100 thoughts on “The WORST SNIPER in COD History? (Black Ops 4 Vendetta Sniper)

  1. It's more like a scout rifle instead of a sniper to me that is. If you have a fast trigger finger or a quick shot part on your controller it's kinda good

  2. well good or worse just like pro or not it's just a gun or some of these are just neh at least I can't get any worse then a cod game then any other game.😂

  3. I cri becuz I don't even have a ps4 all I has ps3 and me blood 2 for sold. And I can't play ww2 on my one S cuz my fold member ship ran out, I would give anything to be Merk for a day. PS hope ur doing well and keep up the kushtastic content

  4. Wtf bro I’m all emotional now if you put bo2 soundtrack in the background ever again I will report your channel for putting me in the feels.

  5. You think the Vendetta is a bad sniper 👏👏👏👏 try using the freakin' SDM with no attachments you're K/D will be O/75

  6. Ngl this gun is amazing, holo, grip, stock and quickdraw, plus it's a one shot head 🤣🤣the guns broken

  7. I think this is my first video of BO4 that I've watched since release and I gotta say, is this seriously what Cod has turned into? Rainbow headshots, bright flamboyant camo and stupid face paint? Jeez

  8. Wait….
    The vendetta literally IS an M14!
    But firing 22 long rifle, a.k.a a pistol round.
    That's what its damage feels like

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