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The Thompson M1A1 Submachine Gun (Full Auto)

(gun fires) (gun clanks) – Few things you can do with a firearm make you feel more badass than hip-firing a fully automatic Thompson submachine gun. This example is an M1A1, a
simplification of the M1, which was a simplification
of the Blish Lock models. The Thompsons you see in gangster movies used a complex operating method with an H-shaped
translating piece of bronze, but also early Thompsons are
beautifully made firearms with magnificent bluing,
complex rear sights, thinned barrels, compensators,
removable stocks, exquisite wood furniture, all
things that could make them pass as an artwork, but
that all came at a price. Using an inflation calculator from the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in today’s dollars, original
Thompsons were $2,500. Obviously, during war
time, resources, time, and money need to be conserved, so M1A1s were production
simplified and the price was, again in today’s dollars, $616 in 1944. To put this in perspective, the
cost of an M4 carbine today, based on a 2013 government
contract, is $642 per gun. So the M1A1s make up the lowest rung of the Thompson hierarchy, but they’re still very neat firearms. While simplified, they’re still effective. One thing you can’t say about the Thompson is they’re ineffective as a combat weapon. The rear sight features a peep and a notch on top for
longer distance shooting. The front sight is a simple post that’s not very susceptible to bending. It’s very stout, and as you can see, reinforced on both sides. The controls of the Thompson are actually quite good as well. You use your right thumb to
actuate the magazine release. Magazines lock in
positively, and it is easy to run a Thompson, all things considered. The charging handle is
reciprocating, of course, and is located on the
right side of the receiver, although it is located on
the top on earlier models. To put the gun on safe for fire, you can actuate it with
your thumb as well. This is quite natural, and it
does feel a bit like an AR-15, although the fire-selector for safe and semi is a different selector. So let’s throw another mag
in and get to shooting. (gun clicks) (gun fires) (gun fires) (target clanks) It’s always funny when that happens. (gun fires) One of the Thompson’s positives is that it does use a
double-stack, double-feed magazine as opposed to an M3 grease gun, which is a single-feed magazine. You can also see here
how the bolt slams home, and then I switch it to auto real quick. It does have a last round bolt
hold open, which is great. (gun fires) (gun fires) So at this point, I thought it might be interesting to do a quick accuracy test while kneeling at about 40 yards. I set the gun on semi and
fired two 5-shot groups. This is where the Thompson’s
heavy weight of 12 pounds, or 5.5 kilos loaded, helps the gun a bit. The bolt slamming forward has
less of an effect on accuracy due to the weight compared
to other SMGs in its class, and this resulted in a pair of two, two and a half inch groups. Not bad, all things considered. The Thompson is also quick to bring up to your shoulder and lay rounds on target. Again, the weight results in
low recoil and great accuracy, but the stock’s aggressive downward slant makes it very odd to shoulder. Mind you, I have a lot of
experience with Thompsons, but most people I hand this gun off to find it quite awkward. As for some final thoughts, the Thompson was showing
its age in World War II, but even the war production M1A1s were very well-made firearms
that a soldier could rely on. While soldiers may have
dreaded marching with the 12-pound amalgamation
of milled steel and walnut, they knew that it was a weapon
that wouldn’t let them down. This is Alex C with TFB TV. Thank you very much for watching. (gun clicks) (gun fires)

100 thoughts on “The Thompson M1A1 Submachine Gun (Full Auto)

  1. Dang seen one at a pawn shop years ago for 500 bucks with a round clip. I visit lots of pawn shops to see if i can find one or any badass guns.

  2. I am a fan of WWII History and weapons. I like the Thompson M1A1 with the stick mag more than the drum mag.

  3. The favourite SMG of My Father, when he was a geurilla fighter in southern sumatera during the geurilla warfare from 1945 till 1949, my father had been seized the Thompson A1 M1 SMG, from the Alliance soldier during the beatle in outskirt of Palembang Area in dec.1945, and next, in the 1949, my oldest brother who was born in Tegi Neneng, Lampung Area, who'd been gave the name by My Father, with the name was Thompson.

  4. There's one sentence was not correction on my comment before, where was written by me, was the beatle but has been should written must been The Battle.

  5. EVERYONE inter my channel and watch my video it's collecting shooting fire for THOMPSON gun

  6. "The controls of the Thompson are actually quite good as well. You use your right thumb…"

    Excuse me while the left handed person fumbles about to reload this, haha.

  7. Thompson M1A1ってボルトストップかかりましたっけ?('ω')

  8. Damnit now i need to find me a full auto version for my historical fire arms collection im starting

  9. Fired one twice at the firing range in Norfolk in mid 60,s Did not fire from shoulder as i recall but emptied that beauty in full auto from the hip both times.
    Dam near took my breath away the first time.USN 65-73

  10. This video is outdated but i want to share a thompson story with you all

    Few years i was so desperate to actually own a thompson but circumstances didnt simply allowed
    So i decided to have a wooden mock up of it bulit flash forward 2019 that i took that replica out to paint it but then discovred something peculiar super glue that held the mag with the gun itself actually allowed mag release and mag insertion

  11. The Germans accused the Americans of using explosive ammo which is against the rules of war but it's just the bullets big.

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  13. Есть видео стрельбы с дисковым магазином?

  14. It's a nice gun and in many cool movies, but the British Sten And German MP-40 were better for combat. They were cheaper to produce, just as reliable, and fired the 9mm round offering better penetration, and less ammo carrying weight in the field..

  15. mmmm. I think you forgot to mentioned that be careful anyone can go broke by once you shoot it will want to shoot it 3 times a day everyday with lots and lots of full magazines….hopefully can take it….🤠

  16. In places like Italy where alot of the fighting was happening in city streets being able to throw 20 to 30 .45's at 900rpm was a blessing from what my grandfather told me.


  18. หนักมากปืนชนิดนี้ ทอมสัน ไช้ลูกกระสุน.45..

  19. This video decisively destroys the oft-repeated, old falsehood that the gun 'rises' uncontrollably when fired on automatic. Perfectly controllable and lethal.

  20. I'd rather have had a 30-06 BAR back then. And a sawed off double with 00 buck as a side arm like the Barrow gang used. That's a heck of a combo even by today's standards. If I were to have used a Tommy, it'd have been the drum.

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