4 thoughts on “The steps you need to take to own a firearm in Hawaii

  1. What if you're an old person who wants to defend themselves ..some people of age have mental issues they deserve to own a gun yeh?

  2. The steps you need to take to own a firearm in Hawaii are ridiculous lol Using them for hunting and target shooting is really all you can use them for over there, defend yourself/ family/ or property with one and you'll be finding yourself fighting an uphill battle court case against the odds. If your not political elite/ business titan/ or law enforcement in Hawaii, your just a peasant in their eyes. Its a joke of a state, i cant wait for the land to be returned rightfuly to the Hawaiian people and the Kingdom reestablished. Remember, gunz is bad an shitz. Plantation Forever 😴

  3. Problem is many people buying guns aren't right in the head, or do something stupid when times get hard for the person.

    A person should pay attention to himself instead of others, but when they think they should be in control over anyone other than themselves they pull out a gun.

    Not all gun owners are stupid, as some do need it, but many are.

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