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The Powerful 6.8spc Round vs. GEL / MEAT / & BONE

if words don’t explain it
maybe this will now be 6.8 spc rounds we’re testing today are from Stand1Armory Stand 1 is loading these brand new down at their shop in
Texas they hand inspect every single round that comes off of the
manufacturing line making sure you get high quality every single time with
match-grade ammunition they’re using brand new Hornady brass as well as brand
new Hornady SST rounds now when tested out of a 16 inch barrel the muzzle
velocity the 6.8 spc is coming out around roughly 2500 feet per second the
right if we’re using today is from modern outfitters this is their mc6
rifle system extremely lightweight they make amazing stuff down at modern
outfitters you’ve got to go check them out now the optic we have mounted on top
of this mc6 rifle is the vortex razor HD light hunter now this round is very
accurate especially when it’s matched up with the rifle system like the modern
Outfitters mc6 with four to five shots coming in under 1 MOA grouping at 100
yards and three of the five shots coming in less than a 1/2 MOA
now the SST or the “super shock tip” of this round supposed to have amazing
terminal effects once it impacts a target dumping most of its energy very
fast I just jump right into it we’re at 10 yards so 30 feet we got 2 stacks of
ballistic gel down there plenty of real estate to shoot at that see what happens
to bear gel first see how this round performs at 10 yards granted I know this
round can be used that much further than 10 yards you know 100 200 400 and if
this goes well well maybe do a second video if you guys like that idea let me
know in the comment section and we’ll get into it so let’s start shooting
stand one Armory 120 grain SST round see what happens I’ve never seen this in gel
so I’m excited alright little lo Judah looks like damn we have
good penetration is getting arrested that 20 to 21 inch market just created
of executive law good expansion doing with the SSP round edge which mushrooms
out looks just like a mushroom getting a little bit of jacket fragmentation but
overall the massive round is staying together and it’s mushroom out in that
led Center the initial impact you can see high-speed boom dumps all the
kinetic energy within the first 12 inches of ballistics gel and then trails
out the other side so let’s see if the consistency is there go to shots in a
row Wow not only are we getting consistency within a half inch of itself
but it looks to be expanding perfect little deformation because it’s you know
Ladin the jack is pulling away we’re getting fragmentation of the jacket and
a little bit of lead permanent wound cavity is amazing the first 10 inches in
the block and it still travels 21 inches so let’s see if that consistency still
there when should you meet that’s one of my favorites we get old port but some
places that buy this just says pork spot on the front and I get a kick out of it
but it’s a pork shoulder there’s a bone inside of it it’s the shoulder section
so in front of the toe and see what happens pork butt roast the bone is
right here all the way down to there you thought right there that flip that front
gel block around so we’ll get a brand new permanent wound cavity before hand
here we go judging by the reaction of the pork but
I’m guessing it went well Oh Oh
our cameras are covered Oh oh yeah “that’ll do Pig” if words
don’t explain it maybe this will that’s a 20 inch long
gel block and it’s big it’s heavy and it’s bubbling out well past the size of
a basketball and well past that size and obviously even through the bone which is
now hanging off I think that speaks volumes when Hornady says super shocked
tip that’s what you’re getting with these SST rounds that’s what’s going to
happen internally on any animal you shoot which is going to dump all the
kinetic energy into their lungs exploding through their heart and
they’re going to drop boom dead right there and I know a lot of you’re like oh
my god that’s so inhumane now what’s inhumane is when you shoot an animal and
it doesn’t die for hours and it runs away and you never catch it and it dies
slow painful death if you’re going to hunt something you want to have a good
clean kill something that’s going to impact that animal and drop it where it
stands or as fast as possible now the SST round like I said it is made by
Hornady but stand when armory loads these rounds with new brass not only are
they paying more close attention to each round the goes out in their box then
horns you would because they do it in mass production
no offense whatsoever to Hornady it’s just they’re a bigger company and they
have to produce a lot of bulk which means quality control sometimes slips
with Stand 1 Armory you’re getting guys and inspecting them before they leave so
fantastic job by Stand 1 Armory loading these up also big shoutout to
modern carbine very very light it’s hard to beat especially you’re getting
penetration and power like this or 6.8 round that’s going to perform like a 308
yet you still have very little recoil this gun as you can see in the
high-speed when I shoot it’s just the recoil impulse is next to nothing
most modern AR-10 platforms are going to be running in that nine pound range
dry without an optic without suppressor I like putting all my effort into making
these videos and keeping them high quality and I hope you appreciate that
if you do go say hi to our sponsors all their links in the description go check
them out click right here to subscribe to gy6 vids click right here to
subscribe to gy6 slow-mo our secondary channel click here to see another
ballistics gel test and click right here where I shoot casually Carl in the face
at point-blank range in slow motion I’ll see you guys next time

100 thoughts on “The Powerful 6.8spc Round vs. GEL / MEAT / & BONE

  1. can u do a video on 4570 through pork shoulder and ballistic gel using 325g hornady evolution and other 4570 rounds good for deers and hogs

  2. I wish you also did at least 1-2 shots at 100 yards, at least. Not everyone would be shooting their AR at 10 yards. I get why you do it but 100 yards would be helpful. Thanks GY6 for your vids.

  3. I'm really sad to say and announce that Stand1Armory is having to close down their business. They're being sued by an EX employee for some BS reasons…this is causing them to have to close up shop. It's really sucks, S1A makes some of the BEST bulk competition ammo on the market!

  4. I chose the 6.8 SPC-II because I wanted a light weight rifle with low recoil for my children to hunt with. I also like guns to be usable for defense when possible. The AR-15 naturally fits that category.

    I like my 5.56 rounds (actually 223 Wylde), and have hunted with 100% success with them, but wanted more power. Wildcats or rare rounds were off the table for me. I do reload a bit, but also want to be able to buy ammo in a need be situation…so this left me to choose from 300BO, 6.5 Grendel, or the 6.8.

    The 300BO drops too fast for my liking as a rifle round, although if one wants a pistol it is a great choice.

    The 6.5 seems to be a good choice for long range (because of ballistic coefficency and sectional density) of the bullets used, but at hunting distances the 6.8 out performs it, especially when using a barrel length I would want to carry hunting. I don't want hike around with a barrel over 16," much less 20-24." I like light weight platforms…and I don't shoot deer or hogs over 300 yards, much less over 400 yards…and if I did, even the Grendel would be insufficient at those distances since bullet expansion/performance would be unreliable at those distances in either the 6.5 Grendel or the 6.8 SPC/SPC-II. Not trying to bust the 6.5 Grendel, but I also considered it also has a weaker bolt and seems to have more issues with reliability and durability of components as a result of chamber/case dimensions and bolt strengths. The case taper of the 6.5 Grendel is half of that of the 6.8 and the 5.56, and seems to make the 6.8 and 5.56 more reliable for feeding/extraction. Once I get a set up complete, I want it to run. I am sure some Grendels are 100%, but it seems reliability reports favor the 6.8.

    The 6.8 allows us to choose good bullets designed for hunting (Cavity Back Bullets, TSX, TTSX, Accubond, and others), brass isn't hard to find, and we can find loaded hunting ammo for it if we want/need to (Federal Fusion, Hog Hammer, and others).

    When loaded in their safe "max loads" (I put quotes because I am not a wildcat guy that tests for peak pressures or pushes the envelope), with similar bullet weights the 6.8 has a muzzle velocity of around 125-250 fps faster (depending on load) from barrels I am willing to carry while hunting (12.5-16")…and the 6.8 stays ahead in performance even with a lower BC until you get around 250 yards, and from 250-300 they are about tied. Most of my hunting is less than 200 yards, and 300 yards would be max for me. For those pushing the 6.8 to its max, I understand the 6.8 stays ahead of the 6.5 Grendel much longer, but to be honest, I didn't really consider that since it doesn't apply to me.

    I don't hunt over 300 yards. Some hunters may go out further, but I don't. I am sure very few shots should be taken between 300-400 yards on deer or hogs with any AR-15 platform. This isn't the AR-10 type of power. It is a light weight platform, and should be used as such…but it certainly offers the power I need to reach out the ranges I hunt (300 yards and less…mostly under 200 yards). Neither ammo carries enough power for bullets to reliably expand at distances over 400 yards…even if you could hit the target humanly. Without bullet expansion, your target shrinks. You have to be very precise and very accurate. Body shots now must be nearly dead center of the vitals. Brain shots doesn't leave enough margin for error at that distance for shooter, wind, or error in range estimation that far out.

    Finally, the 6.8 fits nicely into how I like to sight my rifles in for hunting. I do not sight in at 100 yards, nor do I use the Maximum Point Blank Range will put the far zero around 210-215 yards. While both methods can work, I find the 100 yard zero method requires me to remember too much as it pertains to bullet drop from 150-300 yards, and I don't want to error on my memory. Meanwhile, I find the MPBR method to build in too much error in one's shot, for at max distance around 250 you have no room for error in your shooting with that method since that method adds about 4" of error BUILT IN to your aiming (if you cut the kill zone in half…8" / 2 = 4"). This method, it is less precise, and therefore I don't recommend it…so I cut my margin of error to 1.25" and recalculate the "PBR" using what I call Precision Point Blank Range…as long range and shooting long range are two different things. When hunting, you need your hits to be effective and ethical, and you need your bullet to not just "hit" but to perform (causing damage the vitals).

    Therefore, for ME seeking precision when I hunt, I seek to reduce the built in error…not increase it. Knowing where my bullet will hit in relationship to the center of the kill zone is important when hunting. When using the MPBR, my bullets would be the bottom of the kill zone at far distances, and as a result, if I happen to shoot low (or even left or right since the kill zone is generally oblique in shape) I would not have an ethical shot. Add lack of expansion and energy to the equation and you don't have an ethical kill. By using the PRECISION Point Blank Range and setting my far zero to 150 yards instead of the MPBR of 210, I will cut the built in error of precision three to four fold, making for much more ethical kills…and know you just need to know the approximate bullet drop at 200, 250, and 300 yards. What is cool for ME is these numbers are easy to remember with the 6.8…being ~3", ~6," and ~12" respectively. By knowing the drop at these three distances I can estimate 225 and 275 and adjust. And when less shooting 175 my built in error will remain within 1 – 1.25" (1 & 1/4" max error) of center instead of having having 4" of error built in. I am not a perfect shooter, and want room for error, allowance for wind, or error in minor range estimation. AND, I still don't want to have my bullets perform, and don't hunt beyond a bullet's performance range or MY ABILITIES.

    The 6.8 fits my goals well.

  5. Hornady sst. Is a beast of a round. I hunt big animals with sst rounds. I shoot a 300 win mag and it do the job💪🔫

  6. Love to see a .300win mag there. I hit a big in both shoulders using 168g softpoint boatail at 3280fps.and the exit hole would of been bigger then size of both me fists put together.

  7. I know the knife throwing video was a year ago, but I want to know if you think that it is possible to throw a MTech Xtreme Tactical Fighter, even if the handel is that weird to release.

  8. Maybe you can work some kinda coupon code with standardarmory. This would help them and would be good for your channel as well. Cheers

  9. I’m looking to either build or buy an Ar weather it be. 15 or 10. Mostly for hunting but also to shoot for fun. I know the two cartridges I’m looking at aren’t the cheapest but I want something with power. On being 6.8 spc and the other being 6.5 creedmoor. I have a few questions about both and would love any insight or advice I could get!
    First with the 6.8 spc I’ve seen people say on forums that it’s only good for game out to 300 yards! However I’m curious could you take a deer sized game at 800 -1000 yards? Will the round still put it down? I’m not asking about should you take that shot or would that be ethical I’m asking if that round is capable of dropping a deer sized target at 8-1000yards?

    As far as 6.5 creedmoor same question applies is this round capable of taking a deer sized game at 8-1000yards?
    Again not asking about weather or not it’s ethical or should a person do that! I’m curious because I’m gonna spend a decent amount on one of the two platforms to and I don’t want to be limited by the rifle and only be able to take a deer at 300 yards or less. I really like the 6.8 spc. Because it’s power and it’s relatively small. But I’m not too sure about the 6.5 creedmoor! Any help or advice would be awesome. Thanks

  10. Hey Andrew I know this is quite a while after the original posting of the video. But would love to see some affects on ballistic gel during long range shooting. Keep up the solid work man

  11. Excellent video! I just received a box of Hornady 120gr SST and a box of Federal 115gr Fusion to test for accuracy in my 18" 6.8 , which ever shoots the tighter group is what I'll use. I've done some hand loading of the 6.8 with 95gr Barnes TTSX but couldn't get less tan a 1-1/4 inch group at 100 yards. So I'll give the store bought a try.

  12. Honestly if you're shooting 6.8 for wound ballistics, 120 grain is too heavy. Need to try Silver State Armory 85 grain TTSX at another 400fps. Impact and penetration is dramatic.

  13. Why a sucky ass 270 in a small case and crap accuracy! just go with a .243 6mm that has better Ballistic Coefficient  0.512  103 gr

  14. Great video I am an avid hunter and I have been hunting with a 6.8 spc going on 5 years. The 6.8 has never failed me when hunting small or big game in New Mexico.

  15. Great video, I can see how the SST will make a good hunting bullet, I'll give them a try in my 6.8 and check the accuracy. I have a 1:11  twist in an 18 inch barrel, which I think may better for lighter bullets but I'll see how it works out.


  17. In all honesty, the 6.8 SPC is better than the 5.56. The results speak for themselves. I think this is what the military needs.

  18. Great video. I just added a Bushmaster ACR in 6.8 (already have an LWRC Six8) and can't wait to put some lead downrange. 6.8 isn't popular (William Terry makes a habit of going to 6.8 videos and making inane comments) but it sure is effective.

  19. Are you using the standard 556 ar magazines with this caliber or are they actually different mags very curious as I'm looking to get a rifle in this caliber

  20. what is the diffrence between this 7.7 and the British 276 they bought out at the end of ww2 aslohow about the Czech 7.62×45 they had before standardizing with russia 7.62 x39

  21. I have a 6.8 sec and have wanted to see just how far out we can get a nice clean hit on target, maybe 800 to 1200 yards? But yours is one of very few I've seen even at this distance. I have very few shooting practice sites where I am. So if you could maybe think about it, for the few that are unable to do this type of shooting in places that we have to travel longer to get the shot we want to.
    Thank you for your video

  22. US Military has the biggest budget in the world, 10 times more than that of China’s. Japan comes at the second. Now we know who is the war mongor,

  23. Curious about that flash explosion 4 to 6 inches inside the gel. It left some burn spots in the wound cavity. Have you determined a cause for that? Some unburned powder perhaps that went off in the gel?

  24. How quickly would you have to fire a round to get the 2nd round to enter the gel while the first round has the big void opened up? I would really love to know/see if that's even possible. Could it even be done with a semi-auto or maybe a 3-round burst of M16A2 ?

  25. I'd like to see how far the 6.8 spc reaches out with the 16" barrel? At least shoot it out to 100 yards. then 150 yards I know the 6.5 cm will do it.

  26. I know it has been a long time since this video was posted but looking at that grouping at 1:05 and it appears that you are "dragging wood."

    this is something my grandpa taught me that he learned in the marines, basically your trigger finger is dragging the top of the trigger housing rather than squeezing the trigger from the center as intended. This should result in groups that do not appear in a line formation.

  27. 6.8 is a Great round. But due to logistics and development. 6.8 probably wont come around for a bit. 5.56 is the lightest cartridge that works. And we have so much invested in m855a1 that there isnt a HUGE need.

    But on the flip side, once caseless/polymer cases come around. There will be new calibers. 6.5/6.8 will probably be the new nato standard

  28. Definitely would like to have seen ballistics done at least 50 yards or more. Not many opportunities to shoot an animal at 10 yards.

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