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This 32 ROUND PISTOL makes me sad…

What’s up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C and today I’m gonna using a 32 round pistol in modern warfare I’m not gonna be talking about this class too much. But here it is You have to use the m-19 pistol and when you level it up you can get a 32 round mag But yeah, I’m just gonna go look for a game I’ve been having the hardest time trying to record today actually wasn’t planning on recording modern warfare today I was supposed to be playing Chinese call duty if you guys didn’t happen to know there’s a Chinese only PC only Call of Duty game and you can actually use multiple launchers to Run the game and I have every single possible launcher, but none of them were working I was troubleshooting that for about half an hour I was trying to get the modern warfare 2 modded servers working on PC I think it’s called iw for X that wasn’t working either And the cherry on top of the piece of shit cake is that I was trying to record modern warfare and my FaceCam the camera Right here had like this buffer overflow thing. I didn’t intend that happens. I lose all of my face cam footage So yeah, guys, I just been having a phenomenal start I’m just kind of hoping that everything can work now I can get a video done Maybe destroy some people’s lives with this goofy little pistol. Wow Wow, what is that? This is just a TDM. Oh, no everyone camps in TDM Come on Let’s fuck them up Nope, come on, dude. I want to add some join pleased with this 32 round pistol I said no pistol with 32 rounds has a lot of feeding potential. I want to hit something huge What how is that guy even on a streak? Thanks, dude Come on I’m kind of wondering if I should have just clicked delete on everything today and just called it a fucking day just cancel to everything I Am beyond flabbergasted I’m qualm rotated. It’s a real world look it up Now what are they doing it? What’s there were three there? Oh shit. Wait, there’s another one over here What are you doing? You could have been the fee dude. What do you come on man? It was kind of a feat I guess Signor aw, come on. He died to eat so so distract with the care package No, they’re not gonna spawn what in the hell is going on? Got a lot of AFK players on their team that’s over. I was just starting to do really well, too I was top of the team the 32 round pistol for hardcore is actually really good I just wish I didn’t get hardcore TDM because it’s always so campy not CVM again. Come on It’s like this game knows it wants to torture me. I just gotta feel like holder D is not on my side today It doesn’t matter what the game of Chinese coal Duty modded modern warfare 2. Why are the Cod gods betrayed me? I never did anything of onder heart. Oh Well, he’s dead I’ve always spoken so nicely about him look at this Lobby the numbers what do they mean Mason It means go boys mad fighting. He’s gonna ruin this Lobby. Yeah fucking hate everything today, dude It’ll be a miracle if I hit something in this Lobby, are they all the way over there with a foot? Am I doing Giant oil can’t suppressor might actually not be the best attachment to put on this thing. You know, I think it looks funny Should probably help. Yeah, this is definitely a help. Well, that’s a teammate shit I’ll get it big feet. I’m 50 time. Come on spawn them are they’re not spawning here. This is their flag Long-range, welcome. Oh, no, he moved There dude There has to be some dude just camping with an LMG, right? I don’t think there’s gonna be any feed potential in here There’s a pancake don’t eat it There’s two head shots there, what are they doing? Come on, the head shot feed. They’re so busy camping. They’re barely even paying attention Stop camping everyone I’ve been playing camping About Celine. Oh There’s a feed Oh long shot reach What he already died, at least I managed to get that quad feed somehow if you like. Most of their team is afk though He’s just the midday lobby’s half The people aren’t even playing just trying to afk for battle pass tears same shit different day with this game I just can’t wait for modern warfare to actually get the crossbow get some new shit I can only come up with so many different goofy classes and weird gun variations. We’re eventually gonna have to get some new content Go wear it go. Oh there it was already split Just laying on the ground come on that match felt like it went by really fast I was able to drop 60 kills. This pistol is definitely really good in hardcore, even though the lobby’s aren’t the best All right. Now I don’t try out this pistol in ground war. This pistols are so high capacity I want to see how it does against like 32 other enemies should be pretty interesting. Oh the farm map Oh, I was kind of envisioning like the indoor areas of quarry. But okay, I’ll do my best. What is this shit lobby? Good job on the flags guys With a pistol, it’ll be a good idea Oh Shit, what’s houses oka the leading thing but it works pistols got some range I feel like farm is a terrible map to show this off on. No, but this is disgusting Why was that put in this Lobby? Oh There’s no chance in this lobby. I’m done. I either need a better map or a better Lobby because that was depressing How you gonna throw me in mid-game when we have no Flags not to force. Stop it. I Just wanna play Chinese cold dirty today on Fucking probably football when this game is all done and over with the most epic rage dodge will be coming out farm again Are there no quarry lobbies in the world? They don’t even have a new grimoire map of rotation that has vacant built into it What is going on? Did I miss something or is the world just broken today? Oh there Finally something good. I don’t care about the 32 round pistol. I’m gonna run 32 people over. It’s gonna happen right now I totally haven’t tried this 100 times before and failed every time I Fuckin call I saw the gülen’s I just wasn’t sure if he was any good, but then he did it This game makes my vocal cords bleed internally. Oh, I Forgot how much fun of this to run people over in ground work? Oh I can fit you there. I don’t know guys I feel like we’re definitely in a situation where this pistol is not as good in core I know it’s pretty much always the case certain guns are better in hardcore than they are in core I mean this thing might still be pretty decent. It has 32 rounds. I just feel like situationally in ground war It’s not gonna be as good Nor me, don’t don’t look at me. Don’t look at me. Don’t look at me. I can’t nothing is working for me today What the fuck is happening? Holy fuck is about these Tony people know they’re actually so many people in that building It just goes to show that this pistol is like a little too weak even with the 32 rounds It just doesn’t have that much damage Wow, okay 30 G rounds almost all of them go into one person. Oh There we go, there we go things are happening I Can’t I can’t do it I’m just getting instant melted before I can even do anything with this pistol I think I’m gonna call it there. Thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed watching me use the 32 round pistol in modern warfare I do want to apologize for this video being pretty much nothing but a rage fest and complaining about things this wasn’t necessarily the video I wanted to make today and a lot of things just went wrong in general There’s some ones to get a video out for you guys. And with that being said I really do Hope you guys enjoyed this video If you guys did it and you want to see some more weird guns on modern warfare Make sure to drop a like so guys later

100 thoughts on “This 32 ROUND PISTOL makes me sad…

  1. LIKE this video if this 32 round pistol makes you sad as well… ༼つಠ益ಠ༽つ

    Hopefully I can get my COD Online, modded MW2 or Xbox One working again so I can bring you guys more variety!

  2. Why dont you just filter out tdm?:) i wosh everyone played like you, miss the old times when «everyone/more people where running around. I cant understand the fun og sitting and playing a game, and in the game you are doing the same as irl, sitting. F**k of campers you are ruining the game 😂

  3. Y can’t I ever get lobbies as easy as the first one, whenever I play hardcore shoothouse everybody is pre aiming and sweating

  4. Played MW today played shoot house guy camping in the middle

    Him:25 kills
    Me: not in the match because I rage and broke my tv

  5. Every me map is a remake of old maps, they have the same or either identical choke points rooms and layouts, like dome to strike zone, the map around 3 min is pretty much studio, there's another one that's basically Yemen 2

  6. Is there even a way to play cod online anymore, because I can’t set up a qq account for we game, what other launcher is there

  7. 1:49 how did you miss the guy so obviously sitting in the corner, gosh your lack of awareness just makes me so kwomphotated.

  8. They should add camping based match making where bases on your steps per minute you get placed in a server. So campers who move less than 10-15 steps per minute all get put in the same server and all the people who actually play the game get to play.

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