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The World’s Greatest Howell Rifle Infomercial!

Are you tired of having to cycle every round of your rifle by hand? Don’t you wish there was a better way? Now, there is! I am Ian McCollum for the Howell automatic rifle company. The Howell is the safest, the fastest the easiest rifle around! You can tackle any tactical situation with the Howell. Use it on Germans, Austrians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Turks. You have problems at home?
It works on the Irish! Problems in the colonies? You can use it on Maqis, Afghans, Pashtuns, Boers, Boxers, all manner of Wobblies. Put the fire powers back in you hands with the Howell automatic rifle. The secret is in the patented gas piston technology. That allows the rifles to do all the work for you. Order today and we will include the patented bi-pod tactical stabilization unit! Normally an extra 29.99 value, but today “Free”! But wait…there is more! Order in the next hour, and we will upgrade your magazine capacity from 10 to 20 rounds! That’s 100% more fire power “for free”! So act now! Stop fighting “against” your rifle and start fighting “with” your rifle! Get the whole package! The Howell automatic rifle, the patented stabilizing bi-pod technology, and the 20 rounds extended trench magazine today! Order now!

100 thoughts on “The World’s Greatest Howell Rifle Infomercial!

  1. Id buy a shirt with the bottom panel of the one you offer if it said "Problems at home? It works on the Irish" such a hilariously true remark

  2. So That's why Bipods fold forward on modern rifles. Thank you for clearing that up Ian!

    Not actually joking about this.

  3. 1:41 Bipod Tactical Stabilization Unit also folds tactically when the shooter is finished firing the Howell (lol)

  4. "It works on the Irish!"

    … and here is where I lost any ability to control my laughter. So wrong, but so funny.

  5. Hands down my favorite YouTube channel of all time. Well done Ian and thanks for all of your hard work

  6. The Hungarian soldier looks like he's thinking:
    "What did I ever do to deserve ending up in this infomercial?"

    The Austrian, however, seems to be thinking:
    "Let's just get this over with."

  7. Ian, if you're channel collapses due to the new monetization rules and you dont go into the infomercial business, I will be VERY disappointed

  8. How did I miss this for so long? Ian needs to make more of these commercials! Perhaps one that begins…

    "Are you tired of your gun firing every time you pull the trigger? Check out the Cobray…"

  9. Well if this YouTube thing doesn't work out for Ian, he could always get a job hosting a late night infomercial channel

  10. Why do I feel like the idea for this video spawned from the "stop fighting against your rifle and start fighting with your rifle" line lol omg If only we lived in an America where that was a product we could order from TV infomercials

  11. A love how no one noticed at the last second when shooting the rifle at the end of the infomercial
    The rifle shook itself off the bipod and he dropped it on its barrel

  12. I didn't believe that I could really get a 20 round magazine upgrade for the price. but I got it and it was super! I had ten more shots than before!

  13. That is truly amazing! I already have my wallet out and am ready to send a telegram for an order! Now gimmie one if them there British AK's!

  14. I'm german and I'm laughing my ass off! But hey, what's the thing the dude over there is pointing at me;klahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  15. I ordered my rifle three weeks ago and it's still not arrived…. customer service is terrible!

  16. Ok sir youve got me, Ive got 30 grand and im ready to order! who needs a better vehicle screw it I want a howell rifle

  17. Sold for $31,265
    500×29.95 is about $14,500 so in reality it's closer to 1000 payments😂 more than that actually. Lol

  18. The children of your empire causing ruckus over perceived slights? Spank them with this bad boy and all their whining about secession will be silenced😂😂😂

  19. Oh well if all this thing of forgotten weapons fails man you do have a brilliant future in infomercials

  20. Ian's delivery can be pretty dry in his serious videos. But never let it be said he is without an absolutely lunatic sense of humor.

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