100 thoughts on “The Phillie Phanatic Hospitalized A Woman With A Hot Dog Gun

  1. 3:21 That reminds me of The Muppet Show's "Pigs in Space". Though I can't figure on a way to blend that into Trump, "Space Force". Maybe Space Marine's flying on Pork Wieners?

  2. The Simpson's predicts another event.. except with a hot dog… and the lady didn't actually die. But still…

  3. The joke about hotdogs "not being dangerous unless they were eaten" seemed to pass over everyone's head.
    shooting them out of a canon is about the best thign you could do with these meaty cigarettes.

  4. I don't get it – if someone did this in Sydney, he'd be lucky to get out of the stadium alive, esp if the victim was Lebanese. Your baseball fans must be an incredibly tolerant group of people 😀

  5. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a hot dog gun is a good guy with a hot dog gun. Where were the NHDRA members?

  6. Beware the Flying Fickle Finger of the Phillie Phanatic! (You who remember Laugh-In will get this.)

  7. the USA should put a sign on every border, airport and port "welcome to america, where we love to weaponize everything, including hotdogs"

  8. In the 60s we would come home look dad I caught a ball and proudly show everyone I got a black eye and a broken nose. Today it's all about the law suit

  9. Wrapped in duct tape?  Duck tape adhesive comes off when you put on anything.  Yuck!  Why not saran wrap or even parchment paper for cripes sake!!  On a lighter note;  Spaaaaccce Foooorrrccceee, LOL!

  10. It shouldn't be hard to make the hot dogs land more softly. Any or all of these ideas could work: First idea: less mass. Instead of duct tape, use plastic bags or shrink wrap. It will make the projectile less heavy, for a lighter impact. Idea two: little parachutes on the hot dog wrappers to slow them down. The same cheap disposable kind of parachute you find on army men toys. Idea three: don't launch hot dogs directly at people. Lob them like artillery, with or without the little parachutes. The falling speed of a plastic-wrapped hot dog is not fast enough to give someone a black eye. Add a parachute for extra-gentle landing. They'll fall right into your lap. Also there's the fun of looking up for hot dogs falling from the sky from the Phanatics delicious artillery barrage. Idea four: wrap the hot dogs in something light and soft that spreads/reduces impact force. Some bubble wrap with large bubbles would probably be very helpful if taking a dog to the face. I hope they don't just retire the hot dog launching, because I'd love to catch one! It would be so much fun. And if I as an adult like the idea this much, kids must go crazy for it! It would make their day at the ballgame.

  11. so America takes time away from being ruled by a despot who is more than faintly the likes of a muppet fried in batter, to admire the wonders of pelting people with tape wrapped animal by-products. Yep. Masters of the world. Wow. The romans & the mongols must be envious of your glory…

  12. Getting hit in the face with a hotdog must be the brat*worst*
    I apologize for that pun and for my existence

  13. Oh the guy in the band needs to stfu…he is soooo annoying…he sounds like some uneducated tard who has tourettes.

  14. She deserves a prize for being such a good sport. One ticket? Nah, that's an insult. They need to pay for her hospital bill, new glasses, and give her a LIFETIME ticket.

  15. Oh dear sweet jeebus PLEASE PLEASE come up with some new outtro music!!! I love SC so I get to hear this like 9 times every dang day!!!!! GAHHH!!!!! It was great, at first, nice music, but please, time#for#some#[email protected].com

  16. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE!!! Needs to search @googleimages for "Hotdog GIF" . She may have been a couple years younger when this photo was taken, but that woman certainly knows how to take a hot dog or two. 🙂

  17. This reminds me of the cheer “We don’t mess around Hey! We don’t mess around “ 😬 wear a face guard! OUCH!

  18. Perhaps the hotdog was frozen?
    Anyway, the lady is a fine lady for taking it the way she does. The first thing on most people's mind would be "where is the number of my lawyer?" followed by "how much can I sue them for?".

  19. The authors of the Second Amendment could not have possibly foreseen the day when a giant, furry green monster would have the technology to fire high-velocity meat projectiles at will.

  20. Thanx for making us laugh..during a time when the world around us is really full of all that..I think its because Stephen is godly..laughter is good..better than bad emotions..better than sadness and negativity…thank you for the laughter..

  21. was it just a hotdog? did it have a bun and condiments? are they meant to be eaten or are they souvenirs? so many questions….

  22. i can understand regular hotdogs being fired at people, but wrapped in Duct-tape?? man your just asking to get sued! no matter where that hits ya its gonna suck

  23. dunno, this seems like a false flag operation… if it really were a "Phillie fanatic," it woulda been a cheese steak, and it would have taken out at least half a dozen people.

  24. church lady. SNL. hmmm… ……… where are my glasses? which ones? knock whose there? your glasses. witch ones?

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