What in the…? Check this out! I wasn’t looking at your magazine! Oh Megan, you scared me.
Wait, Megan? You know how much I love puns, right? Why’re you here? I figured, why not make everyone say
puns as much as I say them? How did you get in? So, I invented this. I call it the Pun Gun. Just a gun. (Megan) Just a gun? It’s just be-gun. (chime) I hate pun. Which makes you the perfect target. (chime) What’s that noise? When puns are made, it chimes. Every time? Every chime. (chime) I hate pun! And this is your pun-ishment. (chime) (Megan) Set phasers to pun. (phaser blast) Well? A bit…shocking. (chime) It worked! Fix this. Stop being a pun-k. (weak chime) Could use a little calibration. This isn’t pun. I’m not having pun.
Fun! Fun. What if I shot myself with it? I’d be the
pun queen. P-undo this, now! Never idiot! (phaser blast) Stop taking shots! (chime) I’m gonna go out with a bang. (phaser blast) Am I gonna pass out? I haven’t the faint-est idea. (chime) That’s wattage up! (chime) Ready? Wait just a sec-gun. No! ♪ (dubstep music) ♪ (repeated chimes) (Matthias) What are you even doing? (repeated chimes) (Amanda) What are you guys even… You know what, I don’t even care. I’ve got
my Taco Bell. (repeated chimes) (Matthias) Stop it! (phaser blasts) This probably has so many calories. Oh, what the bell. (chime) I am the pun queen. No! Hey guys, if you enjoyed this video, be
sure to like it and watch the alternate ending on Megan Batoon’s channel. It might
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and subscribe to my YouTube channels. Oh yeah, watch that next video. ♪ (outro music) ♪

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