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hello johnny boy we’re going to get a big chunk. The marsoc’s weaponry. This is gonna suck! the first thing we’re going to talk about is the marsoc’s basic weapon… Colt’s m4a1. It was divided into two categories the Block II here with: with one RIS in FDE for Flat Dark Earth in 9″5 and a barrel in 10″3 if you’re interested in IDRs in FDE, get closer to Madbull or Nuprol. With a color quite faithful to the original and with the markings you don’t have an RIS FDE, but in black, no problem. You can put it in the oven by following tutos on youtube the 3rd solution is to make a paintjob at your own risk to find a nice harmony of colors. there are pictures on the internet to give you inspiration. for the more adventurous among us, we have the 12″ model. 12″ is the length of the RIS and 14″5 is the length of the barrel. In rare cases we can see the operator without a grenade launcher. 650€ is the price that the RIS Daniel Defense will cost you. There is a civilian and military version, harder to find. You don’t have 650€, let’s leave on the RIS of nuprol or madbull for 80 to 100€. let’s move on to the next size up we’re gonna get into DMR, sniper. and we’re gonna have to hold on tight. among them the mk13 mod.5 it has a mars rail to be able to install a night optic, a peq or any other laser designator. to create this weapon, you’re going to have to use your ingenuity and start on an aw338 basis by modifying the stock, the cocking lever, the magazine and the flame guard the m40a5 and m40a6 are the 2 main snipers used by the marsoc we’ll find the A5 from MARUI and the A6 from ARES. in the DMR category we will find different weapons including the What’s the difference between these two weapons? It’s simple. The RIS and the stock if you like the M110, go for the ARES model. to conclude on the DMRs, we’ll talk about the mk17 or SCAR-H. The MK17 also allows the use of a grenade launcher called EGLM. in machinegun, the m249 that everyone knows is going to undergo some modifications. to become the mk46 the modifications are located on the stock and the RIS the guard is fired and so is the topcover. Now let’s move on to the stuff that goes boom. we’re going to find different types of standalone grenade launchers. they didn’t ride on guns. here the m320 from ARES available at Ares and S&T attention the prices can vary according to the manufacturer. the m79 is a standalone grenade launcher used during the vietnam war. the marsoc used it during the 1st years. hard to find some versions cost between 300 and 400€. to go back to the mounted grenade launchers. two options, the mk18 with m203 and the SCAR with EGLM the marsoc used 4 rocket launchers. The m72 LAW, AT4 that are part of the marsoc’s arsenal airsoft versions are very expensive between 300€ – 400€ the KARL GUSTAV and the JAVELIN are also used by the marsoc Point weapon level, there are different models. The most widespread is the glock 19 Which is the model in staffing currently different airsoft manufacturers have reproduced it. It is easily found on the second-hand market. Thank you for watching the video all the way through. Don’t forget to subscribe. Drop a like, a comment. We’ll be happy to respond. Thank you and good gear to all


  1. super vidéo comme d'hab. je rajouterai juste un petit truc sur les rails DD, le vfc est le seul à avoir la bonne couleur d'origine avec les madbull old gen

  2. ah oui c'est très court et il manque pas mal de choses, j'aurai bien vu un classement du plus fréquemment vu au moins vu, G19 oui mais pas que, la M240 et le reste des armes montées sur véhicules. C'est bien la vidéo existe mais c'est affreusement vide

  3. Il me semble que l’utilisation de MK46 n’est pas prouvée. Il s’agit surtout de M249 modifiées avec un RAS, une crosse LIMA ou SAVIT et avec un emprunt des gaz modifié.

  4. Attention le MK13 mod 5 n’est pas officiellement doté. C’est le Mod7.
    D’ailleurs la photo montrée à 2min environ n’est pas un M40A6 mais un MK13 mod 7.

    Je rejoins Enzo sur la M249, la MK46 n’est qu’un prêt de l’US-SOCOM. Le modèle de M249 en dot est la Lima.

    Sinon bonne vidéo

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