100 thoughts on “The World’s First Implant-Activated Smart Gun

  1. "this is just a gun you buy from your gun store".
    Yet, the Kinder Surprise egg is illegal.
    USA, you need to change yourself because you're really fucked up. You're the retarded child of the world. Please do something about it.
    It's just sad.

  2. People like this can't even keep cars from being hacked! This shit won't work, and gun owners won't go for it. No market, no production!

  3. to those that don't really understand the hate, there's a few reason why this stuff doesn't exist.

    First is that the sensitive electronics needed to have wireless "locking" of firearms usually get destroyed in anything more than .22

    Second, addressed in the video, is failure rate. Even if the smart gun works it's another failure point on the gun. It's why most modern handguns don't even have manual safeties anymore.

    And lastly, wherever a gun is able to lock itself, especially wirelessly, it can be jammed and you can be locked out remotely. RFID jamming is not only possible at range but it's really fucking easy compared to nearly every other wireless system (bluetooth, etc.)

    So essentially it's just a gun with one more failure point, which is infinitely worse than a gun without the extra failure point.

  4. Fuck anything that requires an RFID chip in be implanted into you! Hell no! If they are ever forced onto people, a revolution will come and I will be apart of it! And sadly i think it will come to that.

  5. You have to wave the chip in front of the reader in order for the safety to deactivate. The guy struggled for a second for it to unlock. When seconds count last thing I want is to be petting my gun trying to get the reader to unlock it.

  6. As technology moves forward, so too, does our ability to make things. We are quickly approaching an era in which things will come out of fancy boxes- like 3d printers. You'll simply download a recipe/program, and out will pop your food, gun, illegal drugs- whatever. What will we do then?? Will we seriously considering banning regular people from owning these boxes?!?

    I don't want to live in a world in which the only answer to solving crime is prohibition of things and substances- it will never work. The ONE and ONLY answer to every single problem the human race will encounter is education and equal opportunity. All other methodologies will only exacerbate our problems- like the Drug War. The Drug War has been the most counterproductive endeavor in the history of man- it has only caused the problem to grow exponentially, as when you arrest one drug dealer, at least 2 more take his or her place. Looking forward, and at our current pace, the only way to keep guns (and etc) out of criminals hands will be to ban regular people from owning metal 3d printers, and CNC mills.

    I'm not going to put up with that. It would be a crime against humanity to repress such technology- and it probably wouldn't work anyhow. Stepper motors, drivers and motion hardware will be so widespread, and in so many devices, it will be impossible to keep people from assembling their own printers. It will only stop law abiding citizens from obtaining them. This sort of paradigm applies in all other fields of technology, as well. For example, one day, we will likely have the option to embed complex electronics in our bodies, like cellphones- how do you keep cellphones out of prisons when they're built into peoples brains?

    How do you catch drug dealers when they use autonomous drones for their deliveries?

    How do you keep drugs off the streets when all you need to make them is carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and other basic building blocks?

    How do you monitor REAL ad hoc, encrypted networks?

    How do you keep people from launching their own satellites into space?

    How the hell are we even going to keep people in prison when we start seeing larger drones? (Can already be done)

    There's a million questions like this- and currently, the only option our government is offering is more prohibition- more bans, and you know what? It doesn't have a chance in hell of working.

  7. Guns should never have any computing power to operate. This renders them useless. The government could take control of them.

  8. Haha how cute. It would only take me a few minutes to remove that chip reader and sell that shooter on the block with full trigger function. Full auto sold separately.

  9. I am sure the Gov ment has done this before the 2000s. I know is spelled government, but i like to say it that way. haha.

  10. This is a great idea honestly. especially for child safety. Coming from a Canadian. Sorry USA your guys policy is fucked.

  11. I think not. A smart gun as an option for purchase is one thing but to have to get an chip implanted in my hand, no thanks.

  12. to prevent people from getting a gun "willy nilly"? does he not know how difficult the process is to legally purchase a gun? how about cracking down on the illegal gun trafficking problem in this country first?

  13. This is retarded why he has to inject himself I mean I know why but your brain should work with your damn trigger finger!!

  14. comment went wrong place, oh wait u got a chip in my hand point this gun at me n pull the trigger- genius, 2 birds 1 stone

  15. This guy contradicts himself, saying that only the same should be allowed to purchase weapons while having and rfid chip in his hand….

  16. Met this guy at Defcon. His work is amazing goes beyond smart triggers. Learned a lot about biohacking; very cool next gen human/machine hybrid shit. My mind is still blown from what I've seen and how I need to think about security defenses for biohackers. Thanks for covering this stuff Motherboard

  17. So many people dont seem to understand how this technology works, its really disheartening that ignorance gets in the way for technological progression. I understand there are some legitimate reasons to not like this, but it seems a lot of the reasons people are coming up with are coming from a place of technological illiteracy, and a lack of understanding.

  18. is a brilliant idea, despite the fact that the need for a subcutaneous implantation
    it can encrease security and the traceability of the weapon's owner, preventing smuggling and other risks

  19. Since most home invasions the owner usually ends up getting killed with their own gun I think this would be great that a thug couldn't kill you with your own gun. Then you could blow them right back out the door and call it a night or day. And having the chip to be the only one that has access to the gun doesn't mean the government is tracking you, I like the idea.and you burnouts gripeing about this probably shouldn't have a gun you might shoot yourself in the foot or something.

  20. Give it to the cops! Leave my analog tool alone thank you very much!

    I don't recall being "allowed" to buy any of my guns "willy nilly".

    Gun needs a battery to function and that's a selling point?

    Like I said, give it to the cops, I'll keep mine the way it is thank you.

  21. Smart guns are a good idea. But this particular one isn't that great of an idea. We need biometric security that can be programmed on the spot once you buy a new weapon, not fucking implants.

  22. Thanks for the video and the idea share. 20 years ago I was involved with Fisheries and we were implanting much smaller tags in fry that were like 20 ga. wire and maybe 3/8" long could maybe something like that work?? Bill

  23. This idea is so pointless, except MAYBE to match it to a law enforcement officer/agent. Even then, what if the situation calls for someone else to use the gun? POINTLESS.

  24. "This is just a gun you buy from the gun store." lol..haha, no. No one buys P90's you stupid fuck. Its a showoff gun, at best. Cool design, no practicality.

  25. SO basically, you're proposing the LITERAL "Mark of the Beast". Got it. That's going to go over REAL well with the gun folks.

  26. Look how at 1:05 he has to hold his hand near the reader for a full second to register. Adding an extraneous and error prone technological complication between yourself and a lethal threat is unacceptable. This is a hobbyist at best.

  27. how easy would it be to hack the RFID inside the gun itself? The other types of smart guns I've seen seem too easy to fail when you need the gun to go bang. This seems more promising but like "dumb" guns, once stolen how easy is it to override and convert it to a non chip gun?

  28. The point of the second amendment is for the people to be able to fight a tyranical government. And this guy's inventing something that allows the government to track and/or disable your gun at will? Ok good luck with that.

  29. I can't wait for the first instance of a burglar with a screwdriver breaking into a house, removing the electronics, leaving them for the owner to find, and taking the gun.

  30. all it takes one frequency jammer and your screwed you can buy RFID jammers over the internet the only thing protecting you from jammers is its illegal to use them but that wont stop criminals from using them heck if you have the basic skill you can make them yourself if you wanted to.

  31. moron. no one just walks into a gun store and gets a gun. they run a BACKGROUND check, through the Feds, then sell it

  32. Who in the world would want this thing? Fuck off. Now that the GOP has the numbers, they should for an additional constitutional amendment to further protect gun owners.

  33. yeah, … smart, … now some bad fella who wants to take your gun will also take your hand… just to make the gun work, no hard feelings… he might use something handy like a hatchet… can't wait for smart hatchets with implants and technology and stuff…for smart stuff…

  34. So now those needing to use a firearm to protect themselves, be they LEO or armed civilian, would have three, instead of one, possible malfunctions to overcome. The implant mechanism, tech inside the gun that unlocks fire control, and any potential subsequent weapon malfunction. Smart gun tech has, and always will be, dumb. Liberal social engineering for your firearms.

  35. Liberals would love this !!!!! If you have a EMP or a coronal mass ejection the whole nation would be without a ASSAULT RIFLE (Sporting Rifle) or a BB gun. The government could use this technology against law abiding citizens and render all weapons with RFID Tech inoperable, screw the second amendment. You should approach Crooked Hillary and the rest of the Libatards and get all the funding you need to take your company to the next level, not to mention all of the law abiding citizens of the US with RFID chips just as the CIA, NSA, George Soros and the rest of the Lib's could further the NWO agenda.

  36. Why did they have this reporter handling that firearm? Never point it at anything you don't intend to shoot, that's rule number 1.

  37. What happens if i pull the trigger with a smart gun at my friend? is mean that my friend will die with with smart gun. I don't know. It's still be dangerous

  38. bro is this guy pointing the gun at the dude when he tests the trigger. Man must have some type of confidence in his prototype

  39. Does the implant look like a dick and does it activate once it's up your ass .i was just wondering .sound sexy to me

  40. Mid 2000’s? Lol, this guy can not count!
    Then grabs a gun points it toward someone & tries to pull the trigger…

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