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The Secret Weapon Keeping You PLUGGED in to the Matrix

This video I’m going to be sharing with you
the secret weapon that is keeping us plugged into the matrix. I’m going to show you exactly what you can
do to break out of it so that you can be free and be who you are meant to be. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand
their consciousness. Now in this video I’m going to be sharing
with you that of understanding the secret weapon that is keeping us plugged into the
Matrix, understanding that we do live in a form of matrix. Our reality is not the baseline reality and
this is a very, very empowering thing because at a greater level of consciousness, you are
in a way asleep dreaming. This is who you are. You are so much more than your physical body. You can think of your physical body in a way
as an Avatar that you experience reality through. You have the five senses. You have the brain, you have this way of interpreting
reality, but in actuality you are so much more than your body. We just grow up believing that we are our
bodies. We grow up identifying with this character
that we’re playing in this life. But it’s about knowing that there’s so much
more than we can possibly even imagine. So when we talk about being unplugged from
the Matrix, you’ll first off see or maybe think of the movie the Matrix and it is very
similar. The movie, the Matrix has got so many, so
much, uh, so much profound feedback from people and people love the movie so much because
at a deeper level it resonates. It resonates maybe as a metaphor, you know,
not everything in the movie, the Matrix is the way it, it obviously is. However, in a way people are in the autopilot
mind. People are in the program that is keeping
them doing the same things everyday, thinking the same thoughts every day, feeling the same
emotions every day, therefore creating the same reality every single day. And a lot of people are literally asleep walking
around in the matrix. This isn’t meant to be a real negative thing. I’m not saying it’s like we’ve got to like
point our fingers and go, they’re asleep, they’re not awake or whatever. But when you’re aware that there is a matrix,
there is a program that people are literally sleepwalking through, you can then realize
that your goal is to wake up and maybe you’re already waking up if you watch my content
because you cannot perceive that which you’re not the vibration of. So if you’re here, then this at a certain
level resonates with you because you went and clicked on the video talking about being
unplugged from the matrix unless you were interested in it. Now, here’s the way I want to explain what
I’m talking about. When I say the secret weapon that’s keeping
US plugged in. Now, I don’t mean this in a negative way. Anything that I share in my channel is actually
meant to be very, very empowering and I never want to give the more negative influences
power because you see, the thing is, is when we’re afraid of something, we actually grow
the energy of it even though that energy might not even really be there that powerfully. Now, this is what I mean by this. When I first went through my awakening and
in 2012 I went through this awakening and it totally changed my life. I started realizing that I wasn’t this avatar. I realized that there’s so much more to life. I used to identify with having Adhd. I took Adderall for that. I used to, I used to identify with a lot of
different things in my life, like my past experiences that were very painful and because
of that I felt a certain vibrational emotion. I felt a certain way about myself. There was a certain way I saw myself. So what I did is I decided to learn meditation
because with meditation there was no negative side effects of it. Whereas the side effects of taking Adderall,
which is the prescription drug, the drug they give to people that have quote, Adhd, the
side effects of that are you don’t eat very much, you don’t sleep very much. So I learned meditation and what happened
was I started to observe my thoughts rather than react to them. I observed that I thought I had ADHD. I observed these perspectives that I had since
having my childhood. And I was able to reframe them and break free
out of it. Now here’s the thing, I became aware and the
next question I asked myself, because it’s so, it’s so much transformed my life, just
simply meditating, observing my thoughts and knowing that I can think thoughts, but I’m
not my thoughts. So then what happens is I asked myself, why
don’t they teach this? Why isn’t this something that’s taught in
school? Why is this something that I had to stumble
across through doing deep research? And why is it something that’s more readily
taught to people? So doing my research, you eventually learn
more and more about the way reality is and what you eventually come to is understanding
that there is a certain level of control that has been happening for thousands of years
on the planet, thousands of years. There has been a level of control where people
have been using that a that are, I know you can give it different names. You call it the cabal, you’d call it the um,
the shadow government, whatever you want to call it. But there are people that have kept this information
at bay so that people don’t really know their true power. You may notice that almost 90% or more of
the things on the news or negative things that keep people in a lower vibration, you
may notice that there’s certain things that, uh, are suppressed and not brought out. And one of the reasons is, is because there’s
a level of control over that information. Because the idea behind these people that
are into these occult practices and that are having this level of control is that if you
keep people in a certain state, they’re not going to be too risky. They’re not going to question reality too
much. They’re going to kind of stay observant to
everything. They’re going to be obedient. So what happens is, is people, these people
believe that they need to control in order to feel good in order to, um, in order to,
they see it, they feel like they’re responsible and have to control society the way that it
is and was. However, this is the thing right now on the
planet. It is a time of waking up from this and this
is a time of us claiming our power back because when it comes to suppressing that of understanding
that for example, extraterrestrials had been around for a very long time. Understanding that our history is completely
different than the way we were taught when we were in school. Understanding that when you meditate, it increases
your vibration and then you eventually start to see things in your life in a completely
new way. You start to build more compassion and when
we start to understand and even the money system itself, the money’s system itself is
a complete control system. Now we’re going to have money for a while
longer, so I’m not saying I have to be mad at it. The thing is, with everything I’m sharing
with you right now, you don’t want to develop a negative mindset where you say, screw it
all because then it lowers your vibration. You give power to the, to that paradigm and
it’s very disempowering. Now, I went through a couple of months of
knowing this and I became aware of it and I became very angry because I was like, I
want to help other people to wake up. I want other people to know that they don’t
have to be under the, in a way mind control of the way society is. Uh, the information is controlled and the
way that things work where people are mainly left in the dark and we believe that we need
war. We believe we need all these things when a
lot of the things that we see in our reality is a puppet show. When you look at the politics and you think,
oh, this is the politics and this is what’s happening in the world, and then you eventually
realize that it’s all, nothing but a distraction from who you really are. I don’t mean that just sounds like a little
metaphor thing. Like, no, literally it’s a distraction from
what’s really going on behind the scenes and it’s a rabbit hole that once you go down,
you see reality in a complete different way. But I’m not telling you that you even have
to go down that route. I’m here to just explain to you that there’s
something else going on here. Now, here is the secret weapon that keeps
us plugged into the Matrix. You want to know what that is? That secret weapon is us. It’s our own thoughts. It’s our own emotion. It’s our own energy and it has been used against
us for a very long time. What do I mean by this? Well, here’s what the shadow government, the
cabal, whatever you want to call it, here’s what they understand. First off, our thoughts create our reality. They know that when I learned the law of attraction,
I was like, why is this? Why is it something? You know? The movie the secret came out, which is a
big breakthrough, but other than that, it hasn’t been something that you learned going
to school or you learn anywhere else, even though it’s something that it is very well
known at different levels at those levels. However, when I became aware of all of this,
I then also noticed for myself that it’s like all my thoughts create reality. Will they know that the thoughts create reality. Here’s what else they know. They know that collectively we are shifting
through different timelines depending on the energy of us as a collective, not work stay
the same for the individual. We create our reality from the thoughts we
think the emotions we feel, the actions we take that shifts us to different realities. Not here’s the thing, the mass amount of people
of us, the billions of people on the planet. When we are focused on certain things and
feeling certain emotions, it’s switches our timeline. So here’s what happens at these levels. What they do and what they tried to do is
orchestrate different events. They may orchestrate something like nine 11
they may orchestrate different things that happened in the news. And what it does is when you have many, many,
many millions and billions of people focused on one thing, guess what? It shifts us to these realities. So in a way our own thoughts and our own emotions
are being used to keep us in a certain frequency band. You could think of it like, why is everything
on the news negative? Well, it makes us believe that the reality
is negative. It makes us believe that we need to always
be in reaction mode if we’re always in reaction mode, then were kept in a lower frequency
state. The key is being aware that this is happening,
but not giving power over to, we don’t think, oh my God, this is what’s happening because
then we give our power away. You recognize it, but then you say, I’m going
to take the control of my own thoughts. I’m going to put it in the own direction of
where I want to go. You see, this is what is powerful, so in a
way that is what is used against us. It is our own thoughts, our own emotions,
our own actions, and they’ll use this and whatever way will will have an impact. Do you want to know one of the main ways they
use it as well? It’s movies. It’s movies. A lot of times right in front of our faces,
we will be shown things that we assume is some fictional movie, but we emotionally feel
a certain way. Millions and millions and millions of people
will watch movies and guess what? That amplifies certain energy, probable timelines. That’s used to keep us in a certain frequency
band that’s used to keep us on certain probable timelines, so movies, especially mainstream
movies. Many times we’ll keep us shifting on those
timelines and those are used to keep us in a certain momentum, so it’s almost like I
used to have this thought as well when when I’m used to here I used to hear like I would
listen to rap music back in the day and listening to rap music. I used to always think that like it actually
helps wrappers to be saying, I’ve got so much money, blah, blah, blah, blah. I got this. Oh cars, blah blah blah. Because it’s almost like by them amplifying
that reality through speaking it, you then have millions of other people that are feeling
it vibe and it thinking about not themselves when they’re talking about like, I’ve got
so much money, I got so much cars. When they say things like that, the people
that are actually listening to it, I’ll probably watch their music videos. Seeing them with money. Then with cars, the wrappers, so it actually
helps them as far as manifestation goes. That’s always the thought that the feeling
that I had and now learning this and knowing this, I mean I’ve known this for years when
it comes to this, the way that things are kind of controlled like that are intended
to be controlled, but that makes sense because they’re doing the same thing at a greater
level. They literally work with people that are in
that of the meat or in that of Hollywood to help make an orchestrate these different messages,
subconscious messages, symbolism, whatever you want to call it, and that is used to then
keep us in a certain fee. We can see bad. One of the reasons you may be afraid of extra
terrestrials or the idea of Martians or graze is because of the cause of movies. Because the movies, it’s literally programmed
into us to be afraid of it. You look at some movies like Jurassic Park
where these dinosaur reptiles are attacking humans and people are definitely afraid of,
of uh, of dinosaurs. Well with a lot of these movies, there’s a
certain agenda behind it that were maybe not aware of because it happens right in front
of our face, but we’re not even aware of it. We don’t make the correlation, so the greatest
weapon that is used to keep us in a certain frequency band is ourselves. It’s our own thoughts and our own emotions
and that keeps us in a certain way so that we’re not aware of our true power and so that
we shift the probable timelines that some other people with different agendas may have. Now, why am I telling you all of this not
to be afraid to you to be empowered? If you ever heard of the Maharishi effect,
the [inaudible] effect is a very real thing. When you get certain amount of people that
meditate on love and peace in a certain city or somewhere like 5,000 meditators, I forget
the exact number. These people that were meditating on love
and peace, it reduced the crime by 70 something percent for the whole planet. Think about how amazing that is because the
power of positive vibration of positive emotion has that much power over everything else in
life. Now, if that can happen at that level, then
guess what? On the other side with the negative emotions
and the, the uh, negative thoughts, it goes in the other way as well, but you see that’s
known at a certain level. Now, the key to this whole process, the reason
I’m telling you all of this is to be aware of it, but to take your power back, do not
be afraid of this whole agenda or everything. They’re losing power in this life, in this
life. We will start to gain more and more of our
power back because we’re becoming more and more aware of it. That’s why I’m making this video is to help
people become more aware of it and then we can choose our own destiny. We can, as a collective, start to meditate
together and go on our own timelines. I did a meditation yesterday on Instagram
live and I was blown away by how many people enjoyed it and how many people liked it because
I was just helping them. Why are in that we are shifting and that we
are going to feel better throughout the day and we’re going to raise our vibration and
shift to a more optimal timeline and before the end of the day, you will feel this change
and 200 of us at one time at the same moment on live, we’re doing this meditation. You could feel it because we’re all connected. We could feel it. Feel that energy amplify just 200 of us. Imagine if we did it with thousands and thousands
of people. Imagine how amazingly powerful that would
be. You see, so this is the power we have and
the power in this. The key to this whole [inaudible] process
for d plugging from it if you want to unplug, it’s to meditate, is to observe your thoughts,
is to understand you. Think thoughts, what you are not your thoughts
in the observation. When you’re able to observe your thoughts,
that’s when you start to gain your power back. It’s only when you’re reacting to everything. What I would suggest you do is you just be
aware of what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling and I would say don’t watch the news. Don’t watch the media. Don’t believe everything you’re told, because
almost a lot of the things you see that you think are real in reality, these little orchestrations
from what’s happening with from one political party to another and all of this stuff, it’s
just a puppet show. It’s keeping you distracted from who you really
are. You are any mortal, spiritual being, living
in a temporary human experience, and your purpose in life is to wake up because as you
wake up in your life, it’s going to help you raise your vibration. You’re going to become more aware of who you
are. You’re going to be able to create your reality
in a much more deliberate way and it’s going to wake up people around you. People are waking up right now. Literally, it’s like popcorn. It’s like people are just waking up, waking
up, and it’s happening all over the planet because now is the time of awakening on the
planet. But the key is to disengage from the old three
d reality of all of this stuff happening to us. Get in that observation mode and understand
that the true powers within you, you control your focus, therefore you control your reality. And the more that you embody this change,
the more that you find everything in your life will change. So learn to meditate, observe your thoughts,
be and focused on your own vibration. Raise your vibration. By doing so, it will change your whole entire
life. So if you want something else that’ll help
you raise your vibration, I have a powerful meditation that you can download. It’s and the top of the description box. It will help you to transform, Eh, your vibrational
set point so that you exist in this higher level and that you’re able to really be aware
of everything I’m sharing right now. Let’s do it for 21 days. I think it’ll change your life. Also, I’ll be doing more like is an Instagram. If you want to ask me questions or be a part
of those live meditations, you can click the link or you’re not clicked the link, but you’ll
see it right here following me on Instagram. And I also post twice a day there as well. And other than that, as always, I hope you
enjoyed this video. Feel free to like this video if you liked
it. Subscribe if you haven’t already hit the little
notification here so you could see the data bits that I do now. Other than that, as always peace, much love
and Nama state.

100 thoughts on “The Secret Weapon Keeping You PLUGGED in to the Matrix

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  3. Truth. From the beginning society constructed these mental barriers into people to keep them limited from there fullest potential. Break down all mental barriers you have that stops you from achieving. Once you are free, your potential and wavelength will be at its peak.
    There’s nothing you can’t do
    You can do it all
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    I think that we may be in a matrix, someone else's virtual reality "game", a physical extension of our non physical higher self, used as batteries and chemical production plants for reptilians, whatever. However, I believe that here and now, whether or not they fraudulently created religions, including the Christian Bible, they are quickly fulfilling prophesy, the end times, the new world order, anti-christ, unification of religions, etc., via everything from tech and all sciences, communications, transportation, A.I. and the internet of things, not to mention the singularity, transhumanism, agenda 21/30, etc., etc. I believe we need to discover ourselves because they will win this war against us. Game Over…find yourselves..

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  11. And Namaste to you too, Aaron Doughty, as always.

    I just want to put some of my thoughts out here in the zeightgeist which I've developed & have been circulating thru my head for some time. This might turn into a bit of a read, so here we go:

    1). Much of this idea of "The Matrix," which I will refer to as "The Black Iron Prison" [as it was shown to me in my individual experience, however, just another misnomer tbh] is built upon the idea of an US-vs.-THEM paradigm. Understanding the nature of the 3D existence inwhich we're inhabiting currently, we can see this conflict as a mere illusion ; caused by any measure of misunderstanding when we understand how we are all One & implementing the idea to suit our current consciousness. If I may make an allegory with computer terminology, it'd be similar to updating your operating system to allow other systems and functions to run under[better termed as parallel/collaboratively with] the current mode.

    2.) Two idiomatic phrases I've conjured which can be used to shift your perception/vibration to be more allowing/accepting/understanding of present & immediate reality are:
    "The road to hell is paved w/ good intentions"
    "Everyone makes the best choices possible, based on the information they're equipped w/ in that moment."

    So while politics and the news can be a cesspool of negativity at times, remember there are people just like you and I who are simply trying to fill thier job requirements, dreaming & believing what they're doing will get them closer to thier higher aspirations. Feeling like they're benefitting the rest of the masses with thier work meanwhile, unaware the direction & presentation of the ideas (which in the case of the news is often done by different departments) is focused on the wrong point. Too many are the instances of a parent intending to teach the child compliance {we'll use an instance of a child lying about XYZ, say turning in homework} and the parent scolding the child for the untruth, rather than accomodating for the child's fear of being "disciplined" and then reaching further to understand the motive behind the act AND EVEN FURTHER, extending care to help the child aid themselves so to prevent any additional mishaps.

    Continuously, the idea of a "hidden agenda" held by "those in power" is a bit off base. Considering any person in position of "power"(as it were) as an occupation chosen by those who have strong desire to aid thier community, the "agenda" and it's effects are subject to the subjective judgements of the communities it affects. Which leads me my last point

    3). "Every single one of the world's problems is caused by a mutual misunderstanding between two parties."

    This phrase has rang true for most if not all of the situations I've applied it to. In my experiences, either one side is at war with itself and is troubled with honest expression, which disrupts the opportunity for collaborative conflict resolution with the other side OR/AND the recieved message is incongruent with the original impression of the other, causing mistrust and inharmony OR/AND the two parties have such differing intrests or motives of accomplishment that they need to disengage from one another peacefully and look elsewhere or allocate different, more appropriate resources to adequately supply one another with outcomes desired.

    Ok… Now this topic is very all-encompassing and I tried to be the most clairvoyant I could be thru this medium [text, iow, reading]. This topic ranges from micro(innerself) to macro(nation-nation) climates and can be very overwhelming if understanding is low in any part.

    I know this will help someone and am actively trying to condense/reinterpret these words & phrase to plein speak, so if you have any questions,opinions,ideas,suggestions,etc. I encourage you, please leave them in my reply box. I'd adore the chance to hear what ideas others have germinated in thier minds.

    As always thank you for doing what you do, Aaron Doughty! Namaste once again. And please show me where my wrongs are so I may correct them into collective harmony ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. I'm fifty three and I have been a life long Taoist if you read the Tao Te Ching I think it would be of advantage to you what your talking about here is similar to the Taoist system of WuWei, which means action without effort. what I call linear flow, as an individual it will bring manifestations in to your life and if more people follow , well as you say it amplifies the whole vibration.

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    Doctor Strange is one of those films that can help with the awakening, ALL it takes is the perspective of the person. They could either think of it as a fantasy, they can think it's all BS, they can think "This film's onto something". There's another film I feel kind of goes along with the idea of "You're more than this" and that's the film "What Dreams May Come" with Robin Williams (Bless his Soul).

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  31. DMT blows the lid off of any matrix “secret weapon”. Add in a microchip that may or may not be technology that acts in furtherance of the hive mind? There are many transmitted/perceived waveforms in the 5 sense perception program we’re in. Not all are obvious. Thought energy and labeling is only one facet of the internal, and the external is a whole other beast that affects the tuning fork we assign and self identify w as our consciousness.

  32. Like anything that is "good for us" , it sells . we can't get anything free . It is why I watch these videos .

  33. i've been saying stuff like this for at least about 20 yrs….oh yeah..that's right?..i'm one of those crazy-whackos you hear talked about!

  34. Love you Bro,
    But you only have one eye open so far… Now open the other eye. Christ is waking you up, he makes the blind see. Look at all that you have left to see.

  35. What is that thing to his right looks shoes or something that lamp is cool…☺

    As a man thinks so is he.
    We are beings of light.

  36. Goddamn it! I watch one of these "third eye buddha hooohoo oogabooga voodoo scientology" bullshit and now these stupid videos are in my recomended.

  37. Guerilla radio called and said "fuck it, cut the cord!"

    Now try plugging me back in. Awww it no workie anymore? Hahaha!

    One thing you all may or may not realise is each parallel timeline will have some things different but most things stay the same for immersion purposes. That means each neighbor timeline HAS to sink up with its neighbors so they can stay similiar without their differences causing conflicts with eachother.

    Basically humanity has been on a slow drift away from the plotted timeline of these elites to the point where they are just realising how way off course they are from their global agendas. They thought Nebuchadnezzar's goal of ruling the world without giving anything back to aource energy was ever possible even with their false a.i. god satan.

    Literally every time we deviate (enjoying time, living in the moment of now) from the elitist path, we shut one more door and space ourselves dimensionally further from their plan. Plus time is so elusive, theres no way to get back to the original timeline they planned for us and they know it. Hince their despairation and committing their acts publically. They know their control grid is failing and you cant crank it up more when its at 100% already.

    So keep deviating more on your own people. Go out and enjoy shit! Go camping, offroading, paintballing. Go build some stuff and test it out. Try that new concept. Conquer that fear! Captain planet wasnt wrong when he said "the power is yours!"

    And knowing that has even been enough to stop my night terrors. I do occasionally have some but they arent terrors anymore because i will end up taking control in my dream, the crisis is averted and i wake up with no memory. Imagine being in a dream where you were told you were going to be raped and you felt so comfortable in your skin, you laughed as you shoved them and insulted their stammered speech. Hell i woke myself up because i was laughing, and it was a great day.

    Let all that bullshit be like water on a ducks back and just run off you without even being able to soak in. That is what I wish upon all of you good folks. Let you all who are good be covered with a layer that can not be penetrated by even the most wickid of energies. And may that evil cry when it breaks its self off trying to infect you good people.

    You cant stop.people from becoming aware that they are essentially in a truman show (go watch the movie. Its lighthearted compared to now a days but just have empathy for mr. Truman because it was extremely twisted what happened to him). And think about yourselves and how it would feel to be duped on such a massive scale. Thank about how that anger rurns to reaolve which turns into the willpower to say "thats it! Im taking control of MY destiny, and no one else has the wheel but me! Im the one driving this life!"

  38. Okay, but what if it's not "The Awakening", what if it's another way to destroy us to keep us away from what we really are? What if we what we believed since when we were young with a simple mind? What if all this is another way to shift us away from God and we are not what you saying what we really are? One last thing, what if drugs makes us believe what we all disbelieve?.
    Thank you so much for the great work brother

  39. God is n control of everything nothing here matters he is the only thing we should be focused on the reason why so many are awake is cause of god may u all stay blessed n be kind remember he sent his son Jesus to die for us he should be are only focus much love

  40. Dear Aaron, nice informative video, as usual! However, I do wish people would understand that nothing is being kept secret, but is actually slowly revealed as the totality of the masses becomes more capable of understanding 🙂 Shadow governments are only "the negative" actors that are required to make a movie, and their purpose is still necessary. Consciousness as a unit requires Facets to experience for it, therefore all boundaries are required for that, so that the few capable Facets created by It (as a result of Its existence and Its necessities to expand beyond all possibility) will pierce through, and open the way for any others willing to follow through. It takes some strength to play "the negative" ones because you mingle with forces not destined to everyone: you have to become far better than the others far faster, you'll most likely face challenges no one has written guides on, so that at a time, you will finally start doing your own work in the name of Consciousness and guide the rest ^^

    As the planet is increasing in frequency, these "negative" characters are becoming somewhat more important: this increase in frequency can wipe us as a race faster than all our weapons combined. One can see it all around: the ill-prepared run wild, mad, not coping with the change. So therefore, negativity is still HEAVILY required to keep the ever-increasing frequency of the planet with our own, forcing the planet in a way to wait for the others. Guess we were kept in negativity by the rulers a bit more than needed (but even the greatest fuck up from time to time XD ). Keeo it up, willing to learn more and more from you! One day I'll start sharing the wisdom I acquire just as you do.

    Also: no one teaches such things in schools because so many people are not ready. Also, such things are far more thoroughly learnt by people if they read them themselves – don't forget, the Universe will give you whatever you need to reach own potential ^^ The new generations come here at the right time to learn for themselves, and the older generations left them one of the greatest treasures of humanity: the Internet ^^ which itself is also expanding. Hugs to you all ^^

  41. Earth is not a planet so it would be beneficial for you to know this. Globe earth is a foundational lie that much if not most deception is predicated upon. If you at your core you believe you live on an imaginary spinning ball planet, then you are truly deceived. Extra terrestrials are not extra terrestrials but are simply interdimentional entities deceiving people all along and apparently still even still you. The danger of poison is it is always mixed with something palatable so as to be more readily ingested.

  42. I hope you don't tell Iraqis "thoughts create reality" when bombs start raining on them… some of this new age stuff is also obvious brainwashing. If they vibe high the bombs won't go away

  43. God bless you Aaron. You are the hand unplugging us at a rapid rate. I am starting to physically see energy now and it's nuts I love powerful we are! Bless you bless you bless you!

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