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The Top 10 Flicks in CS:GO (Rifles + Pistols)

Hey what’s up guys it’s Colin for theScore esports and who said flicks were just for AWPers? Three weeks ago we gave you the top 10 AWP flicks in CS:GO, and this week, we decided it was time to give rifles and pistols a little love as well. So whether it’s a 180 flick with the AK or a P2000 reaction shot that could be described as inhuman, there’s more to flicks than just the sniper rifle. So sit back, hit that sub button and get ready for the Top 10 rifle and pistol flicks in CS:GO. Kicking off our list is KennyS on Cobblestone. Who in a 1v3 landed this disgusting deagle flick onto MSL before ending the game with an otherworldly flick onto Schneider. (Casting) From one prodigy to another, our number nine play sees Coldzera terrorize Tyloo. Pinned between four players, Cold more than holds his own as he takes down DD, before turning on BnTet with a filthy flick. (Casting) F0rest comes in at number eight on our list with a p250 flick that’s so fast, you’ll need to see it a few times before it even registered. No seriously, we needed to slow this down just
to see it. (Casting) At number seven we’ve got GeT_RiGhT with an unbelievable kill to open up the round. Up 13-9 against SK gaming, the NiP legend landed an unbelievable upwards flick onto fer that instantly ended his life. (Casting) Coming in at number six is yet another play from F0rest, who at IEM Oakland 2017, surgically deleted Tarik with this gross deagle flick through the wall with just a sliver of vision. (Casting) Coming in at number 5 is Autimatic at Northern Arena Toronto. The newest member of a revamped Cloud9 squad, Autimatic was looking to make a statement with his new team and boy did he do just that as he conjured up this nasty flick onto Snappi. (Casting) At number four we have none other than ScreaM. The “eddshot” machine secured an unfathomable kill that saw him run through mid doors to delete fnx in mid air with an absolutely disgusting
flick. (Casting) At the number three spot is Team Liquid’s Hiko, who in a 1v3 pulls off this VAC-worthy kill, as he instantly flicks onto AKis with just one bullet through the smoke. (Casting) Taking the runner up spot on our list is Adren, who puts on an absolute clinic by killing two Wizards players, before ending the game in style with an unbelievable 180 flick that left the casters gasping for air. (Casting) Coming in at the coveted number one spot is a flick, seen across the world. A flick, that needs no explanation. It’s Hiko’s inhuman reactions on Dust 2. (Casting) Well guys that’s our list. And if any of your favourite rifle or pistol flicks did not make it on. Flick us a comment, and I’ll see you next week. Thanks for watching. If you want more great content just like this, be sure to hit the subscribe button.

100 thoughts on “The Top 10 Flicks in CS:GO (Rifles + Pistols)

  1. Everyone suggesting that something is missing is a dick. make your own list fuckers. this is a top 10 not top 1000 they cant fit all. So shut up

  2. Lol they should fire the dude that can’t do basic math. Number 2 wasn’t a 180 flick shot but more like 100. Hell Hiko at number 1 is more 180 degree than number 2 😂😂

  3. Scream the Headshot machine
    KennyS the Flickshot machine
    Niko the one tap machine
    Xyp9x the clutch machine
    Hiko the inhuman reaction machine

  4. Im so surprised k0nfig's flick to apEX on Cobble didnt make it. And plenty of Shox flicks shouldve been in.

  5. Aaaw man yoy forgot one… I don't remember who it was, on goose, is looking at short and instantly flicks to ramp

  6. I really appreciate the high quality content but I can't be the only one who hates to see every clip spoilt first before showing it with the casters commentary. My suggestion: When explaining the story to a particular clip, show the 15-20 seconds part before the kill happens first. And shortly before the kill happens you fade in the commentary audio. Seriously I can't be the only one…Anyway, keep these videos coming!

  7. You missed Fallen 1v6 clutch, no scope, and the Best Flick (Luminosity Vs NaVi IEM Katowice 2016)

  8. bro u missed shrouds 360 flick
    on train vs fnatic
    and s1mple’s inhuman flick in the b site on mirage 💪🏻😂🤗

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