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The Story of Armada: The Swedish Sniper

gods don’t always come from greatness they aren’t always born as gods some gods arrived from far away and no
one sees their ascension coming Some Gods earn their godhood even when no one else believes
they can Adam Armada Lindgren was born on March 28 1993 and Gothenburg Sweden
Armada was born into a large family the fifth of ten siblings and it was through
them that he discovered smash his older brother Alexander any Olas Lindgren took
him to a local tournament in 2004 which kicked off his love of competitive super
smash bros melee originally I started playing smash 64
it was my older brother and Aeolus olds my former teammate he borrowed smash64 from a friend of his and we liked the game so when Melee came out it was very natural for us to buy that game and we play it in a casual way for a few years
and then an Eolas heard about an upcoming tournament very close to
where we live so he asked me if I want to tag along and I’ve always loved
competing and I will always love melee so that’s pretty much how it all started
but while Armada did not succeed at first he kept pushing two years later he
switched mains from Mars to peach and started beating his local rivals I feel
like it started off pretty slowly at first we were not that many players in
Sweden like tournaments it happened roughly had like 30 people maybe
eventually a year one and a half year and I climbed up to top ten but I said
it was not that many players to begin with but then it went to a tournament in
early 2007 which was roughly two years after my first tournament and going into
the tournament that was a marth mained I mained marth for roughly one and a half
years and I walked away from that tournament
as a peach main because that tournament I did end up having a few matches in a row
where it made more sense for me to play peach I remember playing as IBP in
losers at some point and an Eolas already played against him in pools and
beat him with his peach it was like yeah Adam I think you should play your peach
instead your marth I think that’s gonna be the right call but being a
local legend was not enough he wanted more Armada attended Renaissance of
smash four the European national tournament he knew he wasn’t strong
enough to win but he learned something important there we always had like once
a year renaissance of smash and it was like basically like the European Championship
and that was coming up in July that year so I had a few more months to practice
and I start to feel very confident I kind of look at it like you know when
you have a puzzle and you’ve been putting enough pieces together and it
all makes sense you know where to put the next pieces that kind of what it
felt like for me and Melee it was like I had enough of an understanding of the
game where each next step felt very like much easier than before he took the
lessons he learned from Renaissance of smash to heart he kept working never
giving up Armada placed third at the epita smash arena 2 Europe’s biggest melee
tournament then he placed first at smash attack which Armada won from the losers
bracket Armada returned to France for epita
smash arena 3 placing first again beating AMSA once more while cementing
his place as Europe’s best Smasher but it was not enough Europe scene was
smaller than North America’s and players rarely traveled between regions to
compete in smash tournament’s prize pools were low especially in Europe and
few smash players could rely on melee as a full-time job but North America was
where the best players were and Armada wanted to prove that he was among the
game’s elite going to the US was very expensive and I actually ended up
borrowing like $1,000 from my grandparents because I was like I want
to go to the US at least once because melee was not in the strongest state
especially not in 2008 it had a very rough period of time I was like you
never know how long the game is gonna be around I want to be able to go at least
once and before Genesis the best player in
Europe had never competed with the best Americans so a lot of to US players
they’re like oh no Armada he’s not good he’s not gonna make top 32, some people
thought I was gonna struggle in pools but for me I was using all of these
words as motivation I was like alright now I’m gonna practice harder
and then when I perform well I can literally say that you you and you
you’re wrong at the time Genesis was the largest melee tournament ever held and
the competition was fierce the era we now know as the era of the five gods was
just beginning and almost every top player was in attendance on his way to
the grand finals Armada brought down lucky dishes Wiz mew2king and even
defeated mango America’s best player in the winners finals but mango was not
going down without a fight he beat hungrybox in the losers finals
for another shot at Armada and he made it count playing that match I was like you know
pretty much singing along this song I was like so relaxed I was like
regardless of what happens at this point I know that I performed well Europe will
be proud I still obviously tried to win but it was kind of a relief that now
I’ve proved myself enough so now I should not feel as much pressure Armada
made Europe proud and remained undefeated when he returned home but
every time he crossed the pond he couldn’t put together a first-place
finish he placed 4th at pound 4 2nd at Apex
2010 and second at pound 5 he was winning everything in Europe but it was
not enough he was beating almost everyone in North America but it was not
enough he was second and it was still not
enough Armada returned to America for Genesis 2 in July 2011 and beat bizarro
flame then s2 j and then ppmd hungrybox and taj on his way to a faded Grand
Finals rematch with America’s best there’s a really good storyline Genesis
2 mango is kind of coming back to melee again he had a period of time when he
played Mario Captain Falcon was not really taking the game too seriously
more going to events to hang out with people so it was a good storyline there
as well because I still hadn’t managed to win a super major in the US I got 2nd
multiple times and now mango is back as well and then when dropping Grand Finals
again so I think a lot of people were very happy about the rematch because we
hadn’t played a single tournament match against each other in those two years in
singles for the first time ever a European Smasher took first place on
American soil for the first time ever Armada defeated mango in the grand
finals for the first time in the US Armada was not second but still it was not enough armada
kept winning and did not drop a single tournament from Genesis in July 2011 to
Apex 2013 in January of 2013 Armada became a god of melee but it gets lonely
on Mount Olympus even though Armada kept winning even
though he was all but unstoppable melee was stagnating back home armada was
on his own and he was getting frustrated just one week after winning apax he
announced his retirement it felt pointless after a while I was
like I had proven myself for a long period of time like I think I was
number one for like one and a half year or something and I won three super
majors back-to-back so it’s basically like I need to do this for six months to
get like two days of like enjoyment and after a while I just didn’t feel worth
it so I didn’t stop playing melee for that year because I didn’t like the game
it was just like I felt like it’s not worth it when I have no one to play
against while Armada was retired in Europe smash was exploding in the u.s. in
February smashers won a charity donation drive that got melee back into evo for
the first time since 2007 in October Travis samox Beauchamp released the
smash brothers a documentary detailing the history of melee up to that point
but Armada wasn’t competing in European tournaments he wasn’t seriously testing
his mettle against America’s finest instead he was spending his time working
as a substitute teacher in Sweden If a teacher was sick they called me in and I was taking over his or her classes for the day it was never anything I was planning to do long term it was more like a
part-time job while I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with life
but then no one quits melee entirely like no one
does so eventually I got you know motivated to come back interest in melee
was at an all-time high and armada realized that it was finally time to
take the game seriously again armada still flew out to Evo and apex 2013 that
year he only played doubles at Apex 2013 but he placed fourth at Evo he was
floored by the outpouring of passion from the community like when I stopped
playing melee I was number one in the world for quite a while but when I came
back I kind of struggled for a while partly like I barely played for a year
and everyone else got so much better I had a lot of catching up to do for sure
and I was also going through depression myself at the time so that combined with
all the pressure and expectations like I feel like went a lot of other players
have been coming back from a longer break it’s always been more of like
explanations for why but I feel like for me for some reason it was never these
kind of things it was like the first tournament I entered it was like a lot
of people expected me to like be back as number one immediately Armada
seriously returned to competitive melee in time for beast 4 where he placed
second he traveled around Europe winning tournament after tournament on his way
back to reclaim his throne but things were more difficult than they seemed
2014 was a very bad year for me overall to be honest your Avalon 3 singles melee
champion is none other Ct EMP armadas returned to the US was
bumpy at first with a fourth place finish at Skate r3 they saw him lose to
PPMD and mew2king but Armada righted the course he beat m2k for first at
super-sweet then defeated him again at super smash Sunday’s lock-in at MLG Anaheim Armada faced off against
mango once again losing three to two in the winners finals he made it back to
the grand finals but once again mango brought him down at CEO 2014 mango and
Armada faced off in the grand finals again but our mana came out on top
our bata is the champion of CEO 2014 only to fall to mango at King’s of Cali
4 a week later the next week at Evo 2014 armada didn’t even get a
chance to play mango as he fell to hungrybox in both the winter semi finals
and losers finals perhaps it was an omen of things to come for the two but armadas
main rival was still mango armada return to Europe defeated but he was
once again unstoppable on his home turf his career had come full circle he was
the best in Europe but couldn’t quite make it past the last hoop stateside in
November 2014 Armada signed with Alliance following a lower than usual
fourth place finish at big house four I feel bad about that performance I am a
very very competitive person yes if I do not place first that’s not enough for me
yeah which second place is no good that’s no good which means fourth place
is horrible then Armada fell to fifth at Paragon
Orlando his lowest placement since the early days of his career Armada from that point forward something changed in Armada
whatever last piece of the puzzle was missing he found it whatever training
needed doing he did it whatever he did it was enough Armada took second at Apex 2015 first at
MVG sandstorm second at CEO 2015 first at Evo 2015 first at the big house five
first at Smash summit first at Genesis 3 and first at Smash summit 2 Armada
was without question the best melee player in the world yet again when I won
evo 2015 my life overall was so much better I was in a much better place I’ve
been dating my girlfriend for five months at the time as well and when I
start to feel better as a human being I could see that in melee as well I
started to perform much better and once i won EVO it was also like a big
relief it was like I still can win super majors and once I did that it was just
so much easier to like keep performing well then came Evo 2016 Armada was
looking strong but hungrybox always a step behind him shocked the world with a
grand finals reset and took an upset victory on melees biggest stage yeah it was one of my absolute toughest
losses it’s probably my second toughest loss of all time next to pound five
actually but yeah it was very rough like I wanted to also tie up the two Evo’s
say I wanted to win that second Evo title and also felt like I had it in the
bag which also makes it way harder to lose if you lose a set very convincingly
you might be disappointed that you didn’t play good enough and stuff but if
you lose 3-2 especially when you’re up in the final game it’s it’s much tougher
to accept that so yeah it was a very emotional loss for me but hbox play
fantastic that day and he deserved it and he probably wanted it even more than
I wanted especially since he got 2nd twice in a row so yeah he earned that
one but Armada bounced back first at
Canada Cup 2016 first at smash summit 3 first at Dreamhack winter 2016 first at
the UGC smash open first at Genesis 4 first at Beast 7 first at smash summit
again first at evil 2017 with plenty of tournaments in between even make it back oh my god the repeat of world war, 3-1
armada winning evo 2017 from winners armadas
back half of 2017 has been difficult hungrybox has caught up to the swedish
sniper and other top players started figuring things out but armada will
bounce back he always has and he always will and
when he does someone will have to get even better to beat him because for
armada, second is never enough

100 thoughts on “The Story of Armada: The Swedish Sniper

  1. When Armada retired, we lost more than a top player of Melee. We lost a shining example of what playing Melee is all about.

    We’ll miss you Armada. Cheers

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    11:20 Sitting between Westballz and the Oomba guy
    12:07 Sitting next to M2k

  3. I actually didn’t care for this one. Not that we need his personal life story but because of how vague he was, the video spent more time talking about placements at tournaments. This gets boring. “My life was ‘hard’ so I played worse” was the second half of the video. What I did like was his determination to play the best. Not having much money he did everything he could to challenge the best players for a possible once and a life time experience! Cool

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  7. Too bad Project M has been erased from history. "The Swedish Sniper" name came from Armada's Pit arrows but no one would know that from this video

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    Armada: I’m the best player in the world…

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