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This Airsoft Gun Scares the SH*T out of Players

Hit! ARGH!!!! My Balls!!!!!!!!!!!! Awhh! Hey, what’s going on guys? Today we’re back at the cold war military base here in the Netherlands playing a game of conquest with 75 players on each team. Capture points are distributed across the field which will act as new spawn locations should they fall into your team’s hands. The battle is halfway underway and the Red team is making very good progress towards the enemy team’s wank. Hit! Hit! Hit! Because of our rifle’s range, I’m able to to hit people well before they get in range to retaliate, and my squad is pushing through the open part of the forest without much resistance? (Several people shout “Hit!”) Yeah I separate from my squad because we’ve spotted an enemy squad, on our left flank, attempting to push through with smoke grenades. After hiding in the bush for about ten minutes waiting for them to push past me, I spot their capture point just up ahead. Oh, f*ck! Haahaahaa… F*ck! 🙂 After walking all the way back to our respawn, I make my way back up to the front line again to meet back up with my squad. We’re getting dangerously close to the headquarters for the enemy team, but it also means that all the players left on the field are now in the same location. We have to be very careful because fire will be coming from all directions. Yeah. HIT!! Hit! Hit! Hit! Hit… 🙁 Thanks for watching guys, I hope you guys enjoyed the video I will be traveling to a bunch of different countries to play airsoft, and I’ve got a bunch more airsoft gear to give away, so follow me on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on that.

100 thoughts on “This Airsoft Gun Scares the SH*T out of Players

  1. Here in Italy with 1 Joule limit like other asg, sniper is a very difficult role… I think your limit is different right?

  2. Was always a paintball player and long shooter with real rifles but after watching your vids I really could get into air soft just have to try and get gear lol….very cool…

  3. That was highly entertaining to watch! Very satisfying watching them get hit… and that auto-pistol death was awesome lol

  4. It’s not the gun that scare ppl it’s the marksman him self. Guns of any type are truly never scary honestly in my opinion. It is the owners that sometimes concern me. Honestly some ppl are just straight stupid. Some ppl honestly should never operate or own/conceal a weapon of any type.

  5. As a Army veteran I can say with certainty that airsoft is the closest thing to combat besides our training that civilians can do.

  6. At 650 FPS, does that hurt way worse than your regular gear shooting around 300fps? I'm curious how pissed off someone would be if I made this gun a rental, from a legal perspective, lol… How close should people be shooting each other lol

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  8. Hey silo, I love your videos, and Im starting airsoft soon, any reccomendations for guns? ( I live in the U.S btw)

  9. Silo if there is a thermal scope call swoosho back and strap him up with smokes and the thermal scope idc about which rifle it will be!

  10. Bro ur too sick I’ve been watching for about a week and I watch all ur vids thanks for the amazing content to keep me entertained

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  12. „You can drag me away“ „Nah, I‘m okay“ 2:02 his look at the end was like >that wasn’t a question stupid<

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