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This should be John Wick’s new gun | Custom MPX Rifle | Tactical Rifleman

hi this is Pete with allen’s arsenal and
i’m here today to give you a quick review over one of my new personal
favorite weapons the Sig Sauer MPX this actual rifle actually started life
with this folding stock right here that I took off and I stole a side folding
stock off of a Sig MC X which you can buy separately you see how nicely it
folds over to the side makes it very nice and compact and I actually also had
this full-length 16 inch barrel to give it overall legal length of 16 inches for
a rifle now let me show you real quick we’re taking down the front takedown pin
you simply slide the handguard off and I went ahead and replaced the 16 inch
barrel with an 8 inch barrel off of another MPX of course that does make it
a short-barrel rifle and I went ahead and also put a dead air suppressor on it
as you see it sticks out nicely from the handguard and I also go ahead and use
the Taran Butler base pads that make it that changed it from a 30-round magazine
to a 40 round magazine obviously to give you an additional 10 rounds this type of
weapon is something that nicely you can use in your own home as personal fence
with it compact you can keep it stashed in the closet under a table something
like that and from there if you have intruders in your house simply just open
it up or use it with the stock folded down it is suppressed so that way you
don’t have to wake up your neighbors while you’re taking down the intruders
coming into your house thanks for watching the video if you
have any comments please leave them below

19 thoughts on “This should be John Wick’s new gun | Custom MPX Rifle | Tactical Rifleman

  1. LongShot Mfg. makes M-LOK accessory rails specifically for the Lancer hand guards for the SIG MPX. They are available only on eBay at the moment, but will be added to the company website very soon.

  2. why would anyone want a 16in fucking pistol, this is beyond stupid, your external ballistics do not change why go to 16in. 8in barrel with a brace is the sweet spot

  3. I was told if you have an 8 inch barrel pistol with a stabilizing brace and swap it out with a 16 inch barrel and a stock that is illegal as you created a new firearm. I would like to buy the 16 inch rifle and buy a telescopic maxim defense brace and 4.5 inch barrel. That way I can have a rifle and psb without having to buy them separate. I would save 1000 dollars. However, how is anyone going to know I swapped out a stock for a brace and 16 inch barrel for a 4.5 inch.

  4. Swat team in Florida are trying to get these since its 9mm I forgot was rifles they have but 23mm which of course rips through bodies

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