The Tarkov Weapons Tier List

[Music] okay okay so what Gandhi once Darwin SVD okay great it’s a shitty the SVD is it’s not that expensive and it’s like pretty fun good so f tear no look it’s but it’s a shitty 8k everything that uses a 54r and is not a Mo’s and automatically belongs left here look it’s it’s it’s not a Mosin so it’s it’s a dt r this is a feat here it’s using our rimmed cartridge and it’s got polymer furniture that’s automatically aft here and like you can fire it well the stock is collapsed we’re like when I got a Thea a fair so we’re gonna put another eat here it’s good not F because of the pricing and the damage but e because of pretty much everything else I’m sorry mozi exactly so speaking of the motion the hatchet is I would say that’s gonna eat your weapon yeah the hatchet so we’re just gonna make like a complete different tube down here because you’re gonna right fucking we’re gonna write hatchet tear and we’re gonna make it in comics on still okay we have to have to tear down here and we’re just gonna take the hatchet and we’re just gonna fucking donkey bro it’s that one friend of yours who just gave us all the stuff on labs and he doesn’t give you anything that’s that’s it the hatchet is literally the guy to tell you he’s gonna dump your gear and it takes it right I dunno m67 let’s do the m67 grenade yeah we have the m67 grenade here it but yeah and it takes 10 seconds to explode you’re probably gonna run into it that’s an EFT here let’s definitely enough to you has to be let’s make it an eat just because it’s a really good thing to kill yourself with yeah yeah it doesn’t help you in killing yourself which is very useful next weapon we have to toss it is not even know discussing here 100% here next we have the we have detector kill a crash machine yes drunk yeah tactical FPS drop we’re gonna put that in 8 here yeah so lets you crash right yes it’s still not as powerful as the toss cuz the toss will just make them uninstall yeah like it’s not uninstall the game but it’s closing the game anyway so people have a low round so I think it still counts that’s it good yeah it’ll also reduce pretty much everybody’s FPS by around 69% so that’s an added bonus mp5 I would put that in the eat here because German guns just suck but then again it’s it we have a Russian weapon in East that means it’s an after you right it’s it’s a Russian sight the car like the charging has I know how to end this and I’m Mel guys come on no way I’m gonna move just because all right let’s do one of the a case now so at this one so we have this it’s a pop-up so it goes in hatchet here yeah it goes it just because the fingers like you’re better at throwing good at people than actually using it as a weapon and firing it because it’s probably a champ it’s a bullpup what do you want so next we have the SKS now this gun is known for having the best rear sight in the game so I’m gonna go and say be tier yeah I’m thinking that rear sight is like hot and the pistol grip D the pistol grip on that gun is like awesome yes semi semi also is the future but yeah the rear center pistols will make it in definite meteor next using a came just the classic the classic before they can see for Kalashnikov it’s a K but you know what do you want it’s a seat it’s the ultimate middle-of-the-road gun in the game it’s like it’s a good basic bitch gun so nobody nobody likes ya so we have that we have two m4 hair well has a carrying handle so it’s a definite seat here just makes it it’s a it’s a deed here because it’s American weapon but then again it’s a seat you can carry doesn’t got that figured yeah so we have to web the motion here I’m just gonna eat we’re just gonna have a we’re just gonna have like yeah this isn’t a serious phone now I’m gonna make this a gold tier bro fact I think there’s only two weapons in the game that actually uh managed to get this spot no it’s only one it is them but actually it’s only two the Mosin and the Mosin infantry and yet the obese I don’t know breeze sack you’re up there above it they’re all base with along with yeah okay so we have the vapor wander it’s basically a skis but it’s better it does more damage and stuff well exactly it’s actually basically a cheap copy of the SVD but because it’s cheaper and it’s cooler looking and it shoots an American and it’s also got wood on it yeah yeah but it’s an American cartridge in a Russian weapon that’s pretty that’s a sellout it’s I think I want to put on the page here yeah it’s to sell out we like sellers I saw himself Cena so next we have their mp7 D on black SMG that makes them beat here it’s not black so it’s good yes junker it’s not black so it’s good beat here okay yeah so so we’re gonna put this in an in Pete’s here it shoots hella fast so it’s pretty fuckin cool it’s not the next we have the Golden Tee tee it’s not worth it it has a great spot doin I’m thinking of putting in a tube just because of that cool spin yeah but you can do the same cool spin with a hatchet to the broken hatchet so what’s the point sure we’re gonna it’s gonna stay in after it we’re gonna make it bit smaller so you forget about it even more than they already have yeah let’s just have the holder piston here that’s an S here you know yeah it’s the gun it’s off the front side that’s how you know it’s god tier and you know what else it’s measure declaratives gun in stalker so like yeah exactly it’s it’s it’s perfect in every way except for it’s not perfect so we next we have this one but it’s yeah there’s nothing to say about this yeah it’s a magazine it’s a magazine to pull the memos in and it’s ugly and it sounds ugly and it’s just ugly nobody likes this u9e okay so next to the agar this is a pretty that is the better enforcement that’s like 100 percent a beat here it’s got wood furniture yes exactly it’s missing a carrying handle otherwise it’d be an 8 here yeah if you put the carrying handle on heat it goes up to 80 yes straight on one then we have the dish no okay okay okay sure with polymer furniture and German 104 century so it’s deep here definitely we have your breaker the arm breaker it has a cool caliber so like see but because it’s full auto it’s automatically much more wasteful than an SKS so it has to be lower than the SKS so I’d say see tear is a good choice we’re gonna let it now we’re gonna move it just slightly above the a cane yeah but that means you gotta make them for cross the line between C and D this is our this is our tier this is our final statement the guns that aren’t listed you probably you probably have forgotten about them already so and because they’re not a Mosin with a different name or they’re they’re just a motion but shit like like this piece of shit I’m just gonna move this down the screen like this okay so this this is our final tip I think thanks for watching that’s it for this video like

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