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This is how you PTFO as a SNIPER! BATTLEFIELD 5

hey what’s going on guys it’s SoaR Dazs here
today I’m excited post a video on Ross and we really trying something new to
improve the overall quality of the videos I hope you guys notice working
really hard to produce better quality content for all you guys that goes from
the reviews to also the overall gameplay from stream with the help of Eddy we’ve
been listening feedback and I hope to really get the quality up to a higher
standard enjoy the video super sweaty lobbies it was fun still walked away
with 1,700 and twitch earnings so that was good how many kills is that oh did I
just get a clip dude did I just get a clip okay fair enough fair enough
chill relax can’t see crap dude Jesus to those of anyways
a lot nice nice we don’t shoot house before working out for
you and plated sometime good I’ve been doing a lot of Apex to ze picks
tournament but I’m back and I already got a clip at the start of this round so
I think they’ll really go away if anything I feel like a lot more
confident in this game trying to hold that sneezin look at the head shot
though I hate when stuff falls on my head Oh super coolest man I was 1 HP 1hp in a
dream I suppose Oh God there’s no hit me in the back what get
out of here with that I got you buddy oh god oh god oh shoot I hear footsteps
everywhere Oh God all right well oh shoot how’s it easy shot no you come
back here sir I think nobody over here yeah it’s
captured I don’t know where you went oh god no here’s one tab dude that was way
too many shots get up get up get up no and the guy was looking at me rip dude
thanks so much for watching if you enjoy his police be sure to leave like
subscribing for more content see you guys next time

10 thoughts on “This is how you PTFO as a SNIPER! BATTLEFIELD 5

  1. absolutely legendary, SOAR Gaming has finally opened up a battlefield section, but I really wish they expanded it a bit, I feel like it could get pretty big if they added some more player, and on all platforms it could really add some more depth shine to the community! maybe say something to your SOAR friends?
    for some console players recruiting 
    NEON PWA, and Maxiq might be really incredible! and for PC TheRushot, Metalslug, & F1CKS might be really great addition! The list could keep expanding, please consider talking to the members in SOAR who deal with this, it could really go somewhere truly amazing.

  2. love the new video quality looks really vibrant, might be ev en more stunning because it is on Arras, what a beautiful map, and a beautiful video! GG

  3. Wow you are so good and nice video. I have a question please. I just recently started playing Battlefield 5 and every time I play the game for few hours it hurts my eyes and they become red? Can anyone advice please? I play other games too but only battlefield 5 hurt my eyes. Thank you in advance 🙏

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