This Gun is GOD TIER! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

Wow guys this is actually one of those rare moments where I’m sitting down to record and I don’t even know what I’m doing I’m gonna loss for words. I honestly have no idea what I’m doing I think I’m just gonna use the g36c and play some hardcore Nothing’s really going on with modern warfare, but I have nothing else to record. So here we are. What is that? Looks like I got punched by a baby. I can feel I’ve got like a gross tit forming there What a great way to start we already know there’s gonna be the best video ever start it off by saying I have no idea what I’m doing and that got A grows it. Oh my god. I’m not gonna lie. I actually did something pretty terrible on modern warfare I kind of wanted to do my own personal little test to see if skill based matchmaking is real So yeah, I might have been going around in lobbies and just dying like 40 or 50 times And from what I could tell it’s real guys after about five lobbies of just goofing around I got into matches where people could barely even aim. I don’t have any actual footage of it, but I think it’s real I Mean look at that guy. He’s not even playing What is this feat immediately holy shit, what’s Why are they not even play Every load Nope no Doodahs actually 18 a no I was trying to get a Nuke streak going Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that skill based matchmaking is definitely in this game in a few reverse twist You can play against four people now, obviously it’s the wrong thing to do You really shouldn’t reverse boost and obviously I can say that the whole test was just for scientific purposes or something, but I’m aware It’s wrong and that you’re not supposed to do it but I wanted to go ahead and test it for myself because I wanted to see if it really is true and it is my First game on now. I’m going 28 to 3 just destroying everyone but the whole reason I wanted to try the whole reverse boosting thing and getting into lower skill lobbies was to see How people play differently and the matches I was tossing. Everyone was just camping It was the same typical bullshit that I constantly run into on here. But as my stats were starting to go down I noticed that the people in the lower skill lobbies and stuff were running around Warren just kind of like not necessarily using like the Most try hard setups they weren’t camping as much not leaning as much it actually got it felt like a more typical Call of Duty Lobby not this overly intense camping PS that modern warfare is plagued with and it’s really strange too because I’m one of those people that Also just runs in guns. I don’t excessively camp. I don’t camp for killstreaks Wow, oh He’s just laying there. But yeah when it comes to place out on modern warfare, I practice what I preach I just run around It’s just really weird to think that if you’re considered to be like a high skilled player that you can’t play against other people who? Run around like a majority of the high skill players of modern warfare are actually just campers Oh, there’s a slick one There’s someone over here yeah. Oh there was Playing what are There so many afk players, I think a lot of people seem to be going afk to get battle pass like tears and stuff It’s so bad the battle path stuff. Isn’t that good? Just actually play the game Maybe people are going a head case so that way they can get killed a lot and lose their Katie’s as well It’s an even lower effort form of reverse boosting Lord where they’re gonna spawn where they’re gonna spawn come on Keep it going no, it’s the trickiest thing with this g36c. I’m not using the standard mag I’m using the one that has only 30 rounds. No way. You can actually ATS faster had 36 kill. I have 2 kills dude Let’s see. It’s my Katie going up now. It’s not 1.6 9 Is over here Good lord, wait, that’s another guy on the ground over there creepy. Mom. Keep it going. Oh, My god, what was that feed those a seven Multi? These are definitely kind of lobbies. I’d prefer to be in. Oh my god And these guys are really good Holy are you kidding me? What is this? I didn’t think I reversed rusev that hard now to be fair Most of these people are actually just afk like a lot of them are not playing I don’t know why the fuck they’re not playing they should be at this rate. It’s like I’m playing against harmless BOTS Wow, the funny thing is that I don’t even really care about hitting like these giant feeds and just slaughtering the enemy team It’s just nice being able to play a modern warfare Lobby without having to sweat your tits off You can just kind of play casually and still do well and I have to completely try to game Oh no The other dude shot him now, I’m not gonna lie The feet potential in here is amazing, but I’m just glad the lobby’s artist sweaty It really is crazy how drastically skill based matchmaking can affect your experience in this game Honestly a lobby like this is a completely different experience from what I’m used to playing holed up in a corner. I’ve been playing No, successful, unbelievable. I’ve gotten play every single time. I’ve gotten these giant feeds lots of kills every game. Just unbelievable Look at this fucking ridiculous, dude I think that one might have been a kill chain, but my KD was definite little bit lower that game I feel like the game might be picking up on the fact that I’m destroying these guys I’m kind of just waiting to be thrown into a sweaty Lobby again. It’s got to happen eventually I think I might be in a sweaty one now Okay guys, so I’ve got three games of doing really well look at the levels of the people in here. It’s completely changed It’s all like max rank people now and I’m not even max rank for this season of modern warfare I’m a little worried about this I think for those last three games that might have been doing too well You guys hear that robot banging a washing machine it’s not like a DB 28 from world of war I can’t see Hey sure, my fucking teammate No, you guys have my aim on Yeah, I think those three games of doing well is starting to put me into tougher lobbies, which is perfectly fine Oh My god no, come on ha That’s the only thing that kind of sucks about the holder 26 is that it doesn’t have enough damage Sometimes in hardcore just takes too many shots to kill that could have potentially been a really good feed though Especially killing that second-story camper. That was really good. Well, we still won by a lot. I had what Okay, only 23 kills this no based matchmaking is definitely even out a little bit I just can’t believe how quickly the game like seems to adapt its your skill It’s kind of mind-blowing in there is like this whole huge patent that they have for this go based matchmaking for model warfare So it kind of makes sense. There might be time to goof around with this thing. Let’s put a scope on it Here we go. That’s a much better variant of this gun right now I have the default mag on and I added a sniper scope. So yeah, this should be pretty amazing Oh Actually a quad baton. This is fucking sad honestly might have been one of the worst feeds I’ve ever hit I need to feed us to lead us that clip I’m leaning I’m mounting get my skill back up. That’s what skill is, right? Get quark scope Those occasional hit markers you go with this gun are so bad You feel like you should be a one-shot but it’s not it takes multiple shots to kill sometimes that can be pretty bad in hardcore Gets killed on kid Goodbye a corner camper In the fucking head well that is another win look that I got 20 kills again Yeah, I think it’s pretty much to even out at this point. That’s gonna do it for this video Thank you guys very much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed this random video of me using the g36c I wanted warfare skill based matchmaking in this game is definitely Real and it’s definitely very strong And if you guys were curious about the class I was using this is pretty much what I was using throughout most of the video It’s a pretty good class, but it’s even better when you’re playing against total scrubs but with that being said I really do hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys did it and you want to see some more modern warfare stuff make Sure to drop a like I hope see you guys later

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