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This SHOTGUN is OP in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Modern Warfare Funny Moments)

when I get sniped I’m oh shit here we go
again some viewers may find the following
video disturbing viewer discretion is advised Oh our GP for resupply now you’re just scream you scream like
hey Jesus I missed 15 pistol shot behavior than RPG none of those bullets
landed none oh hey Claymore the kids still in there by the way
yeah I saw em you fucking he missed his first shot he’s bad
forever no no like I was like wreck off usually Stephanie hosted it I’m John can
I like spoon dicta but hand on titty kitchenette oh yeah dick the bar here in the Teddy get your
night what concerts Friday here I got a
I’m pretty big in the confidence in around there you go to a concert like
every week or two I mostly do actually mostly all destroyed the targets or
Cloutier bomb is in play no way no way I don’t know god dammit there’s somebody else in
games that’s a ten-five on screen cave and the cave right to your left a little bit walked up I see movement male
am and then is another sniper in the back
this dudes fuck way too hard oh and distract that where’s the add-on pinging right shit oMG scrap that’s where it’s
at voice

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