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The Medic Who fought a War without a Weapon

Desmond Doss was not your average hero. He would become a Medal of Honor recipient, The United States of America’s highest and most prestigious military award. As a combat medic who saved many of his comrades’ lives in battle, without firing a single shot, because he didn’t take a weapon into combat, because of his religious beliefs Desmond Doss was born in 1919, in the state of Virginia, and was raised as a strict Seventh-day Adventist, A Christian denomination that believed that Saturday was the sabbath, and that the second coming of Jesus Christ was imminent. They also believed strongly in non-violence, and a healthy diet, based typically on a vegetarian diet. Doss had been raised with a strict belief in the bible, and when it came to the Ten Commandments, he took them to be the core values of how to lead his life. When World War 2 started, he was conflicted, as he believed the war was a just one, but he felt that to kill another human being under any circumstance was wrong.

100 thoughts on “The Medic Who fought a War without a Weapon

  1. DOC: sometimes the only way to save a life is to take one
    Desmond doss: watch me

    Explanation for those who dont know DOC is a operator in rainbow six siege look at his r6 operator video

  2. We all know there’s a movie about this guy people!! You don’t need to post about it every other comment to prove your worthiness!!!!

  3. Well it's not fighting if he didn't carry a weapon. It's more like being shot at. I don't think he would want to be remembered for fighting, otherwise he would've carried a weapon.

  4. And mind you, most Asian countries, including Japan, that we fought in war, were expressly commanded to target medics. That made this man more likely to get popped than others. Hard freaking core.

  5. Seventh day adventist believe Saturday is the Sabbath?????? Oh wait never mind I just cked my calendar and turns out it is Saturday. Wonder why the Pope changed that?

  6. I served in two armies and saw my share of active service but I don't have one tenth of the courage that this man had.

  7. He was misguided about christianity. The commandment says murder is a sin. Not killing. Even some of jesus apostles carried weapons

  8. Thinking about that People on the World killing each other and Doss didn't even kill his Enemy in a War makes me sad..

  9. It's amazing how strongly ones ethical and/or religious beliefs can shape a person's life and the lives of other people, he's got ethics and work ethics that if everyone had them the world would truly be a different place.

    Just one more.

  10. Nowadays there are plenty of "Don Rosses." People in the military who don't use weapons and are often medics or techs. They are shown respect because they have the guts to go into the battlefield unarmed to save their fellow man. It was all thanks to Don Ross who showed the way.

  11. The spoon was still on the grenade when it blew the lieutenants hand off?? The spoon flying off is what lights the fuse in the grenade so use this for future reference.

  12. Watch hacksaw ridge if you havent seen it, great movie tells alot about doss and even has an interview with him after the movie

  13. This man is based on true story and the movie with the namw "Hacksaw Ridge" is the one good movie world war and most inspiring movie the all time

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