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The REAL Life MP40 from Battlefield 5 | Battlefield V

Do you play video games as much as I do? Oh man, I gotta take a leak. Hey, can you dump this out for me? I might have a massive problem. One of my favorite weapons to use in Battlefield 5 is this bad boy right here. The MP 40 is epic. This is a real MP40 replica made by German Sporting Goods. It’s chambered in 9 millimeter with a 25 round magazine. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Welcome colleagues and esteemed senators from the great Republic of California. This is a ghost gun. It fires a 9-millimeter death projectile. It has a 30 magazine clip capable of firing 37 bullets in half a second. That’s a 30 Magazine clip and it fires 37 bullets and happened Listen. What I do with my penis — is between me, my wife, her sister, my dental hygienist, and hopefully that lady right there real soon. I’ve always found it interesting that the creator of the MP40 chose to chamber the gun in Nine-millimeter. I mean, look at all the other firearms that were used during World War II. We have the M1 garand was chambered in 30-06. The 1911 was 45 ACP. And then we have this little thing. That’s what she said You’re an idiot. The question is — is the nine-millimeter an effective round on the Battlefield? This is a block of ballistics gel that is going to simulate Human flesh. Oh Yeah All right, guys, I’m here at FishHawk Sporting Clays I’ve got my ballistics gel. We’re gonna shoot it with the — totally forgot the name of the gun. We’re gonna shoot it with the MP40 and we’re gonna see how much damage we can cause. All right, so I think we wrecked it pretty good let’s take a look and see. Oh man. So you can kind of see some pretty solid gouges right there. Fired three shots. They all seem to have caused a decent amount of damage — that’s awesome. So I guess the MP40 really is a good caliber to use against human flesh — to use in combat. I think it’s time for us to do something just a little bit more interesting. Let’s see what the MP40 can do against a World War II helmet. I love my job. Did you see how high that went? That was awesome. The MP40 has a side charging handle making it extremely easy. Ooh baby, I like easy. Excuse me. I’m gonna need to go burn my eyes with this blowtorch. I meant the gun would be easy to operate. Now, I wonder what it would be like to shoot the MP40 just like we were in the video game. That was pretty awesome. A big thank you to Ryan Irving for allowing me to borrow the MP40. If you guys enjoyed this video, you’re gonna love my video about the Ghost Recon Wildlands honey badger. It is an epic video, take a look right here and until next time, stay dangerous.

9 thoughts on “The REAL Life MP40 from Battlefield 5 | Battlefield V

  1. Hey Ryan! Cool vid. Like that you showcased a BFV gun to shoot. I also play it on Xbox one. Are you planning on trying to get your hands on more of those guns to try out? Also how about an add as a friend to squad up with some time? 😝 lol.

  2. Ryan you have got to be one of the most entertaining Pro-Gun YouTuber on the net lol I really enjoy your videos. Please keep them coming! #2ndAmendment #NRA #BlackGunsMatter

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