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The only Weapon more Powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet (with all gems) – Marvel Comics Explained

When embedded with all six soul gems, the
Infinity Gauntlet granted its user with unlimited power and the ability to do nearly anything
they wished. No other weapon in the entire universe could
even come close to its power, except for one. Known only as the Heart of the Universe, this
was the only weapon that held more power than a fully outfitted Infinity Gauntlet. While the Infinity Gauntlet gave its user
the powers of a god, the Heart of the Universe straight up made its user a god and the ultimate
being of their respective universe, with them being only below The One Above All. Very little is known about the origin of the
Heart of the Universe, other than that it existed in the Earth 43 21 Universe and was
supposedly created to balance out the good and evil within that particular timeline. The weapon itself appeared as a blinding ball
of light, almost like a mini star that was the size of a small building. Thanos was the only known user to use the
Heart of the Universe at its fullest extent. When he consumed it, the power he gained was
unlike anything he could have ever imagined. He became the most powerful omnipotent being
in the entire universe in an instant, and now had the abilities to kill anything that
stood in his way with complete ease. Having used the Infinity Gauntlet prior to
the Heart of the Universe, Thanos was able to describe the differences between the two
weapons upon reflection. While the Infinity Gauntlet had given him
control of all time, space, power, reality, the mind and soul, it’s usage was purely
an external control. All that power came from the gauntlet itself,
not directly from Thanos. The Heart of the Universe however was the
opposite, it granted all these powers and more, directly placing them within Thanos
himself. He finally became the master of the universe
he was in, and nothing stood in his way. All the other cosmetic entities that would
have proven to be a challenge even with someone with the Infinity Gauntlet, were pushed aside
like flies by Thanos following his consumption of the heart of the Universe. However so much power was too much for even
a strong willed man like Thanos, as he would go on to accidentally destroy the entire Universe
by making it as if it never existed. He would eventually be able to use his power
to restore the Universe he originally erased, but at the sacrifice of the Heart of the Universe,
which was removed from reality following the restoration of the Universe.

58 thoughts on “The only Weapon more Powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet (with all gems) – Marvel Comics Explained

  1. Great vid

    Please check out my channel it has nothing to do with anything in this video but I worked hard on it so please watch

  2. Hey, here, a suggestion for you: your Star Wars videos are so much better. So I'd rather you make more Star Wars videos than rambling on the things about Marvel we all know. Thank you.

  3. A lot of mistaken claims in this video. Referring to one who wields the power of the HOTU as universal instead of multiversal being one of them.

  4. "Only" is a bit of an exaggeration. Some cosmic cubes are stronger than IGs. Molecule Man and the Beyonder were a threat to the multiverse when they fought each other and the two of them came from half of one pocket/bit of energy that could've been a cosmic cube.

  5. What the fuck are the Soul gems?
    1: The Cosmic Cubes
    2: The Heart of the Universe
    3: The Ultimate Nullifier

  6. Thanos without heart of universe pushed people flies without the infinty gaulet and somebody had the gaulet thanos > darkseid

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