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This Marine sniper threw the enemy’s grenade back to save his brothers

Lance Corporal Joshua
Moore saved his brothers while under attack from
insurgents in Marjah, Afghanistan. March 2011, Moore was on mission with his scout sniper platoon when insurgents targeted his team. The Marines fell back
to a nearby compound, but enemy machine gun rounds
sliced through the air, wounding two of them before
they could make it to cover. Moore made it to cover safely. When he felt two objects hit his back, he turned to see two grenades
lying in the sand next to him and the other Marines taking cover. Moore reached down immediately, grabbed the first grenade, and
threw it back out the window where it detonated just a moment later. He started to grab the second grenade, but noticed it was covered
in rust and likely a dud. Luckily, he was right. The young sniper would
later say that he was quote, “Scared out of my mind,
but I knew we had to do “everything possible
to get everyone home.” Despite his brush with death, Moore crawled from the building under the continuing incoming fire and held off the enemy until a
quick reaction force arrived. Moore then rushed to the north where the enemy attack was heaviest, and began aiding the
wounded and returning fire with his M4 and the attached
M203 Grenade Launcher. Thanks to the quick reaction force, and another sniper platoon arriving, the Marines were able to
gain fire superiority, evacuate the wounded, and fall back to their patrol base. Moore was promoted to corporal
soon after the battle, and was awarded the Navy
Cross in November 2013. After the ceremony, Moore said, “It’s an honor to receive an
award like the Navy Cross. “But to be honest, I
was just doing my job.” Since the event, Moore has
been promoted to sergeant and assigned as an instructor at the Scout Sniper Basic Course. He often shares his
story of the engagement with his students, but avoids talking about the medal because as he told Stars And Stripes, “That’s honestly not the important part.” Like, share, and comment below, and be proud of young
Marines who know how to keep a cool head under pressure,
like Joshua Moore.

100 thoughts on “This Marine sniper threw the enemy’s grenade back to save his brothers

  1. Thank you so much Sergeant Moore may God bless you and your family. As you may say it was just your job for some jobs are worth being recognized for or let me say that again every job is worth be recognized for but when you save lives… when you go to a country that is not yours to help people that are not from your country you definitely deserve a pat on the back!!!!! again thank you sergeant and God bless America.

  2. This is just amazing. I hate it when there’s people stealing valor especially when someone like him made his scarifices,he almost died! And yet you see the fakers trying to take credit and it’s bad. What a good man he is

  3. I almost garante some feminist some ware will find this as (in stupid yet funny feminist voice) male pribalige and that he wouldn't do that to save a womens life

  4. What would have happened if he only threw the rusty one and not the real one? He was extremely lucky!

  5. More insane stories of military valor:

  6. wow the only person who threw a grenade? Really? Oh that’s very nice…. not like Germans,Russians/Soviets/Chinese and other nationalities NEVER threw back the grenade and WOW you get a promotion by shooting back!?! ah I were in the US military..

  7. … You learn this in basic training especially how to handle grenades, many other soldiers have done this and you actually just talk about 1 person unlike giving praise to all the men and women who have not only done selfless acts with a grenade clunking next to them but giving up their lives to save their comrades. Example is John Osborn, a Canadian attached to the Winnipeg Grenadiers he had saved his platoon more than once with grenades and ended up sacrificing his life for his platoon to made sure they put up the fight. He lasted nearly 9 hours against a huge force of Japanese invaders at Hong Kong and is one of the examples that this videos should be dedicated not only to this young marine but to all the men who've done these deeds

  8. This is a man. This is the kind of man we should look up to and emulate. I'll tell my sons about Sergeant Joshua Moore.

  9. Any Marine or solider would try to through the grenades back to protect their fellow soldiers or get on top of the grenade to protect them

  10. I cant understand what makes human to be proud to be part of so called US Army.First of all it is army of invasion not army of defence it is same old Wehrmaht but fortunately with very weak will to fight and die otherwise they would capture half of the world. And second it is army under control of oilers, bankers, corporations and other ruling groups not peoples army at all

  11. DEBUNKED! Sasquatch sightings and tracks… It was Moore's balls dragging the ground crawling in for eyes on assessment of the enemy!

  12. These guys who really had it tough don't talk a lot about it. When you see all of these vets with bumper stickers, hats, etc., realize that 90 per cent of our soldiers are some kind of cook or other support troops, who have NEVER seen a shot fited in anger. I was artillery, and never had it bad, and don't brag about it.

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