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The problem with American Sniper, explained

American Sniper is currently one of the most
popular movies in the country. It’s about the life of Chris Kyle, the sniper with the
most confirmed kills in American military history. It focuses on his life, his failures,
his successes, and the trauma that he experienced as a soldier. But viewers of the movie may
be surprised at the way that it talks about the Iraq War in general. From the very beginning
of Kyle’s military career, it’s about a response to terrorism. He joins the military after
we see the bombings of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. And we see his and
his wife Taya’s stunned reaction to 9/11. But then bam. Shortly after that… “I just got the call, boys. It’s on!” Kyle’s at war in Iraq. There’s no intervening time spent on George W. Bush, weapons of mass destruction
(WMD), or Saddam Hussein. The implication that the viewer gets is that the invasion
of Iraq was a logical response to 9/11. Of course, that’s not actually what happened.
We know that after 9/11, the US invaded Afghanistan, were Al Qaeda actually was. The decision to
invade Iraq came as a result of a preexisting political project that members of the Bush administration
had and was sold on the pretense of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. “The main reason
we went into Iraq at the time was we thought he had weapons of mass destruction. It turns
out he didn’t, but he had the capacity to make weapons of — but I also talked about
the human suffering in Iraq. And I also talked the need to advance a freedom agenda.” In
the movie’s narrative, there’s no intervening time between the American invasion and Kyle
fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq. “He’s trained by bin Laden. He’s loyal to bin Laden. His name
is Zarqawi. Now this asshole is right now the crown price of Al Qaeda in Iraq.” That
leaves viewers with the impression that the Iraq War was against Al Qaeda at the outset
and that America had invaded Iraq because it had become a hotbed of Al Qaeda operations.
The reverse is true. Al Qaeda in Iraq grew out of the American invasion. It was weak
and wasn’t even Al Qaeda in Iraq when the invasion happened. Its leader, Abu Musab
al-Zarqawi, correctly assessed that the US invasion would allow him to build up his group.
Eastwood wanted to make a movie about one guy. He didn’t set out to make a movie about
the Iraq War. The problem is, though he himself is anti-war, he ended up letting the film
get wrapped up in Kyle’s perspective. “You want these motherfuckers to come to San Diego
or New York? We’re protecting more than just this dirt.” While it’s easy to go sit at a
movie, especially one that tries hard not to shove politics in your face, and appreciate
it as simply a movie about heroism, this movie isn’t just that. It’s a movie that’s going
to leave viewers with a false perception of what happened.

100 thoughts on “The problem with American Sniper, explained

  1. Americans like to glorify war and their supposed war heroes. Chris was a trained psychopath stone cold paid assassin.

  2. Hahaha American obviously was right about invading Iraq because of the weapons they had. Funny they have the most of those weapons in the world themselves…

  3. Thanks for telling me American Sniper wasn't a documentary. I didn't know…….. was titanic spot on? Or is that false perception too?

  4. It was directed by Clint Eastwood. He’s a right wing, racist NRA gun-nut. Of course it’s politically motivated.

  5. The problem with “The problem with American Sniper, explained” explained:

    He’s upset that the movie wasn’t about something else. I wonder if he’s upset that The Imitation Game was about Alan Turing and not about the political climate in Britain leading up to the war?

  6. I don't think movies has the responsibility to be historical correct, unless you focus on making a story based on true facts. Eastwood just wanted to tell a story of a guy, that wanted to stand for something. I think it is the viewers responsability to not see a movie and think everything is the truth. I think eastwood wanted to stay out of the political reasons america invaded Iriaq just because he would know that this is a subject that would divide people and make this movie about something it wasn't supposed to be about. I liked the movie, and I also think that the invasion of iraq was one of the us's biggest schemes.

  7. Vox is stupid. The movie was a personal story. It was not done as a critique of American policy. If they had made the film to bash Bush as you would have preferred, it would not have smashed box office records. Thank God Vox did not produce the movie. It would have been a failure.

  8. Yeah, those WMD’s that America ( we ) sold Saddam that allegedly didn’t exist somehow ended up in the hands of ISIS. Funny, eh?

  9. If you call this movie propaganda, then the only thing you are proving is that you’re uneducated and know nothing about American history

  10. “He let the film get wrapped up in Kyle’s perspective…”
    That tends to happen when it’s a biographical film.
    You’re right in saying that Bush and WMDs were the reason for America’s presence but that doesn’t means it’s the reason why Chris Kyle decides to join the military.

  11. Look you liberal Vox…. the movie is very good, sorry that you don't support the people that give freedom to Vox shame on the company.

  12. God bless you Chris Kyle. Many years ago I criticized you as a liberal, but as I have grown up I have become conservative and more educated. I really appreciate what you have done and how you risked your life to protect people like me, who were criticizing you. Thank you. 🙏

  13. A Vox, the propaganda machine for the Left that takes the story of an American Hero and Veteran and disavows because the movie didn't talk about the political context to the Iraq War (Bush, Powell, the Invasion), instead of focusing on a man who was sent by his country to protect men and women of his country from death, that is what the story is about. You can make the same case about Platoon or FMJ, sure the USA had bad implications about being there but it was about the men serving their country and doing a job that only 1% of the American people today would do. Vox, like Buzzfeed, is not a credible source.

  14. this video misses it so much no s*** it's a one-sided movie there wouldn't be any time to show you all sides and it was based on his life and how he felt

  15. It’s a movie about Chris Kyle from his perspective so it’s irrelevant as to the reason they invaded Iraq. The Relevant thing is what his perspective on why they were there as it’s his story

  16. The biggest issue was the first shot Eastwood deliberately changed. Kyle never shot a kid even though he had chances. It’s in the first chapter of the book. First kill in the movie? A kid.

  17. Didn't he get killed by his former comrade who couldn't rest until he saw revenge for the things he saw Kyle do overseas?

  18. People will search high and low, swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest mountain just to make something about politics. It’s honestly just priceless.

  19. Hmm good point they should have made the movie six hours long and called it “orange man bad” that would have been way more progressive… also more women

  20. Well the governments supported terrorist's families and praised them as heroes. That was a huge concern after losing so many americans the way we did.

  21. Are you completely disconnected from what the movie is trying to portray? The movie is about how KYLE percieves the attacks on the US. This has absolutely nothing to do with what's actually happening politically. How dishonest of you.

  22. This is by far the stupidest video I’ve ever seen. Just because a movie doesn’t spend an hour catering to your feelings it’s “racist”. It’s a movie about a guy who saved the lives of dozens of soldiers. But I guess that’s the ultimate irony of the military. Heroes like Chris Kyle die so that idiots like you have the freedom to trash his legacy. 🇺🇸

  23. It's quite amazing how a small play on words and a simple lie can affect the health and well-being of an entire population.
    Absolutely ridiculous

  24. The US wasn’t fighting al-qaida initially , were fighting the disbanded “iraqi army “as a gorilla group fighting for their own country against the US aggression they were national heroes.
    But the US will address them as terrorists , as all people fighting for iraq against the US are terrorists
    Which is stupid , racist , anti-semitic and objectified.
    Everyone knows the US were the real terrorists in this war and they changed a stable state ruled by a dictator or not but stable strong with a good economy , into a sectarian armed militants nation .

  25. all these anti-war people in the comments my god, fight in a war and experience that no one wants to be there then you can have an opinion

  26. Movie about an individuals struggle is bad because it doesn't agree with vox's political belief… sounds awful! Glad they could sum it up in 3 minutes. I doubt I'd have the attention span for anything more.

  27. 9/11 proves that having lost Control means that Military "Power" cannot recreated this. The US is now weaker than the EU, China and Mandy other countries to follow. Please Stop recreating your Power through unnecessary wars.

  28. Simple the movie claims Al-Qaeda was in the Iraq war and that Iraq did 9/11 and the justification for war was 9/11, not George Bush "Weapons of mass destruction" Propaganda.

  29. It doesn’t matter. The movie isn’t abt the war it’s abt him. Sure it seems like they should have put it. But they aren’t watching the movie for the war, they are watching to respect and understand the life of this hero.

  30. American govt has all the destruction weapons in the world. When some else (country) tries to get it, they feel insecure .
    That's why every other country hates them.
    U target muslim countries and soon tym will come when they invade u with mass destruction.
    Peace is always possible. But American govt thinks it can rule the world . Their govt is and always has been cruel unlike it's people.

  31. I think Pop Culture Detective has a longer video about this where he explains the same but with Independence Day and military recruitment based on a lie.

  32. But this movie is about Chris Kyle not America and Iraq, and is about Kyle's perspective, there is nothing misleading as everyone already knows what has happened in between the lines which were not covered.

  33. then this so called badass gets killed by some out of shape hillbilly who was probably his cousin at a bar. lmao. hiding and shooting ppl who don't even know u're aiming at them is the act of a coward.

  34. Vox is such liberal jargon. I watch to keep my conservative background in check but it’s getting a bit ridiculous

  35. Funny how some foolish Americans say Saddam Hussein did 9/11. Didn't they know Bush Jr and the Saudis are behind 9/11 to destroy America. Saddam Hussein never had any problems with America.

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