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The Schultz & Larsen Rifle

Systematic precision It all started with this.. The world famous cut rifle barrels from Otterup on Funen. Now the factory in located in Jutland, but the world’s most accurate rifle barrels are made still on the old machines, using the same recipes. Each barrel is drilled out very slowly to avoid heat stress in steel.
Here we take ourselves really good time to do it properly. You can probably imagine the importance of having the hole in the barrel 100% centered.
It is a process which requires professionals and careful precision. After the outer centering and chamfering of the hole, the barrel is ready to get the rifle grooves cut. The process takes one to one and a half hours depending on whether it is a 4 or 6 grooved rifling. The slow process ensures that unwanted tensions is not built up in the steel. Drilling of the chamber requires great care and experience, as it is crucial that the drill is precisely centered. All barrels are finally polished with a unique tin stopper which is molded directly into the pipe. This gives a perfect individual polishing inside the barrel, adds a slight choke effect to the barrel and removes any unevenness in the surface of the grooves. Anything resembling steel _is_ steel And that is not all, it is precision processed on modern CNC machines.
This ensures extreme accuracy and efficient processing in one setup. This is a 3D computer simulation of the operations involved in the manufacture of our Slide & Lock scope mounts. At Schultz & Larsen, we believe in a future for the silencer. Silencing the rifle is not just good for the environment – it also increases the precision, and reduces the risk of hearing damage. We use exquisite walnut in our stock production. Either American walnut for our standard rifles, or Caucasian walnut for the DL and Custom models. The Stocks are manufactured on an efficient and modern CNC controlled machine. This gives the customer a finished stock in high quality for a very competitive price.

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  1. comments on the translations are welcome. I'm not a pro – it was the the best that google translate and me could do in one hour…

  2. og hvor når tror i så vi må bruge lyddæmper i dk.. er i gået i gang med lobbyarbejdet..
    ..for vi har jo så hjernedøde politiker i dk at de tror at det vil udbrede krybskytteri haha
    sjovt.. ik … som om krybskytter ikke allerede bryder loven hvad skulle så afholde dem fra og allerede og bruge lyddemper nu .. se og få lovliggjort lyddemperen jeg mangler den når jeg jager ræv…
    tak for en god lille film ..
    knæk og bræk .. alle sammen

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