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The MiniCMIT – the newest member of the CMIT series of shotgun microphones

hello and welcome to Schoeps
I’m Helmut and I’m going to present the MiniCMIT, the newest member of our
shotgun series of microphones the CMIT5 is one of the most popular
microphones in its field it’s usually called “the blue one” –
which says a lot about its status in the industry the SuperCMIT is the second microphone in the CMIT series it uses a second capsule and digital signal processing and now we are introducing the third model of the series: the shorter version of the original CMIT 5
(OOOPS, OFF-BOOM, SORRY) which is called the MiniCMIT a smaller microphone can let you position a boom where it might not fit otherwise: closer to the ceiling for example and the smaller shadow makes it easier to find good microphone positions on top of that the smaller windscreen reduces the creation of wind noise on the surface of the windscreen itself when developing the MiniCMIT it was
absolutely vital for there to be no difference in sound between it and the
CMIT 5 so that a user can literally swap these microphones in the middle of
a scene or use them in parallel for that reason the MiniCMIT has exactly the same acoustical design with the same shotgun capsule as the CMIT 5 the only difference is the miniaturized electronics we managed to achieve the same performance from this new circuitry as a result the two microphones have the
same frequency response the same directional characteristics and the same low noise the mini CMIT draws significantly less current which makes your wireless transmitter live longer and it also accepts a wide range of
powering voltages which can be handy in real world situations with battery driven
gear the steep bit and low-cut filter of the MiniCMIT eliminates solid born noise
efficiently which can be very helpful when using it on a boom the MiniCMITis priced below the CMIT5 with a list price of 1690€ or just below $2,000 in the US we already offer various suitable windscreens and shock mounts and there will be more soon if you use a member of the CMIT series please send us your pictures and
tell us about your applications

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