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The Tongue is a Weapon | Week 2 | Fighting Fit

Welcome everyone, wherever you
are from. wherever you’re joining us, you are so welcome to be a part of this.
We’re in this series called Fighting Fit. And I have news for you,
if I’m speaking to you and you’re a believer, it doesn’t matter where you are
right now, if you’re a believer that Jesus Christ came for you, that he is
your Saviour, that you know him, he never called you to be a
spectator in this faith. The Christian life is not a spectator sport, you
get on the field and you play. The only people that spectate are the judges, and
you know what they do, they just make a lot of comments about what everyone
else does. The Christian faith doesn’t have any of those and says we have one
judge. It says that we are involved in a great race, a great game. We were
involved in this race for life and within that we are
involved, we’re participating, and so I would
encourage you to participate in this message, because how we participate actually affects what you receive, so if
someone comes in and you’re perhaps tricked into coming into church, and you’re there with arms folded thinking “How
long is he going to go on for?” you’re going to receive less than someone who is open-hearted, saying “There are some things going on in my life. I’ve got
some things like that I was working through in my life.” It’s amazing how the enemy wants to rob you of the word that he has for you, how he’ll do
it by distraction, so let’s just get our minds fixed, because he
wants to speak to you, and this word I’m going to share is fairly simple but it’s
profound and we struggle with doing it. That’s why I’m going to speak it loud,
because we struggle with doing it. We can say we know the principles of
this word, but we’re not practicing this word, and the more we practise this
there is a reward to this word I’m going to share with you, and that is actually
life, life and life again, so there’s a reward. I’m telling you that
this will change your life, so we’re going to go for this. We
started off saying fighting fit means not just turning out to church, not just
like being fit, but being fighting fit. When someone gets into a boxing ring
they didn’t just turn up there one day and think “Hey, I fancy a bit of a
fight” and yet that’s what we do as Christians. We don’t train, we don’t
discipline ourselves, we don’t know what self-control is, and we step into an
arena and what we find is that we didn’t prepare ourselves, and we end up
getting hurt and damaged, and some people even step out of the fight,
because they’ve said they’ll just become a spectator, and God says
“I want my people to know what it is to run the race set
before them and not give up,” and so we looked last week at a great
foundational message about body, soul and spirit, and we looked at what
that really is, and we said most of us are very easily led
by our emotions; we’re led by our feelings. I heard last Monday
after doing the message a psychologist talking on TV, and
they were saying that when you wake up in the morning, each day
we all have different feelings, and we have different struggles going
on, and you just need to take a moment and think about how you feel and then dress accordingly, and it will help you express yourself through the day. I
thought it was a load of rubbish, but it’s fascinating advice,
wisdom from the world: wake up, and take a moment to think how you are feeling today. If I if I did that every day and thought “How do I feel
today?” I might not get out of bed. I’m not thinking how I feel. I know
I’ve got something to fulfill this day. I’ve got something to do this day. I know
that this day needs me. I know there are people in my life that need this day, and if I’m feeling low I’m not
going to dress accordingly. But some of us do. When
we’re bright we look bright, and it’s like we made all the attention, and then
when we’re feeling rough some people just reflect it in the way that they
dressed, the way they look, their posture. We talked about being spirit led,
spirit led, not feeling or emotions led but spirit led, the spirit that’s within
us, the spirit that speaks to us that we can only receive that
life-giving spirit when we come to know who Jesus is, and then where did we
finish up? It was all around self control, and it’s one of the characteristics of
who we are, who we should grow, we need self control to grow, it’s a
characteristic. so I’m going to lead you into one of the most difficult
things that we all find challenging. This is going to be relevant to every person
I’m speaking to, every person that is listening, this will be relevant to you,
so that’s a good win, so don’t switch off, because you need this. I know what is
the one thing that we struggle to control, the one thing all of us struggle
to control, and when we think we’ve mastered it, it gets us into trouble.
It’s our mouth, it’s this tongue, it’s the words that we use, and I was just
thinking on the way in about the amount of times I’ve said the wrong thing at
the wrong time. I got into trouble. I remember years ago when we were
pastoring and we had a couple round to our house that had a lot of issues and things going on in their life. It was a difficult evening, we were
there for quite a long time, and then someone called and in those days
they called on a landline, with a cable, and then when we
answered it was connected to an answer phone, and if you don’t pick up the phone
fast enough the answer phone flicks on, and so Heather dived into the
office and the answer phone started up as she’s speaking on
there. I’m with this couple chatting and then whoever’s on the other end of the
phone, I won’t tell you who on the other end of the phone, is saying “What are
you doing?” “Oh, we’ve got this couple round.” “Oh my
goodness that must be hard work, I bet you’ve
been there all night, because they just go on and on.” It was true,
and I was sat in the other room hearing it echo through the hallway while I’m sat there trying to make loud conversation, hoping
that they wouldn’t hear. It was the most cringiest thing, and afterwards
when we said goodbye it was like “I really, really hope they never heard
that.” They’re not in the church anymore
bless them, and it’s just amazing how we can say things. You
imagine, if all of our conversations were recorded and amplified, all the things
that we say in secret actually it says will be shouted from the rooftops.
I’ve made that mistake where I’ve met someone in church, and I’ve said
“When are you expecting the baby? Oh, you’re not pregnant.” They’re not in the church either. The amount of times I was
trying to do something good, I was trying to notice, I was thinking
that I want to be a man that notices things, but it helps to be
sensitive about these things, and I am sure every one of us can
think of something we said, something that was misunderstood, someone got the
wrong end of it or the a context. It happens to us all, the time where
something takes place and we only get part of the story through the
words that we use, and words get us into trouble, they get us into trouble?
“No, I didn’t mean that.” The Bible has a lot to say about
what we do with this tongue, because we get in all sorts of trouble, so when I
talk about being fighting fit I believe that God is speaking to us saying “Church,
you need to be wiser about this. I want to teach you about this, about what you
say.” So we’re going to go into this famous passage, James 3:2 to 6. We all
fail in many areas. James’s opening is really encouraging, but
especially with our words. This is the one area that we struggle with, yet if
we’re able to bridle the words we say we are powerful enough to control ourselves
in every way. So it means this is a key area, and that means our
character is mature and fully developed, because it’s around self-control.
It’s something you have to grow, you don’t suddenly get it, you have
to grow in this, and every one of us today can change. If we struggle and
we’re a bit loose tongued God’s plan is that we become more
controlled. It’s good for us. Horses have bits and bridles in their mouths as
great beasts, so that we can control and guide their large body, and the same with
mighty ships. Think about it; though they are massive and driven by fierce winds, they are steered by a tiny rudder at the direction of the person at the helm.
This is like your life. How many of us can remember things
that were spoken to us when we were young and formative, and that thing just
keeps coming back and says “This is who you are,” they can control the
direction we take through life, they are massive, and for parents today we
need to know that whatever we say and speak into our children,
words are powerful, they steer the rudder of the ship that will cause a
course to be set for good or for bad. So the tongue is a small part of the
body, yet it carries this great power Just think of how a small flame can set a
huge forest ablaze, and the tongue is a fire, the tongue is a
fire, and I believe if you get a match and you just strike that
thing, you strike, you don’t need much of a match to set a fire, but you get a
forest that is drying through some of the summer that we’ve just had.
There have been so many fires that have just raged for miles, square miles, all
because of a spark. That’s what our tongue can do; someone
that is careless with their mouth, if you get around them you’re probably going to
get burned: or a fire can bring life and light and sustenance, so there’s
this powerful idea of what the tongue is. Now
I’m going to try and finish this off and I’m going to show you some diagrams
to explain this. Now it can be compared to the sum total of wickedness, this
tongue, this thing that sets a forest on fire, and it is the most dangerous part
of our human body. This is the most dangerous part of your body; it corrupts
the entire body and is a hellish flame. It’s not just a flame, it’s a hellish flame,
it releases a fire that can burn throughout the course of human existence.
That means it can affect your destiny; it can affect your life; it will burn, just those words that have been spoken, the sentences that have
been lying framed in your mind, they can burn through
existence and God wants to heal us and set us free from it, but at the same
time he wants us to start being responsible for the words that we speak. You can’t just dismiss it and say that’s not important. God says it is. God says it is. So here’s the diagram. You’ve got to understand that this is our mind, this is where
we process things, our thoughts or emotions. This is where we’ll think about something that was said
and then start to either think of it for good or actually think “Or were they meaning this?” Isn’t it amazing? This is where it starts, but
right here I want you to get the idea of these being gates. There are
various gates. You’ve got the mind gate. A gate is something that opens and
shuts. I can choose to think about something or choose to deny it. Then we
have the eye gate. The eye gate. If we’re in the wrong place, choosing to do the wrong thing,
or sometimes we just find in life that things happen, the eye gate allows things in, we can choose to look at things longer than we
need to look, that can cause something to happen within the mind gate,
and then we start getting in trouble. It’s not wrong to have
feelings, it’s not wrong even for temptations;
temptations will come, but it’s what you do with it and how you process it, and so
the eye gate and the mind gate, but also there’s the ear gate. Now
the ear gate is where it all comes in. These are gates
where you’re going to either completely open it up to whatever comes, whatever
someone says. That means you can be around someone that is very negative. You
can choose to be around, and you’re going to hear negative things. You can either
decide to hang out in the atmosphere regularly, or you can choose to say I’m
going to close my ears to that, so I’m not actually going to be around that, and if
you think somehow you can switch it off by being around them, sorry, it doesn’t
really work, because we have these ear gates, and if enough words are spoken
that are unhealthy they will come in through this gate. They come in through
the eye gate, through the mind gate. Can you see what’s happening? And all of that
then it pours into your heart, and the Bible says “Out of your heart the mouth
speaks,” but the gates are where it all comes in. Everything that you
understand and that you know and you’re perhaps led to believe about yourself has
come through these gateways, and that’s why church is such
an amazing place to be, because even if you’ve come in to one
of our locations I would really hope and pray that if you were feeling a bit
low, or you feel you’re in a place where you need encouraging, that through the
way that we sing and through the words that we use, the way we pray, what
we’re doing is we’re choosing to open up the gates to something. We’re opening
up the gates to something that’s going to bring life, and what it does is it
comes into your heart, it doesn’t just stay here, it comes into our heart, so if we
take a word that’s been spoken and we get through the ear gate and process it in
the mind, and we think actually that was personal, and I’ve got some hurt
here, the hurt comes down into our heart, and the heart is like a reservoir, and I
go biking around these reservoirs up in the mountains and round the
massive areas of water, spaces that have filled, our heart is a massive space
and we decide we are responsible for what we fill our heart with. It comes through the gates. You’re the gatekeeper. You’re the gatekeeper of your life, no
one else; you’re the gatekeeper. Some people deposited some things, but the
great thing is you can change what’s in your reservoir, you can change what’s in
the reservoir. This is so crucial, because what’s in our heart will
come out through our mouth. The Bible says it will. If
someone is like Mr. Angry, it doesn’t take long to be around them and to really
know them well, if you know them well that anger is not just going to stay
inside, it’s going to come out through what they say. If someone has been
through situations where they just feel a victim through life, you’re going to
hear it come out through their mouths and the way they reflect and see things.
It’s the way that we are, and from here it creates a cycle.
This is why it’s so important, that you understand that as it
comes in through the ear gate we process it, and actually
sometimes it misses the mind and comes straight through the tongue. Those things that we dwell on, goes in your mind, it comes into the reservoir of
our heart, and as it’s in our reservoir we start confessing it, and the Bible
says as we confess it it starts to create a cycle in our life, “Well this is
where I am, and so I’m going to confess it, and this is where I’ll always be, this
is me, this is how I feel,” and as we confess it it creates a
cycle, and we wonder why we can’t break the cycle and the pattern that we’re in
that is destructive or negative in our life, because it’s what this tongue, we
have no control over the tongue, and we’re just saying how we feel, and God
says it’s important. God says it’s crucial, you can’t say things
and just get away with it. Sorry believer, you can’t say something and just think
“Well, by the grace of God, hopefully I’ll be okay here.”
The Bible says we’re responsible. The words of my mouth reveal the condition
of my heart, and if you just step back a minute and look, even through
this next week, about the things that come out of your mouth, and if somehow
you look like you have a little record and record it all, and start looking, say
“Was that healthy, was it good, was it judgmental ,was it critical, was it angry? We’d soon be surprised, but we’ve got to
realize this is where God is pushing us. I want to encourage you.
The words of your mouth, you can fake it, it actually even says in
Scripture, in James, that we can even play at religion, and we can call
ourselves religious, and we can turn up to church, and we can look like
whatever a religious person looks like, and we can be like that, but you
know what it says, it’s all worthless if we have no control of our tongue. It says
your religion is worthless if you don’t have, because it’s destructive, it’s
destructive, and even within the heart I talked about this reservoir, and that’s
where we pour out from, and if you’re pouring anxiety into your heart no
wonder you’re speaking out worry and stress, and as you confess it the
cycle continues. If you’re praying for peace it’s no good praying for peace if
you’re actually confessing anxiety. You’ve got to start confessing what God
says rather than what you’re feeling, not being emotionally but being spirit
led, and the Spirit says “My plans for you are for good, not for harm,” but you’ve got to start confessing, and for some of us, we have this reservoir in
our heart that is filled, and it’s contaminated, and you can only pull out
from what you put in, and if we’re not around God’s Word much and we just hoping, and we’re involved in conversations and attitudes and
atmosphere that is negative, you’re filling your heart, it doesn’t happen every day,
normally it happens over a process; stagnation happens over a process, where
just a little bit by bit “Oh well, I shouldn’t think it really matters. I know
I should have spoken up but I know better.”
You will shift and your heart ends up in trouble. It’s something that God wants to
speak to us about, being fighting fit, because I think it’s really challenging,
to be aware of all those words that you are responsible for. You are
responsible for your words. It doesn’t matter what anyone does to you. This is
where it’s hard but they did this and they said that, and that’s how I
feel, and we start then saying it to someone close. We’re reinforcing it.
There’s power in this whole confession. It says in Matthew 12, 36 to 37
You can be sure of this, when the day of judgment comes one thing you can be sure
of. When judgment comes for us everyone
will be held accountable for every careless word he has spoken, your every
word will be used as evidence against you, and your words will declare you
either innocent or guilty. You mean I can’t get away with ……..? It came out.”
Often you’ll find it’s from the heart and what you’ve been storing up
there, but it says that we will be accountable for every careless word. That
careless word means a word that is destructive, removes life not adds life. That’s where we get the phrase you’re
going to “eat your own words”, something that comes back into our heart. I think it’s
very easy and I hold my hand up to this, so don’t think I’m standing
here as a pastor. I want to be real with you, not saying I’m perfect in all this. I know that this tongue of mine has got me in
trouble. We have that
conversation and then the spirit within you, the Holy Spirit,
is going “Those are not the words that align with me.” What we do is we want to find someone that agrees with us, and what we normally do is we go to friends or someone that’s close to us that isn’t
going to disagree but agree with us, and it’s “Oh, they understand me.” It’s the
worst thing you can have, someone that understands you rather than confronts
you. You don’t need understanding, you need
confrontation, and there’s something a about a good friend that would do
that. There’s something about someone that would say “I think you crossed
the line there,” and that’s how we need to be, to be responsible and be
accountable, because it’s very easy to gossip about people. Come on guys, we do
it. We gossip, we get an opinion about what we’ve seen or heard. It’s normally
third-hand information, and some people
love it, and the Bible says these people will not inherit the kingdom of
God. You be careful what you choose to be involved with, because
it even says gossip is like a tasty morsel, it actually tastes good, because
I’m talking about someone else it makes me feel better, so it’s not like something ugly
or bitter, it’s something actually sweet. How about a suspicion of people?
If you have a trust issue and you speak that suspicion ….. There’s one thing when you’re allowing your emotions to lead you, but
when you start confessing it this is a whole other level of danger. When you
confess it it’s another level of danger, and so when you start speaking about “I’m
not sure about them” or “What is it you’re not sure about?” “Well I just got that
feeling,” because immediately that person’s “Oh,
right, I’d better just keep ….” We have got to watch out, because through that
suspicion which can come from a lack of trust or hurt, it ends up that we make
judgments on others, and when we get round that we’re in trouble, we can fill
out the gaps. I’m as good at filling out the gaps. It’s like “that
happened, so that must equal this,” and we can be
totally wrong, because we don’t know the consequence, and we don’t know the heart
of God, and we don’t know what’s going on, but we want to make judgments, and these
things bring doubt, nearly all of these things are fueled by
pride. We somehow think that we know better.
Pride actually sets myself up, that I’m perhaps higher or more important than
others, and that’s the dangerous thing, that I start thinking that
I know and I’m in a place to make a judgement, and God says you’ve got to watch it, even winning an argument, having the last word, that is
not a good thing, it’s not a good thing to be good at arguing. When I got
married it wasn’t long before I realized winning an argument wasn’t the point, it
doesn’t help anyone, it can be so right but so wrong, it’s not
actually about that, it’s about agreement, it’s about finding agreement, and that
means common ground, we’re going to come to common ground,
but when we argue and I proved my point, no, you
just proved you’ve got a lot of pride. Sorry, so many people
have broken, fragmented relationships because of that, because where does it
come from? Insecurity. Let’s look at this – Timothy 2:23 “But have nothing to
do with foolish and ignorant speculations” – that’s what he has been
talking about – “useless disputes over unedifying stupid controversies, since
you know that they produce strife and give birth to quarrels.” I want to speak
to the church now. It breaks the heart of God when his people who
are part the body that should be joined together in peace and doing all things
for unity pick out what they don’t have in common, what they don’t agree with. We
don’t agree with dedications, we don’t agree with baptisms, I mean I’m
hearing more and more in these days where people will leave a church because
they didn’t quite agree with baptism as Jesus did, and we were instructed, one of
the main things, and other ways, but more about how it’s done, or the method or the
quarreling over aiming on what separates us rather than
what joins us together, having 95% what would join us together, but I’m going to
fixate on this one thing, and through it we start speaking, speaking, and there is
this critical spirit and it breaks the heart of God, and I want to say if that’s
you, you need to shut up. You need a shut up right now, because
there is something about what damages the heart, God is not impressed with it.
It says here “since you know that they produce strife and they give birth to
quarrels” and the enemy, if he can bring division and separate you off, it
won’t just be this church that you’ve got that issue with, it will be the next one,
it was probably the one before, you’ve probably got a track record. It’s time to
start looking, because God wants us accountable for this whole area. It’s
like being around someone that smokes and you’re a passive smoker, which means
that you know you don’t smoke but you’re in a house or you’re in a car and they
just smoke, and every day I go to work and they smoke, you can’t
say it doesn’t affect me, I just shut my ears, shut my eyes and I’ll be OK. No,
you’re going to breathe it in, and there are people every year that die from passive
smoking. When you get around people with that negativity and undermining, if they
have an issue with authority they start speaking about it. I’ve seen so many
people lost for this. Oh no, it’s fine. It does matter about the friends you
keep, it matters greatly to God, because if you’re putting yourself in a negative
atmosphere, in an atmosphere of hurt and bitterness regularly, it’s like secondhand smoke, it’s going to be like a cancer and it will kill
you. Pride will say you’re fine, because you’ve got this
super duper way of switching off. No, it will affect you, and if you’re in that situation, you hear someone say something,
you need to speak up and say “I’m not happy with that. I’m not happy about you
talking about that, you need to sort your heart out.” That’s a good friend, it’s a
good friend. What we confess will eventually
consume us for good or for bad. If I’m going to speak about hope and love,
and think the best, that will consume me. I’m going to live a life led like that and
I’ll still be wrong, but I’m going to choose to live a life that way, but if I confess
suspicion, negativity, hurt, I’m a victim, it will consume me. Proverbs 18:21 “Your words are so
powerful that they will kill or give life, and the talkative person will reap
the consequences.” That means if you talk a lot you’re going to get into more
trouble, it’s so true. Sometimes, some people you just think “Say less.” The more you go on, the more you get yourself
in trouble. In fact if you say less, because there are so many times
when something’s brewing up, something happens,
and it brews up, there’s wisdom about
choosing when to be silent, when to be quiet.
Also, can I point out, in the world of social media you
might not say something, but confessing as good, as typing something, and the
words that you use, because this is very dangerous, we’ve got an
epidemic of this, where you can just say things, but not say it to the person’s
face, it’s another level. It means that we spill out damaging words, and we spill
out things we haven’t really thought about, and it’s very easy to do that. God
will hold us accountable as his people, So the news is you don’t have to confess
what you think. You might feel this way, you might think that, but you don’t have
to confess it. It’s another level, it’s another level. You can interrupt your
thoughts though, you’re unhealthy thoughts, by what? Confession. I’m going
to turn it right round in this last few minutes, I’m going to turn this right
round, bring you some good news. There is something about the power
of our agreement. In church in Freedom we’re quite a
responsive bunch. Some weeks we’re more responsive than others. I think it’s
sometimes like we’re not really in the mood, but I want to say to you that
in Scripture it says clearly that our yes needs to be yes ,or amen needs to be
amen. Amen means let it be so, so when I’m speaking a truth to you from
God’s Word there’s something about you saying “let it be so.” You’re
saying “let it be to me.” When Jesus spoke to the storm he didn’t
do it quietly in his heart, and all the disciples said “Did he
say something?” He spoke to the storm. With Jesus it was important for him to confess and make declaration out loud.
You can’t just say “Well I was saying amen in my heart.” In the
psalms it says “make a shout, make a joyful noise,” and
I’m really hoping through this message we’ll never be as quiet as
we are right now, because I’ve said all about the negative stuff, but you
want to turn this round. You’ve got to start employing your tongue by being positive
through praise, through what is good and upright. God says that’s what we’ve got
to do, but it’s a choice, because many of us haven’t said a word in church for
many years. God holds you responsible, because when we gather together
this power of agreement, when people get round and they agree, they can do
incredible things. When we sit and be quiet we’re often spectators, and for some of us it’s not natural. “I’m bit of a quiet person. I like to just
sit and reflect.” When you got around Jesus I’m sure, if he was here
today and he was speaking to you, they would be like “I want Jesus. I want
more Jesus. I’m here.” And often Jesus spoke to people that were around and said “What do you want? and he wanted them to voice it. Do you think Jesus didn’t know what wanted? They knew he knew what they wanted,
but he said “you want to speak it out.” You’ve got to confess it out. If we’re not
confessing, if he can get you to say negative stuff, the enemy get
you to say stuff that is unhealthy, he also wants you to shut up
around stuff that is healthy, that brings life, that brings goodness. So we’ve
got to do it, we’ve got to choose, we can’t be silent. There’s power and
agreement. Saying you’re amen isn’t for me, it’s for you. We say “come on.” It’s a
sort of modern amen, and some people get irritated. “It’s distracting me.” I’d much
rather like ten people in the room who were vocal and responsive, than 500 where
you hear a mouse, because our confession, that’s the important thing. So I’m
going to finish with these practical ways, and what you can do.
Here we go. First of all,
confession produces healing. James 5 verse 16. You can look it up. It says
that through your confession you’ll be healed, and we’ve learnt this,
especially in Barbarians, when we come together in
our men’s ministry, that if I confess what I’m ashamed of that wants
to keep hidden, when I confess that, my sin, it says I’m going to
see healing. Confess, confess is to speak out, confess is to speak out. I want to keep this quiet, I want to keep it here, and all that time I’m in
shame, but when I confess I become accountable and I start seeing healing.
There is power through confession. Number two. Encouragement is
life-altering. Encouragement is life-altering.
When you choose to speak to someone and you bring words of life or death – we
looked at their death side – but you’re children of God, and there is something
about you speaking life, not just at church but in your life and around you,
when you see someone that doesn’t know Jesus, that’s struggling, and you
just go up and say “I just want to say that you’re doing a great
job. I believe in you and I think that you’ve got a great future
ahead,” really that can be the very words that turn someone’s
future from one way to another. We’ve got to get encouragement operating.
Too many of us are too quiet with this, because we don’t understand what it really is. Proverbs 18, 20. We like to be encouraged, but you start listing the
encouragement that you give, it’s very minimal. That’s an issue. If you’ve been
given the words of encouragement and life we’ve got to start using it.
Heather taught me all about encouragement; she was my greatest
encourager in all the early days. She’s the most encouraging person I’ve
ever known. Encouragement. Encouragement. That’s
why there’s life all over her. There’s life over you when you encourage,
really encourage. How many of us will go out today without encouraging a
soul?. I think God’s interested about that I think God wants to know that we we’re
ready to encourage and build life, build life. You don’t know where people are at
and they’re waiting for some encouragement. Thirdly, your praise is a
weapon. 2 Chronicles 20:22. Praise see is about confession,
praise is declaration, so when I’m feeling low, and in the middle of
the week there’s been loss in my life, things haven’t worked out, I’m
feeling overwhelmed by my situation, God has given this incredible thing; to
praise him. Praise isn’t doing it quietly, but it might be getting that worship CD on
and singing. You might not even have any music; you can still sing. Make a
joyful noise to the Lord. It says he comes on the shout of his people, the
shout of his people is something of defiance, it’s saying “I can
keep quiet right now because all of that stuff wants to keep you quiet, you shut
up you Christian, you shut up you person, you’d better just bow down in your
situation and give up right now, where you can stand up and say “I’m going to lift
a shout.” I haven’t got the answer, I don’t even
know where my help comes from. We know scripture says our help comes from
the Lord, and it may be delayed, but it’s not denied. It’s coming, it’s on its way.
There is something about praise as a weapon, and we understood this, this
is just about the worship stirring us up, use your praise.
You’ve had a week of being battered by the enemy and stuff going on. This is the day when we come together and we corporately worship together, and as we lift his name the enemy flees. This is real stuff. Armies were turned back. Power of
confession, the last one. We proclaim his word and his plans.
Ezekiel 27. W this means is that you can confess through
the power of proclamation, and what it means is if you’re a believer you can
prophesy. You can prophesy. To prophesy to speak something into what isn’t as if
it was. We’re speaking death into death situations. God says it’s time to
speak life into death situations before you see life. He speaks to the dry bones
in Ezekiel, and he says and these dry bones came up and they became a
great army, there was a rattling and there was a noise, and it says they
are there stood in front of me, and then says the breath came, the breath came. What’s the breath? It’s the spirit, it’s the spirit that’s within us, and the breath
came and he says “Prophesy to these bones,” and I prophesy to you, I prophesy
you every situation, situation of lack, situation of pain, of loss, of
struggle, of self-doubt, of insecurity, of hurt, I prophesy to you, and I say come
to life in Jesus name. There’s life, not because of me but because of him. We need to stop talking about our mountains and start talking
to our mountains, and tell them to move. We’re too busy talking about them when we’ve got to start speaking to them. Get out of my way. Move. His plans
for you were good, his plans for you were great, so to finish; employing your
tongue with life, choosing to employ. Right now it’s unemployed by many, but
God is saying this is the day to employ your tongue more than ever. If you just
increased 10% more and start employing your tongue with his promises, with
declaring his promises over your life, declaring to what is dead that there’s life,
beginning to speak life to others, encouraging others, beginning to praise,
beginning to lift your hands, begin raising a shout, begin praying, begin
using the prayer app, begin using it to declare, speak it out loud, don’t be quiet,
speak it out loud. It says the result is health to your body soul and spirit.
Health, and that’s why this is a message of life, it’s a message of life,
because when you do this and you employ this tongue it brings life life, life,
abundant life to that reservoir of your heart, but you have a choice. You’re
responsible, and God is saying “Will you choose life today, in Jesus name?” I want
to hand over to our locations now. Thank you for being with us. God bless
every one of you with this word, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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