100 thoughts on “This is why THIS is The Better Shotgun.. (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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  2. Honestly got caught up watching the Gillette ad with Lou Williams. I’d highly recommend anyone reading this not to skip the ad but enjoy it as part of the content as well. That is all. Nfam

  3. Actually the flintlock is better then both cuz when we in a build fight u hit me for 80 and i hit u for 180 think about it

  4. I don't like the shot gun there is no balance and for all people that got spammed by it they didn't have fun. Like imagine not having good loot then that shot gun is too over powered and u just get killed by it in every game it starts getting boring .

  5. Combat has been better since the update it hits way more consistent and for close range just use the drum gun or flint knock. Combat got that old heavy range it just doesn't hit as hard but if you hit a double shot it normally does the same damage as a pump.

  6. Combat shotgun literally is the season 1 pumpy and the double pump fucking mashed into one gun to shut the fanbase up

  7. It's like I have to wait forever for a Nickmercs video, they never disappoint and they're always funny and entertaining.

    Keep up the good work Nick🔥♥️

  8. There is no comparison…combat is the best shotgun since the pump. Forget the heavy, combat is better.

  9. I can't watch vids with this niorooch guy his mic sounds like hes talking into a fucking pringles can

  10. Just taking a chance here but if I get at least 300 people to Venmo me $1 I’ll have enough to buy a PS4 after I broke my shit 😪🤘🏻 @ jaysalazar626 praying for a miracle to hop back on my fortnite grind

  11. Who remembers from the early days when the pump shotgun used to be like a sniper, this reminds me of a weaker version

  12. Haha finally! I been asking u to try it for a while xD

    Now u reconsidering it, I feel like I'm pro for some reason 😁

  13. Bro I knew I wasn't the only one who did that to the analog…..Hell sometimes you feel the shit inside it go onto ur tongue and ur like ewwwww buuuut it fucking helps 🤣🤣

  14. Like daequan said in one of his video… Its all about aim because you can 2 tap someone with both of em. If you manage to hit both of your shots, combat shotgun will win because of the fire rate

  15. Hey nick I realized you moved into a neighborhood like a half mile from my house. I would love for us to do your landscaping, we already have some clients in that neighborhood!

  16. The combat is pretty much a better version of the tactical. If anything they should keep the combat and replace the tac with the pump. The only reason I see somebody picking the tac over the combat is if they can't hit shots (no judgements here, I'm trash too).

  17. The Combat Shotgun has the potential to be one of the best shotguns the game will ever have. The range of it is excellent. But the damage ratios are poor. The max damage I’ve done with it is 136 to the head, from a meter away. And I’ve done 29 headshots from the same range, yet from longer distances I’ve dealt damage nearing the hundreds. It definitely needs a buff and a fix, and maybe it’ll be a nice addition to the game. Until then, I’m using tactical shotguns.

  18. This is the better shotgun cause u son of a bitch are abusing aim assist as fuck… fucking bob.. without the abus trick u wherent where u are.. fucktard

  19. Lets go nick glad to have you back in Michigan! It’s really inspiring having a guy as cool as you in my home town I’m like a kid on Christmas with this whole moving back thing

  20. Had to hit that dislike because you repeating that sound genuinely made me lose my shit lmaoo. Still love you tho

  21. Fine I’ll give you a view if you’re that desperate that you don’t put the shotgun in the title

  22. You can get away with a Combat Shotgun And Infantry or a sniper! Who needs an assault unless you find a Scar!

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