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The VERY ODD Shotgun Meta Of Fortnite Season X… (Fortnite Season 10 Tips)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be discussing the very interesting current state of shotguns in Fortnite. I’ve played Fortnite pretty seriously since
the very beginning which was about 2 years ago, and I really believe that the current
pool of shotguns is the weirdest I’ve ever seen. And when I say that, I don’t want you guys
to immediately think that weirdest actually means worst. There have been some really bad shotgun metas
in Fortnite history, and I don’t think what we currently have is as bad as any of those. What I mean by weird, is that usually the
Fortnite community sees every individual shotgun meta as either clearly good or clearly bad. For example, back in season 9 when there were
only 2 shotguns available, the super overpowered combat, and the super underpowered tac, pretty
much everybody knew that was horrible. On the flip side, back in season 4 when you
could use 2 shotguns, there were so many viable combinations like double pump, pump heavy,
heavy tac, etc, so pretty much everybody loved that. But with the current shotgun meta so far season
x, there are some parts of it that are really good, but then you also have things that are
really bad, which I’m hoping will be changed in the near future. So, without further ado let’s get right into
it. Alright so let’s start this video off in a
positive manner, by talking about the good aspects of the current state of shotguns. The most obvious thing that jumps out at me
right away, is that for the first time in a while, there are 3 different really good
and really usable shotguns in Fortnite, and technically that number may even be 4. So the 3 obvious ones, are all rarities of
the combat shotgun, all rarities of the pump shotgun, and the somewhat recently added purple
and gold versions of the tac shotgun. The less obvious shotgun that I believe is
also usable and in certain situations can compete against the other 3, is the double
barrel shotgun. Now, I’m not totally sure if that should actually
count, since as of right now it only spawns in Tilted Town, and there’s probably a decent
chance that’s more of a limited time thing, but let’s just include it anyway. If you guys have watched a lot of my videos
in the past, you’ll probably know that I’m always a big supporter of each weapon category
in Fortnite having multiple different viable options. And I believe that should always be the case,
because of 2 different yet equally important reasons. First off, if 1 weapon in a specific category
is so much better than all the other options, if you don’t get lucky enough to get that
weapon in a game, you’re going to be at a huge disadvantage, totally due to you having
bad RNG. And the perfect example of that is what I
mentioned a little earlier, in season 9 if you didn’t find a combat shotgun, and you
fought against a player who did find one, you were pretty much screwed because of something
totally out of your control. The other reason why it’s so crucial to have
multiple options, is because not everybody is good or prefers the same weapons. As you’re seeing right now with the current
pool of shotguns, some players prefer the fast fire rate and range of the combat shotgun,
while other players will opt for the higher damage potential of the pump or double barrel
shotgun. Speaking of the combat shotgun, that’s another
positive thing that I want to point out. It seems that after about 4-5 different nerfs,
the combat shotgun is finally at a point where it is not longer an absolutely dominant weapon. I know some people may disagree with me on
that, because I’ll still see people complaining about and calling it overpowered it from time
to time. But I think even if it is still the best shotgun
in the game, it’s by a small enough margin, where I don’t think another nerf is something
that we absolutely need. For the first time since the very beginning
of season 9 when the weapon was literally glitched, there are times where I feel totally
underwhelmed by it. I’ll be in a close range fight with an enemy
rushing me, hit him for 50, 60, 55, and then he’ll just get right into my body, barrel
stuff me with a pump or a purple/gold tac, and hit me for 150+ damage in a single shot. But, at the end of the day, that’s kinda the
whole purpose of those shotguns that are dominant at point blank range, So I’m totally fine
with that. And even though this video is intended to
be more of a discussion about the current state of shotguns, as opposed to ranking the
4 tops ones from best to worst, I’m sure at least a few of you are wondering, so here’s
my personal opinion on that. Of the 4 good shotguns I would rank them in
the following order, the best is still the combat, although it’s by a very slim margin,
then the pump, then the purple and gold tacs, and finally I think the double barrel is clearly
at the bottom of that list. But I think it’s a really good sign that not
only was this list difficult to make, but also, I’m sure a decent amount of you guys
out there will disagree with at least 1 part of it. In a lot of Fortnite’s shotgun metas, that
wouldn’t be case, because it’ll be so blatantly obvious which one is the best. So I think that covers all the good aspects
of shotguns in season X, now let’s get into the not so good things. Despite there being 4 different shotguns that
are very usable, there are also 2 shotguns which are pretty much totally unusable. And those are obviously all the rarities of
the drum shogun and the gray, green, and blue rarities of the tactical shotgun. I know some people may be thinking “well,
you just said there are 4 different good shotguns, so is it really a big deal that 1 or 2 of
the other shotguns aren’t very good?” And to answer that question, I would definitely
say “yeah, it is a big deal.” Due to the fact that the bad shotguns are
so much more common than the good shotguns, is it makes it so that RNG plays such a major
role, especially at the beginning of games. If I loot the 2nd level of a house, and get
a green drum shotgun, and my opponent loots the first level of that same house, and gets
a blue pump. When we inevitably meet in the house and fight,
I have almost no chance. Now, I’ve talked about how bad the grey, green,
and blue tacs are before, so I don’t want to really wanna repeat that. But this video gives me an opportunity to
just absolutely go in on the drum shotgun here. Although it may not be the worst weapon in
Fortnite history, because that title probably belongs to something like the six shooter,
the drum shotgun is pretty darn close. And at least for the other horrible weapons
like the six shooter or scoped revolver, those are pistols, so they’re almost expected to
be outclassed by every other weapon type in the game. The drum shotgun on the other hand is obviously
a shotgun, which is obviously a weapon you expect to do really reliable high burst damage
per shot at close range. However, the drum shotgun pretty much does
the same per shot damage as something like an AR or SMG, unless you’re literally touching
your opponents body with the barrel of the weapon. The max damage it can deal in a single body
shot is in the low 50s, and even from just a few meters away which is definitely still
shotgun range, you’re gonna be hitting in the 20s or 30s per shot. I understand that when they added this weapon
to the game, they were probably aiming for a type of shotgun thats unique compared to
all the others. But, the problem is, the only way fast fire
rate shotguns will ever work in Fortnite, is if they have a lot of range like the combat
shotgun has. No player that’s even semi decent at Fortnite
is gonna let you get right in their face, and then shoot 4-5+ shots in a row without
building, because even at point blank range that’s seriously what it’s gonna take to get
a kill with this thing. So, this video will be released a few days
before the next major Fortnite update, which I believe is going to be update 10.10. We’re hoping for some really major nerfs to
the mechs, and that’s obviously getting all the attention, but I think the drum shotgun
being vaulted would be so good for the game as a whole. I know they typically don’t like to vault
newer weapons even if they’re super problematic, but the drum shotgun has been in the game
for about a month and a half now, so I think it’s basically past the grace period at this
point. Especially because as of right now there’s
technically 6 different shotguns in Fortnite when usually there’s only 2-4, so a vault
makes sense in a lot of different ways. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. I want you to rank the following 4 shotguns
from best to worst: combat, pump, purple/gold tac, and the double barrel. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I will catch
you guys next time.

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