonna go red. And then when I come up here to fire… And that’s sort of all there is to it. NARR: Kai still faces a lot of challenges. Many potential buyers could be put off by
the unreliability of fingerprint readers under wet or dirty conditions. And past attempts at smart guns have been
unaffordable for most buyers, because of the high-tech electronics involved. But if his startup can get a smart gun on
the market, it just might inspire bigger gun companies to do the same. The gun industry’s in a slump now,
a terrible slump. The great irony of course is that the president,
Donald Trump, is a big gun supporter. And that’s the reason so many fewer guns
are being sold, ‘cause gun owners aren’t afraid anymore that someone’s gonna take their
gun away. So one really strong reason for getting a
smart gun on the market is that it’s a new technology, and it’s a new product. I think it’s inevitable that smart guns
will take their place alongside not-smart guns in America. Actually solving gun violence is gonna
be a big task. You know, this is not something that can be
solved just with smart guns. But I think technology has a role to play. If I can even save one life, I think that’s
worth it at the end of the day. And this honestly has the opportunity to save
a lot more than that.

100 thoughts on “This Smart Gun Could Save Lives

  1. Stop creating crap against Law Abiding Americans and kissing up to LIBTARDS ! CELL PHONES DO NOT STOP DRIVERS from killing people, and they so easily could. YET the LIBTARDS point to the second amendment… They Are absolutely Communist Anti-Constitutionalists… They Have no actual concern for safety, only the urge to Suppress the Constitution, and Turn America into P.R.O.C. … The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year. Nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving. 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving.

  2. This will so help Bank Robbers… Now the can first wait for all the police to come… Then Fire their EMP… Then DISARM the whole pile of helpless cops, and Duct tape them up in one mass of tape… take em a week to get out… then take all the money from every bank in town !!!! I'm honest now… but this kid is tempting me to take up bank robbery… Literally every cop in town will get called in and they all will get captured and duct taped !!!! The aftermath would be hilarious… Yep… these will save thousands of bank robber lives every year !

  3. Where to start first thing I've been around guns all my life my parents had guns and because of this I haven't had the need to go out and kill anyone I've hunted I killed animals for food all these kids that have mental issues it's the parents responsibility to have the children taken care of and not to have guns laying around where they're accessible to these mentally Disturbed people someone is responsible for these people it's their responsibility to keep the guns out of their hands and I'm sorry I grew up with hobby I had things to do I was taught responsibility I wuas taught respect one thing that is lacking in this country today so put your kids in front of the TV teach them nothing but the TV keeps them and when they kill people blame it on the TV this country is headed to hell

  4. The intro story is dumb because it’s not the guns problem. It’s negligence. Making a “smart gun” just adds way more complexity and more likeliness to fail in the event you need it to save your life.

  5. kid at home
    robber breaks in and gets entire family hostage
    kid sees gun
    kid is old enough to know how most of it works
    aims up shot perfectly
    "oops owner has to use it sorry"

  6. You lost me at the cock sucking march for our lives commies and putting computers in guns . Want to stop little kids from shooting themselves ? Dont leave your fucking gun out where they can grab it moron ! No one wants a pussy IPhone Glock bastard. I'll stick with my all steel Jericho

  7. Armed intruder in my house….. Oh crap! my gun is held ransom by the wannacry ransomware….noooooooooo!

  8. New Jersey business owner: buys smart gun
    Random people: im threatening you with violence
    New Jersey Business owner: doesnt feel safe with his gun so he returns it and gets a normal gun

  9. This isn't going to stop anyone from committing violence! We The People will not comply! Bloomberg has a mental health issue. When he gets rid of his guards with guns we will still not comply! STOP INFRINGING ON OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS!

  10. I was at KFC getting my finger licking chicken fix on when some whippersnapper came in a shootin. Grabbed my smart gun to put the boy down but the Colonels love grease on my fingers made my gun malfunction. Oh well maybe next time

  11. That's why you have fucking responsibility! Guns already have a malfunctions whether it be the ejector or whatever, they malfunction!!!!!
    And second more pistols are used in murders than an AR!
    People always say "There is no reason to have an AR, just use a shotgun!"
    Sure we don't really use AR's to hunt but the thing is that let's say Trump declares he will be sending all blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, anyone who isn't straight, let's say he decides to send them all to concentration camps! And we only have shotguns and pistols!? Against a government that has plate steel body armor, and FULLY automatic weapons!
    Sure I don't really want an AR mainly because I'm a big fan of WW1 bolt action rifles.
    But the AR still has a use, what is that use you may ask? The very reason the second amendment was written, it wasn't written for muskets or black powder rifles, it was meant to have the weapons our government carries and if you wanna get technical, the AR-15 is quite different from an M4 Carbine.

  12. This is a stupid what if scenario because the father broke the law while being a cop. If you have kids in the house by law you are suppose to lock them up.

  13. A police man would never leave his gun on a table, he is trained on safety he would never leave a loaded gun on the table

  14. Ok first of major problem with how you frame the 2A community it's not that we dont want smart guns as it's that we dont want to be forced into only owning smart guns like the proposed NJ smart gun bill and you purposely took 2A youtubers like the yankee marshal out of context to make your point on the matter I personally am all for the development of smart guns and if someone wants a gun to protect their family but is worried about their kid getting ahold of their gun I would much rather them have a smart gun than no gun at all i personally would not put my life on them but if it's the only thing around I will gladly use it as for cops using smart guns again I wouldnt put my life in the hands of it and I wouldnt expect our men and women in blue to do what I wouldnt until the technology is flawless and seamless to use bc as it stands right now it is clunky and unreliable and is more likely to get as many officers killed as it is to save

  15. No one seemed to talk about all the shootings in the inner citys it only is a problem when its in the white community. Id rather have a gun legally then die from a robbery.

  16. It wont you idiot. It will cost lives. Way too many issues with it. Simple solution: be responsible with where you put your firearms

  17. The solution is not leaving your gun in the dining table. What type of police officer can be so careless…

  18. If someone wanted to kill somebody they'd find another way to do it they'd make a bomb or poison or just take a knife doing this doesn't stop anything all it does is infringe

  19. How about a Wild West culture, if everyone had a gun there would be less shootings (I would assume) one bad guy with a gun is gonna be overpowered by 15 people with guns

    Also, please tell me how this method would fail I would love to hear it!

  20. I would like see this smart gun technology be issued in the law-inforcement community to see if it's reliable in the line of fire.

  21. Teach the fucking kids right and put your fucking guns away if you have children. It's not rocket science. Nothing smart about such so-called smart guns.

  22. If your son or daughter wants to kill themselves, they already have a very bad lifestyle and they need to go to therapy and to be talked to about the worth of their life. They’ll find another way to do it; overdosing on drugs, electrocution, hanging, jumping off of a bridge, running out in front of a semi truck or a train, etc.

  23. I feel bad for whatever chump decides to buy this thing. When he is going to need it in a stressful situation the reader wont be able to read their sweaty finger.

  24. If you believe that bullshit your dumber thsn i amgonna have to charge my defense weapon before it will work? Battery goes bad you gotta buy a new one waste of cash and is gonna hurt a lot of revenue i really do hope america fails very soon so i can laugh at it

  25. The incident with the kid…. That's the fathers fault for leaving an unsecured firearm within reach of his child. He should know better.

  26. This is the worst idea humanity has had so far

    Governed protected means to attack and defend

    Motherfucker they gon’ make it illegal to use clenched fist if we keep going this way

    I’m not even an american gun loving nutjob, I’m a dude from Europe where we don’t even have guns, nor do we really need them, and i can see this is an absolutely batshit idea

  27. I’m supportive of this technology, but gun owners should have the choice to purchase these kind of guns. They shouldn’t be forced on the American gun owners.

  28. A gun especially hand gun generates tremendous forces that little chips and circuits may not tolerate. Try shooting shitty optic on a 9mm. It’s a canon, I’m sure it will last a few rounds, a few hundred, but I shoot my guns by the thousands. Why can’t a iPhone survive a fall?

  29. Ahhh yes cause we all know that no one ever wears gloves! No one ever conceal carries in the north with gloves said no one. What if it’s a high stress situation and you don’t grab the gun in just the right way?

  30. If we are all forced to have chipped guns an EMP would disarm this country in a second
    Do they realize this?
    If they do now we know their motive
    Does it get scarier?

    Great idea…..must never become mandatory

  31. Smart guns do not save lives you idiots it makes it even harder to access in a situation you actually need it that would cause more gun deaths. 500,000 to 3 million lives on average are saved by guns each year if everyone switched to smart guns criminals would have the upper hand they already do against law abiding citizens it’s just another way the government tries to take your freedom and become more tyrannical

  32. That smirking old guy who sounds as dog stupid as he looks. Can he really believe the crap he was clearly hired to say?

  33. This is dumb, and these people are dumb. There, just relieve them of their lives because they are dumb. Problem solved.

  34. Alcohol, tobacco, cancer, and heart disease kill millions more than "gun violence" it isn't even a blimp on the radar vs those atrocities. Why don't you solve that issue first before impeding Americans rights?

  35. Dumbest bullshit idea ever probably invented by a liberal ! I can see it now big brother presses a button and disables your gun ! No thanks nice try government liberal dumbasses I'll keep mine standard !fuckin idiots

  36. Perfect example of liberal brain washing thanks Bloomberg for providing us with more disinformation and fake news with your optimistic piece that polishes this turd you call a smart gun and highlights those with real and valid concerns in a bad way

  37. Will it work wet,if my hands are wet,with gloves on, after dropped in mud or snow,with blood on my hands? Seriously doubt it

  38. Kid: sees gun
    Kid: grabs gun
    Kid: does not put finger on trigger when handling gun

    Me: ok, at least he knows something.

  39. Dude: with my finger here, it turns red
    Dude: fires shots
    Dude: and that is at that is to it

    Me: my guns do the same damn thing, and they dont have to be charged

  40. Do bloombergs body guards use smart guns?????
    Yeah i didnt think so!!!!
    Hell i would bet they even carry machine guns!!!

  41. more than a year later and smart guns still aren't common place. Why? Could it be that they are ineffective and their "safe guards" too easily bypassed? Also, recent experience with a new bedside, biometrically locked pistol safe has shown me just how unreliable fingerprint readers can be.

    When it comes to reliable operation, simple is better. What it means for gun owners is that we have to remain vigilant at all times. The cop who left his sidearm on the table failed in that respect and is a lesson we all should learn from.

  42. Problems with this tech
    1. Unreliability caused by Introducing digital technology to a mechanical one. Which has recoil, damaging electronics.
    2. If battery is dead, your gun is also dead.
    3.For someone wanting to commit suicides and murders. They can spend the time disabling it.
    4. Increased prices
    5. As stated in the video. Those who think self defence with firearm is unnecessary will use this tech to make it harder to aquire or use firearms.

    Gun safes and firearm safety education are much better choices

  43. If a smart gun is anything like a smart cell phone , they are a piece of Junk !!! Period End of Story !!! There is Nothing Smart about either one of them !!!

  44. Intruder: breaks in to try to kill me
    Smart gun: battery low.
    Me, to the intruder, completely nude with a spear in my hands: better get ready, my gun doesn’t work. Things are about to get GRUesome.

  45. Firearms don't kill more than 30k Americans annually… Americans (mostly) do… people are the problem, not the tools. I'd choose a knife or a hammer over a firearm anyday

  46. Oh, by the way… ask a New York cop who's walked the beat in the deep of winter how well a fingerprint reader works through gloves

  47. This isn't going to save lives at all! Tell me how many criminals plans to upgrade their tried and true "stupid" gun for one of these "smart" guns? Its ok I'll wait………….. This is going to cost innocent lives at all turns!

  48. If you toke you safety tests then you should now this quote "It is a mechanical device it will fail" just like the fingerprint it is a mechanical device and it will fail

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