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The New Pro Mag AR-15 Roller Mag with Steel Lips #427

[SFX] hello folks this Yamil Sued for Gun Stock Reviews and today we’re gonna talk about the new roller Mag from Pro mag is the same roller Mag I had introduced late last year but now it has steel lip inserts on the lips so it’s actually stronger not that the one before wasn’t good because I’ve fired close to 500 rounds though mine rapidfire they never failed but these are actually better as you can see they have steel inserts on the lips and on the inside so they’re actually stronger so here you go we’re gonna take it to the range pretty soon and shoot with my Luth AR project rifle and we’ll just you know put it through it’s paces let’s go to the range. thank you for watching Gun Stock Reviews please visit our website at for more excusive content visit our patreon page at your contributions would be greatly appreciated and help us grow our selections and frequency of videos [music]

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