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The Terrifying True Scale of Nuclear Weapons

Ever since the first
nuclear weapons test in the deserts of New Mexico
and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, nuclear weapons
have become significantly more powerful. Since the first test in
New Mexico by the United States in 1945,
2,475 nuclear weapons have been detonated
across the globe. Over 85% of those
detonations have come from only two
countries, however– the United States and
the former Soviet Union. Only two of those
thousands of detonations were ever used in a
war– the ones dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during
World War II by the United States. But those bombs were very small
compared to modern weaponry. The Hiroshima bomb produced
an explosion of 15 kilotons, or 15,000 tons worth of TNT. The bomb dropped on Nagasaki
had an explosion of 21 kilotons. But how much bigger can
nuclear weapons possibly get? The answer is, terrifyingly,
much, much bigger. The largest nuclear weapon
currently in the United States arsenal is the B38,
which can produce a blast of 1.2 megatons. To understand the
scale from here out, one megaton is equal to
1 million tons of TNT, and that is equal
to a 1,000 kilotons. Remember that the Hiroshima
blast was just 15 kilotons. So that means that the B83
produces a blast 80 times more powerful than that. What I’ve been
showing on this scale is only the size of the mushroom
cloud that the bombs produced. So to further add
to the scale, we’re going to place the size of Mt. Everest, here, and the average
altitude of a commercial airliner that you would
normally fly on, here. So the Castle Bravo bomb is
the largest nuclear weapon ever tested by the United States. It produced a blast
of 15 megatons, or about 1,000 times
the scale of Hiroshima. But even that
pales in comparison to the largest nuclear
weapon ever detonated. In October 1961,
the Soviet Union created the largest man-made
explosion ever in human history when they detonated this
device– known as the Tsar Bomba– here, over
this territory known as Novaya Zemlya. The bomb detonated
with an astounding force of 50 megatons, or
about 3,333 Hiroshima blasts. It was so powerful
that it almost destroyed the plane that dropped
it– shattered windows as far away as Norway and Finland. And the shock waves
created by the bomb circled around the
entire earth three times. But this test was
actually just a scaled down version of what
was theoretically possible. Although never
tested, the Soviets did have plans to
create a bomb that would be twice as powerful as
even the Tsar Bomba– a bomb so powerful that it
would have produced a mindboggling 100 megaton
blast, or about 6,666 Hiroshima blasts all together. To get another sense
of scale, let’s imagine that Times Square
in New York City would be the epicenter
of these blasts. You can test this stuff out
yourself on the website Nukemap after watching this video. I’ll provide a link
for it after the end, but let’s see the results first. First off, we’re going to show
the size of this detonation, which was caused by the recent
North Korean test in 2013. Following this, here is the size
of the Hiroshima detonation, which isn’t really
that much bigger. But let’s move on
to the B83 bomb that we were talking about. As you can see, it would
affect a much larger area than the Hiroshima bomb. But moving on past that
to the Castle Bravo test, we can see how it truly
dwarfs everything before it. But even that blast
is incredibly tiny when we move on towards the
Tsar Bomba, as seen here. And then finally,
for our scale, we move on to how large the
blast from the theoretical 100 megaton version of the
Tsar Bomba would be. The blast would be
so powerful– this is what the blast
radius would look like if you were observing it
from the International Space Station. So the question then
becomes, should any of this really worry you? How many nuclear weapons
exist today anyway? Well, in total,
there are estimated to be around 15,600 nuclear
weapons in the world currently– enough to
destroy the entire planet dozens of times over. But only nine countries
control that stockpile, and 92% of those weapons are
controlled by only the United States and Russia. The other 8% of the
global nuclear arsenal is controlled in
descending order of numbers by France, China,
the United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, Israel, and North Korea. Israel is, however,
highly secretive about its nuclear
program and has never publicly confirmed nor denied
the existence of their nukes. It’s just one of those
things where everybody knows that they have
them, but nobody really comes out and says so–
unless your name happens to be Mordechai
Vanunu– a man who did reveal details about
Israel’s nuclear program and spent 18 years in
prison, including over 11 years in solitary confinement. Also interesting to
note, South Africa used to be in possession
of six nuclear weapons, because the past
apartheid regime was afraid of the 79% of the
population that couldn’t vote and communists trying to
overthrow their government. But they eventually agreed to
dismantle all of them, which makes South Africa
the only country to ever acquire nuclear weapons
and then voluntarily get rid of them. Well, unless you don’t
count Ukraine, Belarus, or Kazakhstan, which
all had nuclear weapons for a brief amount
of time after they declared their independence
from the Soviet Union in 1991. Ukraine is particularly
awkward, because after their independence,
they found themselves in possession of over
5,000 nuclear weapons, which would make Ukraine– for
a brief period– the world’s third largest nuclear
power, and probably one of the most powerful
countries on earth as a result. They agreed to hand them all
over to Russia in exchange for a super serious
promise that nobody would violate their territory
or borders in the future. And we all know how
that turned out. As a result of that
happening, it’s doubtful that other
countries would be thrilled to ever give
up their nuclear weapons in the future. But leave your
thoughts and comments below about how you feel
one way or the other. I’d also like if you posted
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thank you all for watching, and we’ll see you all next time.

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  8. The most powerful nuclear bomb the U.S. actually has is the B41 because it contains 25 megatons which technically makes it the most powerful bomb the U.S. has


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  20. The Tsar bomb was intended to be 100 megatons to begin with but was reconsidered and had the U 238 tamper left out. Otherwise too much of it's energy would be expended through the top of the atmosphere. With modern developments any country that's capable of producing a fusion bomb can relatively easily manufacture a bomb exceeding the Tsar's yield. The halt on bomb testing did not stop the advancement of nuclear capability.

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