100 thoughts on “They Wanted a Weapon

  1. Somebody. Tell me the specific song at the end.
    I know its persona 5 but what song.
    It's been a year I MUST find it

  2. UgHhhHhHhhhHhhHhHhH People like Genji in this comic piss me off, they complain about being alive and I'm here like, "Bitch it's better then being dead!" I just don't understand it.

  3. Genji kinda has a point…….but people finna comment saying how what I just said is wrong and that they will say "We should hang on to our humanity!" But I'm ranting…how should I know anything about having a good cybernetic body.

  4. I think why Genji had that dramatic mood change when Mercy was crying while holding her staff was because maybe, that’s what Hanzo looked like when he was attacking Genji. Sad and full of regret, hoping for forgiveness and understanding but still has some type of anger , Hanzo for Genji breaking the rules and bring a liability and Mercy for Genji acting like he is NOTHING but a mistake, an abomination and that he HATES being alive, and willingness to do their duties. I think for Genji it was looking back in time, seeing his brother and getting shocked. him running is trying to get a hold of his thoughts and emotions in check.

  5. Years ago every one thought it was Mercy who did this to Genji. Then Moira was released. And well. Things made a lot more sense.

  6. I’m just gonna say…
    Wouldn’t it be more logical to make a exoskeleton for his arm that is bigger but can be used to block light attacks, that would be mainly for syncing up his arm movements using the same tech as the arm itself?
    I mean the only downside is he has a slightly bigger left arm.
    His hands don’t need to be cybernetic and without the finger connections needed they wouldn’t need as much tech in general so theoretically a exo arm shell would be the first logical step.
    It wouldn’t be 100% perfect, but seriously don’t just cut off your arm for shits and giggles… and murder

  7. I know he eventually got over this Hanzo phase, but when you really look at it, you can’t really blame Genji for feeling this way. I mean he was viciously attacked and nearly killed by the brother he was very close with, betrayed by his clan, can no longer live the life he wanted, all but forced to live a life as a living weapon, and can’t even experience the simple pleasures of taste and touch he did prior to his augmentation. I’d hardly call that a life worth living.

  8. Now even though this only is fan stuff this is the kind of thing I see happening between genji and Mercy in their OG overwatch days and that’s why I ship them

  9. I was in the same situation….. The Justice League wanted an ally who was unstoppable……

    I was, and they all learn their mistake the hard way……

    I currently have more victims than Stain the hero killer from My Hero Acadamia……

    Blows up S.H.I.E.L.D

    God I love my job…….

    Edit =

    Citizen = Isn't there at least one hero that you actually respect and HAVEN'T killed?

    Me = Spiderman…… he's too young and he has a self inflicted burden of living up to his uncles expectations despite knowing full well that he has already met them…… I kill Heroes and gods among men…….. not legends.

    Citizen = ……

    Me = Its easy to kill…… but it's difficult to forgive……. and I have a hit list that's ten miles long…..

    YouTube = Don't worry, Heartless is just in his Hanzo phase….

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