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This is how FN P90 Works (With Subtitle)

the Supressor Lets look at the firing mechanism Now, Lets Focus on the Firing mechanism Remove hammer Group body Now you can the Rear sear, Disconnector, hammer, and Sear The animation is a bit cutted here it was From the developer what happen is Full auto is the operating rod will push the Rear Sear back until The disconnector hit the Parallel pin 4 so it will stay open and did not catch the hammer thus creating continous Fire the Firing mechanism is Very similar to FN made Bullpup, it looks like Crab Claw. Now Lets watch the Full Auto Firing Mechanism In Semi auto,the Operating rod did not push the Rear Sear fully. only half so the disconector can catch the hammer watch Closely Hammer and Disconnector watch closely The Whole mechanism Now let see the Fire Selector That’s the Full auto Position I am Reloading Now Semi Auto Position And Safety Position A better position to Look Semi Auto Safety Back to Semi Auto Full auto positon Another Angle Loot and Yellow, Green, and Orange part. that was the Hammer, auto sear, and Breach block. How the magazine catch works The Attachment

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