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The Scariest Shotgun Slug you’ll ever see

Hello everyone, this is Jeff of TAOFLEDERMAUS Once again, we have another exclusive This is the first time these have been shot in the United States From what I understand The first time you’ve ever seen them And these are called the “gualbo steel” These are an expanding steel slug These have got to be one of the wicked slugs we’ve ever shot These look like something Freddy Kruger would be shooting at you The steel slugs will be available in about two weeks So this in an early sneak-preview! Today we will be shooting these through a fully-rifled shotgun with a scope Shooting for us today is Gregg Today we were shooting from about 30 yards The velocity is 1250 to 1300 FPS We are focusing on the cardboard behind the jug

100 thoughts on “The Scariest Shotgun Slug you’ll ever see

  1. What happened with the Kevlar the slug hit it on a spinning motion thus the Kevlar slowing the bullet down.
    It reminds me of the Japanese samurais they used to have silk like a good amount of silk between the armor and the body and the silk would slow arrows down.

  2. Very good video. Id like to see the slug go into a big block of bal gel in slow motion. Looks devistating but most everything out the end of a 12 ga is.

  3. Great for school, mall, church, protest and mosque attacks…….?
    Only in America can they invent more horrific ways of Killing Americans……?

  4. Deadly Bullet

    85 Damage
    7% Knockback

    Plus 4 more damage Because of Steel And Bruise

    74% chance to cause bleeding

  5. Hopefully it’ll stop a bear.

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  6. You should have taken more time investigating the smooth bore with these shells cos I've only seen one other round take the best into your dummy… think it was the double mega ball. I'm wondering: what were the comparitive muzzle velocities, did it help that the petals never opened and was it a case of getting a new vest to see if the other one was to blame due to damage? Other than that, your hot steel loads were very penetrating… x

  7. It's all about the marketing. 1 oz. 12 gauge rifled slug (Foster) is plenty enough. You can get 20 of them for the cost of one of these, I am sure. Fools and their money are easily separated.

  8. the hole this bullet makes looks like a butthole. so you can literally tear someone a new butthole

  9. Tell me more about that shotgun I can get one for around $294 here in the Detroit area is it worth the money I mean after all it's made in Istanbul or someplace other than England or wherever Weatherby is made

  10. I suppose so… but I'm sure anyone taking a 12 gauge slug square in the chest, wouldn't know the difference.

  11. Yall ever play with cut shells? Where you cut down around the hull under the shot and above the powder (in the crush section of a bird shot wad). They are fun. I would shoot a 12×12 target at 100 yards with them. Be cool to see you guys try it.

  12. For a moment it looked like the gummibears actually IMPLODED from the impact, the slug may have created a temporary micro-black-hole 😉

    This slug blows holes in the fabric of space-time 😉

  13. Ya know, I can just see having to use one of these than having to explain to a court why you felt it nessacery to have to use some mechanical slug that doubles in size, I just think it's a slippery slope already, now we have R.I.P. ammo, and caliber expanding slugs? I mean a 380 will kill ya…

  14. I do all my hunting with traditional smooth bore muzzle loaders. I shoot soft lead round ball.
    It ain’t as devastating as that slug, but Bambi is pretty dead when I walk up on them. I just can’t imagine this slug would make them more dead…. or dead any quicker

  15. To test your theory that you need a soft medium like flesh for the fins to expand give these shells to the gang unit and when they have a shoot out with some Homies the Coroner can tell you of they work as designed! Hey, it works for me!

  16. Gun stores in my town suck. I can't get them to order me any cool slugs like this. Well 1 time they actually had some black magic on the shelf. I baught 10 boxes. 😉🇺🇸

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