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The Marine who made history’s 5th longest sniper kill (with a machine gun)

This Marine made history’s
fifth-longest sniper kill with a machine gun. Gunnery Sergeant Carlos
Hathcock III is a legend in both the sniper and Marine Corps
community for many reasons. One being that he took a shot in 1967 that blew the pants off everyone. In the book “Inside the
Crosshairs, Snipers in Vietnam,” Army Colonel Michael Lee Lanning
described the shot, quote, The record stood until March of 2002 when Canadian sniper Master
Corporal Arron Perry beat it. Since then three other snipers have beaten the record as well. Hathcock wasn’t the only
sniper to make use of the M-2 traditional sniper rifle,
but no one else made a shot at nearly the same distance. In fact, Hathcock’s shot
beat a record that had stood for nearly 100 years, one
made on June 27th, 1874 by buffalo hunter Billy Dixon, who killed a Comanche leader during
the Second Battle of Adobe Walls, from a
distance of 1,538 yards. Like, share and comment below. And if you wanna hear more
about Hathcock’s insane Vietnam war adventures,
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35 thoughts on “The Marine who made history’s 5th longest sniper kill (with a machine gun)

  1. how do people record these things? like what if they just say they shot them from a certain distance? do they leave the body then measure the distance later or something?

  2. you could  have mentioned that all the guys that broke Hathcock's record used ballistic computers to help them……so in terms of raw skill none of them beat his record

  3. Forgets that 50. Cal can be out to semi auto and get a scope mounted arc it a bit and pull the trigger and boom kill from 2,700 meters away I haven't even started the video just know because I've heard of it

  4. She said he made the shot in "single shot mode" but im afraid she's wrong a m2 .50 cal doesn't poses that feature…..and if you read hathcocks book you notice it says the fifty shoots the rounds slow enough that you can shoot one shot at a time.

  5. Hathcock was quite a man. I first heard about him a number of years when i read a book about snipers (by Craig Roberts i think). People forget the skill and fieldcraft it takes to go out and do that. Shooting skill is only part of tbe equation. Hatchcock is also Native American or partly so, as are some other celebrated soldiers

  6. Hathcock was also remembered for a "down the scope" shot. He was being stalked by an enemy sniper. He saw a glint of light, and shot at it. Later, the enemy sniper was found, dead from a bullet to his eye, with his rigle's telescopic sight smashed. It was deduced that the enemy sniper was 'draeing a bead' on Hathcock, when Hathcock shot him.

  7. Outstanding! As soon as it said he did it with a machine gun I knew exactly who it was. I read his book when I was in the Army.

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