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The Season: Ole Miss Rifle – Day One (2016)

(blues guitar music) (blues guitar music) (grinding) – So, new space, new year. What I wanted to do is talk a little bit, real quickly, about philosophy and kind of the tone, you know, what, what are we doing this year, what are we all about this year. Really, it’s be better. Be better in everything we do. To be the best team member you can be, the best athlete you can be, the best student you can be. And then the other key piece of that is I want this to be a place you look forward
to coming to every day, a good environment. It should be fun. We want it to be fun, ’cause that’s what will let us perform and do well. The level where you are already and where we wanna be, it’s not everybody needs
to do the same thing. It’s gonna have to be individual, and so the first step of that is you lookin’ at what you need to work on, then we’ll talk about it and go over it and then we’re in the season. So, that’s kind of the, the starting point. I actually haven’t even really watched everybody shoot. Work on whatever you want to and let Hannah and I just watch. (blues guitar music) – My name is Randi Loudin. I’m here to shoot. This is my friend, Kristyn. – Hello. – She’s my only friend on the team. I’m just kiddin’. (laughing) I made some adjustments in my hips so that my position is
a little more stable. So I’m just trying to do
it the same every time. This gun is also named Randi Loudin. It still has a little sticker that says my name on it. (laughing) Good jokes. They’re gonna be flowing all afternoon. (blues guitar music) – You called that one. I could, a lot of people will shut their eyes like, when they shoot, not totally, but, you know, just like a,
– (unintelligible) – they’re anticipating
– Uh-huh. – And, I knew that wasn’t a good shot without looking. So, shoot a good shot. Let me see a good shot.
– Okay. Sorry, it’s like a little tricky.
– It’s okay. No, you’re not doin’ it right if you don’t put it down.
(airgun firing) You need to put it down. – We’re playing a game when shooting and it’s called Pong.
(airgun firing) And so basically you just compete against
the person next to you. And so like, right now, like, Randi and I both shot a nine, and so there’s a decimal at the end and so she shot a 9.6 and I shot a 9.5. So she wins that round. (airgun firing) – So what, it’s tied now, zero-zero? – Um-hmm. No, wait. Yeah, we’re gonna say zero-zero. – Okay. – It’s just, I, I mean it’s nice because, you know, you can give me feedback but it’s weird because
I’ve never had this kind of coaching before.
(airgun firing) – Never had feedback.
– So it’s weird, yeah. (airgun firing) (muffled conversation) – That was good. Your shot, your eyes, like there was, you couldn’t tell you shot. – I took a, I took a bad shot. Like it’s a bad shot, but …
– It’s okay. It’s like I could tell when Hailey shot, just looking at her eyes
– Yeah. – and see nothing, which is good. – Yeah. – Which is good, it all looks good. (airgun firing) – So what is it, five to zero? That’s what’s expected to happen, right? I’m just kidding (laughing). – Okay, next shot is the winner. – Yeah, let’s just, just finish this. (airgun firing) – (unintelligible) – Ohhh. (laughing) Yahoohoo. (laughing) (blues guitar music)

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