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The new Sabatti SAPHIRE hunting rifle

So new for 2017, Sabatti is brought to
the market the Saphire, so this is Sabatti’s first fully modular hunting rifle.
So this particular model is designed with the same feature set that you find
on all of the Sabatti’s rifles, including the multi-radial rifling design.
This particular gun is special in that it has 3 locking lugs, so you have a much
reduced bolt lift; the other interesting part about this gun is that the bolt
face, as well as the bolt handles, are completely interchangeable by the user. For the European market he’s got it set
up with more of what we would call a butter knife bolt in the United States,
but also can be had with a more traditional round knob, it can be had
with either a two or three position safety, as well as the set trigger system.
So the other thing that makes it really interesting is this
gun has the ability to utilize interchangeability with the barrels, so
you can buy the rifle and then if you want to change calibers, it’s very simple to
do so by just removing the gun from the stock and there’s a few bolts along the
bottom of the action that allow you to completely interchange the barrels by
the user, if necessary. You can actually buy a complete set of bolt faces barrels
for for this whole gun, so one of the other interesting features about this
particular rifle is that he’s actually milled the scope bases into the action,
so there’s no need to purchase aftermarket scope bases; you use a standard Picatinny style weaver base very common and easy to find rings for. So the other
thing this gun all the Saphire rifles regardless of caliber will be threaded,
so this particular gun is threaded 1/2 by 20, which is the more European spec
but in the United States they should be available in both 1/2 by 28 and 5/8 by
24 depending on barrel profile.

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  1. OMG! I've become magical! With one click of my finger I turned a pretty, dark haired girl with a beautiful smile who is holding up a Sabatti rifle in a thumbnail into a handsome, strong looking and well spoken gentleman. I'll keep practising to see if I can make it go the other way!

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